Awesome Character Design and Graffitis by Volos

Stamatis Lasko is a visual artist from Volos Greece. We can seen in his portfolio some incredible paintings and street art graffitis. The portraits are very detailed and with a interesting movement and expressions. I really like his skills on character design, and I highly recommend that you check out his portfolio at Stamatis Laskos was born in Volos in 1985.He studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts 2002-2007 (3rd painting studio, , Papaspirou-Spilopoulos).

Graffiti Brazil: Mundano

From Brooklyn - Sao Paulo to Brooklyn - New York, Mundano has spread his art all over the place. His graffiti art is full of meanings and colors and can be seen in every corner of one of the largest concrete jungles of the world which is Sao Paulo, check out this great graffiti artist that speaks the truth.

30 Stunning Graffiti Style Illustrations by Filipe Aguiar

During my daily visit to DeviantART, I was completely blown away when I ran into the work of Filipe Aguiar. I truly love illustrations, and I'm becoming very fond of graffiti, an awesome style... and Filipe's work is all about graffiti and graffiti style illustrations. Filipe's style is totally stunning, illustrating like someone would make a graffiti. Absolutely awesome... and I just had to share his work with you guys. I bet everyone will dig it!

Really Cool Graffiti and Illustrations by Escif

Streets artists haven't been featured in Abduzeedo for a while now, so I thought it would be a good thing to find a good artists and show off his work. After that, I went through various sites looking for someone who would caught my attention, until I found this guy, Escif. He makes some really cool graffiti works and illustrations. There's shadding, depth and bright colors and crazy characters: pretty much the ingredients for some crazy cool works! So, for more of his graffiti, you may check his Flickr photostream!

Really Cool Graffitis from Mone

Christian Petersen, aka mone, is a 33 years old web designer from Hamburg, Germany which has a degree in Communication, Media Design specifically. Christian has been practicing graffiti since he was 18 and he likes to create characters at walls, canvas or with clay. He got in touch with Abduzeedo to present us the M1-Design website, his portfolio. As we really like to feature our reader's work here and his pieces are really cool, we asked him for a selection of his work to present here.

20 Impressive 3D Graffiti Artworks

Yesterday I published a nice post about Abstract 3D art so I decided to make another 3D post today about 3D graffiti. Those designs were really cool, but even more impressive are the sprayed graffitis that some artists already painted in walls. So here's a brief selection I've made. I hope you enjoy these!

Stencil Master C215

No matter how many stencils I see on the streets or on the web, it's not the same after you see the work of the French artist C215. With a revolutionary style that is by far the best I have ever seen C215 is the future legend of stencil, check it out!

Stencil Inspiration: Easter AIG hunt by ABOVE

The street artist Above has just finished a huge stencil art with a very clear critic to the AIG executives and their greed. He believes that it is his best stencil work ever. If he says so, who am I to disagree? Check it out because it's awesome. I just finished painting this intense stencil that comments on all the AIG executives greed and wrong doings that is in the major media. I personally think this is my best stencil works.... Above is an extremely talented artist whose work can be seen all over the world.

Interview with Graffiti Street Artist ABOVE + Print GiveAway

Above is an extremely talented artist whose work can be seen all over the world. I had long discussions with him about his awesome Graffiti Tour to South America and the Sign Language Tour where he visited 26 countries. Every each of his masterpieces has a special message. Enjoy the many projects this young artist has done. Information about the print give away at the bottom of the page Ljubljana, Slovenia 2006

Insane 3D Paintings on the Street by Edgar Muller

I honestly have no words to describe the mind and the skills of this artist, the work he does on the street is totally insane, I mean he actually paints the street floor making it look like something unreal, you have to check for yourself.

Grafitti Masters

This selection includes information about the artists and a lot of photos of their work, a lot of graffiti artists do a lot of great pieces but these guys just kill it. Artists from all over the world that you can miss out. I'll try to keep this post going as a series to bring more of this for you.

The Beauty of Stencil Art

A millenarian art that started being used as a graffiti art type on the early 80's, when Blek le Rat aka Blek created his first piece in Paris, France. His main motivation being social consciousness and the desire to bring the art to the people.

Video Inspiration: Graffiti Particles by Mark Chadwick

Here's a video of an artist (well everybody is an artist) who combines graffiti and particles to make digital art. It's kinda short but I thought I show it to you anyway. Anyway, these are the particles that get fed into the graffiti code. I thought they looked pretty neat on their own, so here we are.

Inspiration: Eduardo Kobra

I introduce you guys to Eduardo Kobra, a designer of the streets, the guy with magic hands that transforms big walls into his canvas and put his work on the gallery called streets, where millions can see but nobody can buy it. Eduardo Kobra was born in Sao Paulo and started your first lines in 1987, together with the second generation of graffiti influenced by hip hop, but unquiet of personality, he picked up fast, developed your own technique of expression.

Banksy tours America

Banksy is in the news again this week. First because he tried to donate a piece of art to the Labour Party in the UK and second because he is currently taking a tour across America spreading his politically-toned outdoor urban art. Banksy tried donating a piece of art to the Labour Party in the UK but unfortunately due to his anonymous identity they couldn't accept it. Read more about it here.

Inspiration: Gustav Balderdash

We've already featured Gustav Balderdash's work in Wallpaper of the Week #8, and he's such a nice talented artist that we've asked him to write a little bit about his latest work, the Natural Selection mixtape. The author says:

Awesome Light Graffiti Pictures

Long Exposure pictures can get pretty awesome if you have the right ideas. One of the coolest ideas is to make sweet light graffiti with this camera option. During all summer I've played with it, and made some nice pictures (some other day I'll post it), but not as nice as some of these pictures right here! 98% of it was found on Flickr! Hope you like it.

Superb HDR Pics of Graffiti

Fact: HDR pictures are totally cool. HDR makes colors pop-out, they appear really vivid and shiny. And what kinda art uses lots of vivid and shiny colors? That's right, grafitti! And the combination of these two will blow your mind!

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