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Geological Photography: Grand Canyon

One of these days I was watching on television an awesome show about geological matters, how gold was made and stuff, and I thought it would be interesting to make a quick search for geological wonders, and man, it was worth the idea. So, I imagined it would be great to post a series of fantastic places all around the planet that present amazing formations and other geological marvels. It probably won't be a weekly post, but it's definitely a good way to share with you great locations like our first subject: the Grand Canyon. We simply had to begin this in great style and proportions, so here you go. These were taken by some seriously good photographers, and I really recommend you to visit their pages simply by clicking each photo. If you got your own GC pics, post them in your comment, 'cause we'd love to see it. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;) Cath Walker Romeo Heger Robert Stein Russ D Trevor Jolley Romain Venet Phillip L. Jones Derek Olson sausyn Janice and Nolan Braud Right Brain Photography Paul Fernandez Gleb Tarassenko Christopher Jarvis Moyan Brenn Jeff Dyck QQQQcon caleb_scott Bruno