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Creative Tempest Show and Shell (Out) - Poster Giveaway

We've been featuring articles about all kinds of posters for some time now, and we're always looking for more great ones to share with you guys. Today, we're very happy to inform that Creative Tempest is giving away a super cool limited edition poster designed by Steve Goodin. You show us your favorite artist, and if we decide to feature them, we shell out! Ten lucky winners will have their chosen artist featured on Creative Tempest and also receive a completely original limited edition Creative Tempest poster designed by one of our favorite artists, Steve Goodin also known as DEMEN1. This amazing poster is 100% guaranteed to help you loose weight because you will be getting up and walking over to touch it every few minutes just to make sure the art really isn’t jumping off your wall. If his name hasn't rung a bell yet his work certainly will! To win is quite simple: You Show: 1. Pick any artist of your choice who's work is featured on the web. (Were talking any form of art that can be inspirational to other artists) 2. Post the artist's full name and website in the comment section on the "Creative Tempest Show and Shell (Out)" competition post at Make sure to link up your email so we can contact you. We Shell: Guaranteed - 11"x17" full color quality poster by DEMEN1 (Steve Goodin). Maybe two posters if your artist is really cool. Nice packaging of some sort. Bubble wrap, if your lucky. Personal message from the crew. The Details: The contest begins Monday March 2nd 2009 and ends Friday March 13th at midnight. No duplicates! If the same artist is posted twice, only the person who posted it first will be accepted. Each person can only post one artist. Artists cannot have been previously featured on Creative Tempest (so glance over our posts to make sure yours isn't already taken). The ten winners will be announced on March 16th at Your artist could actually become a "Featured Artist of the Week." So come post your artist before others do! For more details go to $2000 Giveaway

One of the greatest challenges for a young designer is how to start making money. In my case I've always thought I would have to work on those super cool design studio to do that. Now, after a decade, I found out that there are several ways to do that online without even leaving the comfort of your home. is another great option, not only to make money but also to find really useful graphics. is a marketplace focused on design related content. Designers can buy and sell simple but very useful things such as textures, icons, graphics and vectors for very affordable prices. The whole content of the site is provided by digital artists, designers, illustrators and enthusiasts. Pretty much anybody can submit their work and start selling it. As an Author on the Envato Marketplaces you are eligible to receive between 40% and 70% of every sale should you choose to follow our Exclusive Authoring plan. Being an exclusive author means that any items you sell on an Envato Marketplace are unique to our libraries. We highly recomend that you visit and we have a great giveaway thanks to the Envato Marketplaces team. We're giving away $20 in credits to the first 100 readers that post a comment with a valid FlashDen / GraphicRiver username. Check out the Terms & Conditions for the Giveaway. Terms & Conditions for Giveaway Entrants must comment a valid FlashDen / GraphicRiver username. Entrants may only enter once, usernames will be cross referenced with IP addresses, emails and other parameters to ensure fairness. Credits are not exchangeable for cash and will be made within 10 days of the posting regardless of whether the quota of 100 valid entries has been met. Entrants who receive the credit will receive an email informing them of the credit to their account. No other notice of "winners" will be made. The first 100 valid individual usernames will receive a credit of US$20 to their accounts to spend on GraphicRiver. Examples of Graphics, Textures and icons you will find at

500 Postcards Giveaway and Balsamiq Winner

Carnaval break has just arrived here in Brazil, and now we got 4 days to chill out a little bit... or not! And to celebrate Carnaval in style, we are throwing an awesome giveaway for you guys!! Pretty simple!! So come one and check it out! First things first! Last weekend we were giving away Balsamiq, a cool wireframe design maker. Today we announce the winner!! And the lucky person is: PixlNinjaCongrats, dude! ;) PrintPrintPrint.Biz gently gave us 500 free full color 2 sided 4x6" postcards to hand to another lucky person. All you people have to do, is to leave a comment giving your opinion on cool posts you want to see here at Abduzeedo. Simple as that. We'll choose the winner next week! ;)

Easy Wireframes with Balsamiq - Giveaway

When designing something there are always some basic steps we follow. They might differ from designer to designer, but one thing is most certain, there will be a sort of sketching/conceptual step, when the colors and details are not important but where we put together an idea of what the design will have in terms of elements and form. With web design it’s no different. We need to create a rough wireframe of what the thing will look like, prior to building a wireframe in HTML showing behaviors. I usually do that on paper pretty fast, however as I’ve been working apart from my colleagues it was always very hard to send them those drawings. I had always to go to Fireworks or Illustrator to mock it up. Even though it’s simple to achieve in FW or AI, I needed to create all UI elements like scroll bar, video players, etc. That’s where Balsamiq comes to help us. Balsamiq is a very useful tool. Built in AIR it simply has a library of UI elements that you can drag to your canvas and create nice and simple wireframes pretty easily; and very quickly. It comes with a huge library of UI elements from Browser Window to Cover Flow element. It has pretty much everything you need to create a simple wireframe. You can export as a PNG or even as an XML file, allowing you to sent it to your coworkers so they can import and edit your prototype. Using Balsamiq Mockups feels like you are drawing, but it's digital, so you can tweak and rearrange controls easily, and the end result is much cleaner. Teams can come up with a design and iterate over it in real-time in the course of a meeting. Balsamiq is really cool, the only thing that bothers me is the Comic Sans font, maybe they could use a different one. Also, We have a license for Balsamiq to giveaway. To win just leave a comment. The winner will be announced next week. Some Examples of Wireframes created with Balsamiq.

FlashEff Giveaway Winners Announcement

After a few weeks we have the winners of the FlashEff giveaway from the Awesome Background Light Effects in Flash tutorial. We’re thrilled with the great number of comments the article had, therefore, we will try to release Flash tutorials more often. So, if you are a Flash ninja and want to share with us some tips and tricks, please, let us know. So, without further adue the winners are: Corné Meerkerk John Holt Amy Stoddard We’d like to thank you all for the comments and stay tuned because we’ll have more really cool giveaways soon. Examples

How to Sell Art Online - Ebook Giveaway

A few weeks ago we had an awesome article on how to promote your work online, where we told you the best sites to use as portfolio and all that. Today, we've got something really awesome for you guys. It's a Ebook called "How to Sell Art Online", which Gino Orlandi, the founder of Fuel for Art, gently gave us 2 copies. To get your hands in this fantastic ebook, all you have to do is send us a message via Twitter, telling us why you wanna win "How to Sell Art Online". The best 2 answers will get the prizes. This is something you guys really shoud got in your virtual bookshelves! “Fuel for Art Has All of the Inside Secrets About How to Sell Art Online That the Successful Artists Don’t Want You to Know.” Fuel for Art is a Must-Have for: Graphic designers who are looking to sell their work online Any type of fine artist that would like to make a great living doing what they love Career changers who are finally ready to maximize their creative talents Anyone poised to share their creative talents with the world…and make a profit! Artist, Brand Thyself! Did you know that you are a brand? You must develop an effective and memorable brand identity in order to Stand Out as a Successful Artist that can be taken seriously. Fuel for Art will show you how with lots of great tips culled from years of personal and business experience: How to visualize and accomplish your goals as an artist Creating an Effective Brand for your artist’s persona Networking in the artist’s community The best places to sell your art online How to make the most money possible as an artist Being a business-savvy artist And much, much more! So don't forget! To win this Ebook, you must send us a message via Twitter, telling us why you wanna win "How to Sell Art Online". The best 2 answers get theses babies home! Good luck everyone!

1600 Business Cards Giveaway #2 - Winners Announcement

Last week we announced our second business card giveaway sponsored by, the 1600 Business Cards Giveaway #2. As we said we would do a mini contest, selecting the best card designs from the comments and after one week we have the winners. Winner - Borabora - 1000 cards Second - Edgar Andes - 500 cards Third - Roberto Alanis - 100 cards is the home of superior quality full color printing for great prices. They are also the leading wholesale printing company, offering full color printing solutions for well below our retail prices. To sign up for's wholesale program, visit and sign up - ITS FREE!

Awesome Background Light Effects in Flash - 3 FlashEff Component Giveaway

Last week I was working on a project that needed a Flash animation, nothing really complicated, but I thought a nice animated background with some light effects would work just fine. With that in mind I used a few ellipses, some blur and blend modes to create the effect I wanted. The result was really cool and the best thing is that the process was super easy. Because of that I decided to write a Flash Tutorial showing how to create an awesome background with light effects, but there's more. The guys from JumpeyeComponents gave us 3 copies of the incredible FlashEff component. To win is simple just leave a comment, as usual and we will announce the winners next week. FlashEff is a Flash CS3 (and Flash CS4 ready) AS3 component (by JumpeyeComponents) created for easing the animation process. It is also a collection of over 140 patterns (and growing) that enable cool animations and interactive actions on visual objects and texts. FlashEff can be used/customized from both, the visual interface and API. Step 1 Create a new document in Flash, I used 600x500 pixels because it was the area I had for my design. Then select the Rectangle Tool (R) and create a rectangle. Fill the rectangle with gradient. Use Linear for Type, and for the Colors use #040F1E and #2F4462. After that select the Gradient Transform Tool (F) and rotate the gradient. The dark blue will be at the bottom. Step 2 Select the Oval Tool (O) and create an ellipse, then go to Modify>Convert to Symbol (F8) and convert the ellipse to a symbol. Step 3 Editing the symbol, you will have the ellipse in the frame 1, go to the frame 100 and click the right button of the mouse. Select Insert Keyframe. Then with the Subselection Tool (A) edit the shape of the ellipse, move the points to create a different shape. Step 4 In the Timeline, click with the right button of the mouse in a frame between the first and the last and select Create Shape Tween. Step 5 Insert another Keyframe, this time in the Frame 200, then with the Subselection Tool (A) again, modify the shape of the object and apply another Shape Tween in the timeline. Step 6 Repeat the previous step, but for the last image instead of using the Subselection Tool (A) to deform the shape, copy and paste the ellipse of the first layer. Add the Shape Tween again. The idea is that this movie clip will be deforming an ellipse then getting back as an ellipse again, sort of endless loop. Step 7 Back to the Stage view, you will have the instance of the movie clipe you created. Duplicate that instance 3 times. Rotate and scale them like the image below. Then go to the Movie Clip Properties and change the Blend Mode to Overlay. Tip. You can create different movie clips with different shapes and number of frames, it will make it more fluid. Step 8 Select all instances of the ellipse movie clip and go to the Property Panel. Go to Filters and add Blur. Use 150px for the Blur X and Y. Then test your movie. If you want it faster you can edit the movie clip and reduce the number of frames, instead of 1 to 100 make it 1-60 for example. Step 9 Add a text to the stage in a new layer and convert it to Movie Clip, Modify>Convert to Movie Clip (F8). Then go to the Window>Components or F7. Select the FlashEff component and drag it right over the movie clip. That way it will link the component to the movie clip. Step 10 Go to Window>Other Panels>FlashEff Panel. Then select the component you dragged to the stage. Click on the Show tab and select the Pattern tab, you will be able to select the type of effect you want to apply to your movie clip. In my case I used FESDesertIllusion with the default palatinates. Then select the Hide tab. In this tab you can set how the type of effect you want to apply to hide the movie clip. I used the same as the show, so it will appear and disappear with the same effect. Step 11 Here the idea is create a transition to a black background. To do that, create another layer and go to the frame 110. Insert a blank keyframe by clicking with the right button of the mouse and selection Insert Blank Keyframe. With the Rectangle Tool (R) insert a rectangle with the dimensions of the stage. Fill it with black but change the Alpha to 0. Then go to the frame 125 and insert a Keyframe, not a blank this time. Change the Alpha of the rectangle to 100. Then apply a Shape Tween in this layer from the frames 110 to 125. Step 12 Insert frame to all layers in the frame 125. Then add another layer and rename it to logo. Add your logo and convert it to a movie clip. Then add another FlashEff component linked to the logo movie clip and go to the FlashEff panel. Select the Show Tab and set a pattern to make the logo appear in the screen. I used FES3DCamSquareFocus with the default settings. Then just save and test the movie. Conclusion The blend modes in the new version of Flash CS4 are really cool, they work pretty much the same as in Fireworks and that is great to create some light effects very easily. Also the new interface of Flash is much better, more similar to After Effects. This was the first time I had the change to play with the new version of Flash and I now, want to play more. Besides that, the FlashEff component is incredible, the effects you can do with it are very professional, and the best thing, you won't waste time trying to figure out a way to create those effects, just select a pattern and voilà. Another Example Download the Flash File Click here to Download the Flash file used for this tutorial

1600 Business Cards Giveaway #2 - Giveaways Winners Announcement

We have 2 announces to make today, both from giveaways we did, the “Wandering Off into Space” by Chuck Anderson and the 1000 business cards giveaway sponsored by The winners are: Wandering Off into Space book goes to “Mbithi Masya”. Congratulations! 1000 2 sided color business cards goes to “misterwacom”. Congratulations! But it’s not only that, as we have a great number of comments with very useful feedback, for that reason we have another giveaway. This time however will offer more cards to more readers. We will do a pretty short contest. Just post a comment with a link or publish the image of your card design and we will announce the winners next Monday. The best card will get 1000 copies, the second will get 500 and the third 100. So get engines of creativity going. is the home of superior quality full color printing for great prices. They are also the leading wholesale printing company, offering full color printing solutions for well below our retail prices. To sign up for's wholesale program, visit and sign up - ITS FREE!

1000 Business Card Giveaway from

Last Christmas we had a really nice giveaway from They gave us 1000 2 sided color business cards to giveaway and the winner was Tom. Fortunately the article got a great number of comments and the guys from gave us more cards to give away. To win is very simple, just leave a comment with some suggestions for tutorials or other features you would like to see on Abduzeedo. Next Monday we will announce the winner is the home of superior quality full color printing for great prices. They are also the leading wholesale printing company, offering full color printing solutions for well below our retail prices. To sign up for's wholesale program, visit and sign up - ITS FREE! Stay tuned because we will be giving away more products from in the very near future.

Christmas Giveaway - 1000 FREE 2 Sided Full Color Business Cards

It's Christmas and firstly, we over here at Abduzeedo would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting the site. Also we have little gift for you, a very nice giveaway for this special day. We will giveaway 1000 Free 2 sided full color business cards, thanks to All you have to do is leave a comment suggesting ideas for tutorials or articles for the new year that's coming. We will announce the winner next Wednesday, December 31st. is the home of superior quality full color printing for great prices. They are also the leading wholesale printing company, offering full color printing solutions for well below our retail prices. To sign up for's wholesale program, visit and sign up - ITS FREE! Stay tuned because we will be giving away more products from in the very near future.

"Wandering Off Into Space" by Chuck Anderson Book Giveaway

Freelance artist and designer Chuck Anderson just released his new book "Wandering Off Into Space". He is giving away one hand-signed copy of this tome just for Abduzeedo. Chuck Anderson from NoPattern recently released his second book "Wandering Off Into Space". It contains 64 pages of his finest illustrations and designs made between 2005 and 2008. You can get the book for just 25 dollars in the NoPatternStore. For those who can't affort to buy it there is a chance to win one copy of it here on Abduzeedo. How? Just leave a comment on why you need this book. The most creative comment will get the book. The winner will be notified in one week. You have to be an Abduzeedo-member to take part at the giveaway.

Abduzeedo's 2nd Anniversary - T-Shirt Contest Result, Giveaway and other Announcements

On December 19th of 2006 I posted my very first article here, on what I would now call a website rather than just a blog. The whole idea behind Abduzeedo was that it would be my personal blog, where I could share some of my design experiments. This evolved into the tutorials we have now. Back in 2006, when I decided to start Abduzeedo, I was going through a very difficult time in my business life... my office had been stolen and I had lost all my equipment, computer and backups. So I thought Abduzeedo would be a good way to save my "stuff" online. Then last January Fabiano and Paulo started writing articles, and a few months later Aloa joined the team. After 2 years, I have to say, Abduzeedo has become my main activity. I have to thank you all for visiting the blog, commenting on the articles, criticizing, and helping me to evolve professionally by sharing ideas and experiments. Also I'd like to thank all the sponsors that have allowed us to keep the blog up, and of course the contributors that have posted incredible articles. As it's time to celebrate we will do a different giveaway from what we normally do. Instead of giving the prize to a reader who leaves a comment we thought it would be nice make a sort of a scavenger hunt. How will that work? Well, we've placed 2 images in 2 OLD Abduzeedo Articles (meaning that today's wallpaper post doesn't count). The first 2 readers who find the image will have to send a twitter message to Abduzeedo ( saying: "@abduzeedo Happy Birthday Abduzeedo. The image is here: link". The image is a 2 Years Anniversary Wallpaper. The tutorial for it will be published next week. Also, we'll give another extra shirt and a copy of Pixelmator for the best answer at twitter to the question: "Why do you love Abduzeedo?"... the answer must contain "@abduzeedo I love abduzeedo because..." T-Shirt Design Contest Results! We'd also like to announce the 5 winners of our T-Shirt Design Contest. It was a really cool contest, with over 70 pieces in the running for prizes! Unfortunately we had a little cheating during the votes, so design #37 was unclassified. The idea was that the voting process should be fair to anyone, and if anyone tried to make #37 win anything by cheating, you managed to screw things up. Sorry! Anyways, here are the 5 winners: First Place! Second Place! Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Congratulations to all the winners! Geometric Book Giveaway Result! We also want to announce the winner for another giveaway. The Kaptiza Geometric Book is all about geometric patterns inspired by basic shapes, but the best thing is that with the book you get a CD with 100 pattern fonts that you can use the way you want, allowing you to create many more different patterns. For more information about it and how to get your copy which includes the CD with 100 pattern fonts visit their site at And the winner for this is: zimzallabimdesign Editor: David Parrott

Kapitza Geometric Book Giveway

I dare say that one thing that is common for most designers is the crazy addiction of having as much resources as possible, from textures to fonts, brushes and patterns. Yes, patterns are awesome, no questions asked. But as you probably know, these are not easy to create and sometimes we struggle to make them seamless tileable. And that's why this new book called Geometric is so cool. The book is all about geometric patterns inspired by basic shapes, but the best thing is that with the book you get a CD with 100 pattern fonts that you can use the way you want, allowing you to create many more different patterns. For more information about it and how to get your copy which includes the CD with 100 pattern fonts visit their site at Also, as it's Christmas time we have 1 copy of Geometric to giveaway, to win it is pretty simple: just leave a comment expressing your love for Geometric Patterns. We will announce the winner in 2 weeks. What is Geometric? Geometric is a unique exploration in graphic pattern design and the most extensive pattern font collection available from a font foundry. The project consists of 100 pattern fonts which form an inexhaustible resource for creating patterns in numerous styles. What’s your inspiration for Geometric? Geometric is inspired by movement and basic shapes; finding and testing the limitations of computers and software and the art of gif animations. It all started with stripes in various widths and angles. To experiment, we moved the stripes in pre-defined intervals across the standard design space of the font software (1000em square). The intersections between the stripes and the design space then formed the characters of the first Geometric fonts. We introduced other basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, curves and generated more fonts for the Geometric fonts collection. When using the fonts to create patterns, the often surprising results don’t cease to excite us. What are pattern fonts? Pattern fonts can be installed on your computer just like any other font. But instead of letters they contain a graphic shape on the keys. The power of pattern fonts lies in the way they allow patterns to be created in any software application (from word processing to graphics); and standard font features - like size, leading and letter spacing - make tweaking and tuning pattern designs limitless and easy. How can I use Geometric? This book is an extensive collection of graphic art exploring the unlimited possibilities of Geometric. All the patterns featured in this book were made using the Geometric font collection, and the accompanying CD-ROM features the full set of Geometric fonts for your use. Our tutorial, included in the book, is a great way to get started. Where can I order the book? You can order a copy of the Geometric book, which includes the CD with 100 pattern fonts from our shop at: Abou Kaptiza Kapitza is an independent design company run by sisters Nicole & Petra Kapitza who share a passion for everyday life, minimalism, patterns & colour. Their studio is based in East London, a vibrant and dynamic area which forms part of the inspiration for their work. Other inspirations include nature, people and software. The sisters have been developing an extensive series of unique picture fonts and illustrations that lie somewhere between image resource and art project. Kapitza supersede commercial boundaries with their own mix of genuine curiosity and technical expertise. For more information visit the link below: Other exmaples

5 Great Vector Packs Giveway from Designious

I love vector images, in special floral. We simply can do all sorts of things with them. I remember in the past, it was very hard to get nice vector packs, back in the day when I used to use Corel Draw 6 or 8 I think. Now, however we have nice vector packs available and for a very affordable price, like the Designious Vector Packs. Designious offers a huge ammount of vector packs, of all sorts of symbols and images such as Skulls, Wings, Buildings, People, Nature, and many more. I had the chance to get some images of the Florals Pack and they are really good, I have even done an image for a tutorial using some of these vectors in Photoshop and Fireworks. Designious is a design studio that creates great vector illustrations and design elements. All our work is hand draw and most of all is original. Our studio creates designs for web , print and apparel like t-shirt templates. To create our designs we use professional Wacom Graphic Tablets and Adobe Illustrator. Every piece of work is vectorial. And there is one more thing, we have 5 packs to give away, and if you want to get one is very easy, just leave a comment. But remember, you have to be an Abduzeedo member. We will announce the winner next week. For more information check their site out at My experiment using the Florals Pack

Girl in Tempo Tutorial - 1 Copy Pixelmator Giveway

In this tutorial I will show you how I created the Girl in Tempo Image. Tempo in this case is the new version of Pixelmator, which I've been beta testing for a few weeks. The design is a mix of some photos and filters that can be easily and quickly done in Pixelmator. Also we have another copy of Pixelmator to Giveaway, as usual drop us a comment, and remember, we will only choose Abduzeedo members, so if you are not, click here and create your account. But before we start the tutorial let me announce the winners of the 2 Pixelmator copies from the last giveaway: mani styletime Step 1 Create a new document in Pixelmator, I used 1920x1200 pixels. Then fill the background layer with black. Step 2 For this image I bought a photo from iStockphoto, Then with the new Magic Want Tool(W), cut the girl from the background. The coolest thing of the new Magic Wand is that you have a live preview of the selection while you are dragging the tool. Step 3 Place the image in the document and create a new layer, beneath the girl's layer. With the Gradient Tool (G) create a rounded gradient, from grey to black. Right like the image below. Step 4 Create a new layer and fill it with a gradient again, this time change the Blending to Screen and make it bigger than the other, right in the center of the document, like the image below. Step 5 Let's add another gradient, this time from Blue to Black. Step 6 Once again, add another layer and fill it with gradient, from grey to black again, and starting from the girl's hand. Step 7 Duplicate the girl layer and create a new layer behind the girl. Fill the empty layer with black and select the girl and the black layer. Click with right button of the mouse and select Merge Layers. After that go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Use 1 for the Radius. Also change the Blending to Color Dodge. Step 8 Go to Filter>Distortion>Circle Splash. Use 140 for the Radius and move the controller like the image below. Step 9 Repeat the Step 7 again and then go to Filter>Blur>Zoom Blur. Use 34 for the amount. Move the controller to change the effect, try different positions or just folow the image below. Step 10 Select the girl layer and duplicate it again. After go Image>Desaturate. Then go to Image>Brightness and Contrast. Increase the Brightness and Contrast. I used 11 and 10. Step 11 Select and duplicate the girl's layer again, put this new one in front of the black and white girl layer and change the Blending to Overlay. Then go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Use 10 for the Radius. Step 12 Now let's add some elements to the design. I took some photos of clouds to use in some designs, you can download them here. Open the cloud's image. and first go to Image>Desaturate, then go to Image>Brightness and Contrast . Reduce the Brightness and increase the Contrast until you get a full black background. Step 13 Place the clouds' image in the document and change the Blending to Screen. Make the clouds much smaller. Step 14 Add more clouds repeating the steps 12 and 13. Create some clouds behind the girl as well. Step 15 Create a new layer on top of the others and fill it with black. Then change the Blendings to Color Dodge and go to Filter>Generator>Sunbeams. Move the controller to the hand of the woman and use the values of the image below. Right after that go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. To make the rays a bit shiner, go to Image>Levels, then increase the White to 173. Step 16 Select the Brush Tool (B) and white for the color. Pick a very soft brush and paint the layer right in the hand. That will create a nice light effect. Step 17 Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and use 3 for the Radius. That's just to make the lights a bit smoohter. Step 18 Lets keep adding more elements, for the stars I used an image I found online, you can check it out at Then just place the image in the document and change the Blending to Color Dodge. That will make the stars glow ;) also if you want to you can add a bit of Gaussian Blur. Step 19 Here let's use an image I created in Cinema 4D. It's like an explosion and you can download the image here. Then place it in the document and with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (Y), create an elliptical selection. Then go to Edit>Inverse and then go to Edit>Refine Selection. Use 200 for the Feather. After that go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Use 7 for the Radius. That will create a sort of Depth of Field effect. Step 20 Change the Blending to Hard Light then go to Filter>Blur>Zoom Blur. Use 7 for the Ammount. Step 21 The last step is just add another image to the composition. I used a smoke image that I got online at But you can use other images. So I just placed it in front of the other layers and changed the Blending to Color Dodge. Also resize and rotate a the layer, use the image below for reference. Conclusion In this tutorial we used some of the cool new features in Pixelmator like the new Magic Want Tool. Also we used the color adjustment features and of course some really good and useful filters. I think Pixelmator is evolving and has a great potential. You can create all sorts of images and it's easy to learn. Besides, if you are a Mac user and your budget is limited, Pixelmator will be the best tool for you. Click on the image for Full Preview. Different Versions You can try different colors as well, below I did 2 variations of the same design, one inspired by the new depthCore chapter called NOIR, all in black and white. Download the Pixelmator File Click here to download the Pixelmator file used for this tutorial.

Fluid Mask 3 Review and Giveaway

One of the most difficult, and in my opinion most annoying tasks is when you have already sketched some ideas, then you start the digital process and you have to cut a person, or tree from the background. Doing that can sometimes take hours until you achieve a good result. There are many ways extract people and objects from the background. Photoshop has some nice built in features such as the Extract or the Background Eraser Tool. However, if you really need a professional result and don’t have much time to spend on it, you have to check out a plugin called Fluid Mask 3. Fluid Mask 3 is the professionals’ choice. Fluid Mask 2 established itself as the market leader in still image cutting-out – Fluid Mask 3 takes masking to the next level. Quick to pick up and intuitive to use, Fluid Mask 3 gets professional results fast. I have been using it for a few days and I’m really surprised with the quality of this plugin. You can get a fantastic result in a no more than a few minutes. Even for the most complex images. Here are some features of version 3: Faster initial image processing - For multi-core machines, Fluid Mask 3 runs its initial image processing up to 40% faster. With ever growing image file sizes our everyday image editing tools need to catch up – Fluid Mask 3 runs faster than ever. Localised edge detection and blending - It’s a true-ism when cutting out objects from their backgrounds that often 90% of the time is spent on 10% of the image – getting a difficult edge “just right”. Fluid Mask 3 now has a set of easy to use tools to isolate a difficult area (in a Patch) and apply alternative edge finding and blending techniques - making easy the tricky parts of image cutting. Intelligent Edge Blending - Fluid Mask 3 not only finds edges but also understands the width and character of an edge. On edges which are largely free of noise and where there is some contrast between foreground and background, Fluid Mask 3's intelligent blending is the only blending around to automatically extract the morphology (character) of an edge - remember there is no such thing as a 6 pixel feather on all edges in real life! Use feather blending where there is no contrast or lots of noise in an edge. Fluid Mask 3 will still find the correct edge width. I highly recommend that you check this tool out. If you deal with this kind of task on a daily basis it’s a must have plugin for your tool box. Below some example For Tutorials: For Live Training: Also we have a copy to give away; so as usual we will pick a reader that drops a comment, but this reader must have an abduzeedo account ;)