Godzilla Posters Collection

Godzilla 2014 will be released in a little more than a month now and we are so pumped for this new movie of the King of Lizards that I thought it would be awesome to show you guys some Godzilla history. This year's Godzilla has got some super nice posters as well fan-made ones! Here's a set of every Godzilla poster ever made (official ones) and some of the coolest fan-made ones you'll find out there. For more movie posters, visit IMP Awards! They got tons of movie posters there. Also, let us know which one is your favorite!

Awesome Collection of Godzilla Fan Art

Since the first rumors around a new Godzilla blockbuster movie, fans have been wondering about the upcoming plot, but mostly about the new creature design for this flick. Although we probably will have to wait till 2014 to see it, let's enjoy this classic designs for now. Just in case you don't know what's Godzilla, here's the Wikizilla where you can find pretty much all basic information about this character and it's culture.

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