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International Year of Astronomy 2009 - Posters Giveaway

Have you ever stopped to think about where we are in the universe? I mean, among all the planets and stars we are like a tiny little grain of sand, don't you think? That is what The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is all about, and to celebrate this event a great artist called Simon Page created five beautiful posters inspired by the 60's and 70's. Now the best part, we're giving away two of these beautiful posters, yeah I said 2. Simon is a designer from UK who loves typography and illustration. From his posters we can see how he mixes them together with a very good selection of colors to create very striking designs. All of them with, of course, that retro look and feel. I'm waiting for my poster as well and looking forward to seeing hanging on my wall. "I initially designed these as self-promotional works but word gets around and last week I received an email from the IYA 09 that they thought the posters were great and would like to use them for their promotional work - this was awesome and I of course said yes." Simon Page About the IYA2009 The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is a global effort initiated by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO to help the citizens of the world rediscover their place in the Universe through the day- and night-time sky, and thereby engage a personal sense of wonder and discovery. Oficial Site Paper Quality The prints are on museum-quality paper that meet strict industry standards. The paper is internally buffered to resist fading and acid-free to eliminate any degradation. The inks have a very high pigment density, which allows for the sharpest possible image, perfect reflection of light and the widest range of printable colour. The pigment also resists water, light, and gas for superior archiving properties. THE GIVEAWAY We're givingaway 2 poster for our readers! Just drop us a comment telling what poster do you like the most. Next week will be publishing the winners! Good luck guys! But if you don't want to wait to know if you will be one of the winners, please check his site out and buy yours right now! All of them are available to buy! All Posters

Beautiful Artworks by Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong has just updated his portfolio and website with some new and incredible work. If you do not know him, Wong is a digital artist from Ireland and he is part of the DEPTHCORE collective. Also he has an impressive list of clients including big players such as HP, Mazda, Orange, Comcast. Wong has been featured for important magazines like Computer Arts Projects and Photoshop Creative. In this post we will show you some of the Wong's new works, but we highly recommend that you visit his website. My name is Jonathan Wong and I am 19 years of age. I am an aspiring graphic designer/illustrator born and raised in Limerick, Ireland. I am currently studying Graphic Design in the Limerick School of Art and Design (In my second year). Art has always been a big passion of mine, ever since I was young. My primary goal in life is to make a living out of doing something I love, and that is the hope with art.

30 Fan-made Movie Posters

People's mind is the greatest place to find some cool designs. Designers that love movies often make some cool poster designs that are really fun to see! And there are plenty out there for us to see! Here are some. This is a selection I've made out of a collection made by Fehimeren... he told me he had selected a Napolion Dynamite poster I did a few months ago and I just had to share it! There are some really fun posters here, and I really hope you all enjoy it! Cheers. ;)

Design Interview: Vladimir Tomin

Born in Russia, Vladimir Tomin is the true definition of a graphic illustrator and designer. He has worked professionally with the likes of MTV Worldwide, Reebok, and Adidas, to name a few. From motion graphics to digital art, he does it all! We have already featured him here on Abduzeedo and now we bring to you an amazing interview with the Vladimir, enjoy! Hello Vladimir, it’s always to speak with you; I’m particularly excited for this interview! Here at Abduzeedo, you’ve released exclusive fonts, but what most people don’t realize is you’re also a stunning graphic artist, with a resume including numerous awards and well-known clients. Tell us a bit about yourself! Vladimir: Hi Andrew! Thanks for inviting me to this interview; it is very exciting for me as well! Not much to tell about myself, I love cats, ice cream, and not too long ago I discovered coffee. For a man with constant headaches, coffee is an essential tool of creation. When I’m feeling fine, I can do literally anything. Coffee makes me feel great, at least for 1-2 hours that is. I also love my girlfriend; she inspires me more than anything on this planet. Let’s get right into it. What was it that started your art career, sparked your imagination, and developed into a passion for a variety of mediums, which you work with today? Vladimir: Well, university started my career. I clearly remember that day, after 5 years of pure hell: standing in front of my professor and him handing me my diploma. That day I decided that I would never be a programmer or an engineer; I had already had enough... So I tried to go into art and design-related work. I went to a local television station and told them I knew nothing about graphic design but I was ready to work and learn. I was very bad at first, but in a year I steadily improved and became head designer of the entire channel! In 2007, I met Photoshop and Graphic Exchange. It changed the way I looked at things. You see, before that time, I was creating motion artwork only. I was always pressured by deadline and couldn’t work on my projects long enough to make them as good as I wanted them to be. Thanks to works on Graphic Exchange, I realized that creating artwork opens two new opportunities: first, you can make it as perfect as you like and constantly improve it, and you actually don’t feel distressed by any deadline. This was a great discovery and impacted my life. It has made me who I am. I’ve seen your digital artwork, illustrations, and motion artwork, to name a few, but it is this variance that so intrigues me. What sort of time goes into your artwork, specifically your submission for Desktopography 2009, a favorite piece of mine, as well as “Dinner at Sunrise”? Vladimir: “Fight for Alpha”, a wallpaper for Desktopography 2009, was created in 3 evenings. But, you should know, I work very fast. I already knew what style I wanted it to be, so I spent no time on experiments. The hardest part was to recreate animals as illustrations. It took some time, but turned out great in my opinion! “Dinner at Sunrise” took 3 weeks to create. It contains an inhuman amount of illustration, keyed stop-motion work, 3D work, manual animation, and more. This was really a hard-to-create project, too bad it turned out not as great as I was expecting, judging on its relative unpopularity on the internet. Still, I think it was worth the time spent and I will definitely include a big part of this clip in my yearly reel. Are there any underlying themes that you feel are universal in all of your pieces, or do you try to vary your style? Vladimir:I’m not that good at making things mathematically perfect. That’s why I’m not even trying to master anything. For me it’s much easier and more interesting to try new things often. But, what I developed in the “Versus” piece for slashTHREE, I had already used 3 times: in “Fight for Alpha”, a private work for Digital Flow, and the exclusive material you’ll get to see at the end of the interview! Well, maybe this is my underlying theme you’re talking about, in visual language terms of course. You’re obviously skilled in many programs, which ones do you excel in or use most frequently, and how have they helped you to revolutionize the way of art as we know it? Vladimir: After Effects, enough said. This is my main tool for my line of work, and I’m spending around 10 hours a day in this program. Not every day of course. I’m also knowledgeable in Photoshop. What I’ve learned during my short yet rich life as an artist is: it’s not about the programs; it’s about the people you meet and connect with. It’s always about the people. Professionally, you’ve worked with the likes of MTV Worldwide Productions, Toyota, Adidas, and Reebok, to name a few. What is it like being commissioned on behalf of such well-renowned companies? Vladimir: Toyota, Adidas, and Reebok were just local representatives, but I did work with some big brands. To answer your question, I will try to describe the difference between big companies and small ones. Big companies know exactly what they want. Big companies are ready to pay for your work, and are well-aware of what makes a fair price. Big companies are skilled in communication. Big companies brand names will influence you more than you influence their company. I don’t know, maybe I was just lucky enough to work with recognized and positive companies, but so far I have noticed this linear dependence: less money your client has, more screwed your brain will be. That’s interesting, truly eye-opening to the way large companies will view your work! An artist must always have inspiration, have there been any artists or pieces of art that inspire you? Vladimir:Bosch and Dalí are two of my favorites. To go into more detail, Hieronymus Bosch was a Netherlands painter known for his use of imagery in his pieces. Salvador Dalí was a Spanish painter whose imaginative work was quite eccentric. I’m sure you’re an inspiration to our readers as well! Looking ahead, what are your goals for the future? Vladimir:I would like to become a part of large art-related agency to have better chances of working with big brands in the near future. But, my ultimate goal is to travel the world for inspiration. I’m going to start this weekend, and my first stop is Hong Kong. I will also be contributing to my beloved slashTHREE, but with current pack theme it is tough, but I’ll find a way through it. Personal incompatibility you know. I can’t wait to see your future work! Now, I hear that you have some Abduzeedo interview-exclusive material, what’s that about? Vladimir: This is the CD cover work for the great band, Injunity. Why exclusive? Abduzeedo helps many beginning artists learn; I want to inspire artists, instill creative roots, so that is why Abduzeedo is the first and only place where you can see this artwork. Later, maybe in a month or so, this work will be posted on my portfolio, but until that time, you can only find it here! Same exclusive rights go with my latest video work for MTV, “Physics of Unreal”. Enjoy! Wow, that’s great, the motion artwork is fantastic! Thanks for sharing those exclusively for this interview. I know the readers will enjoy it! Vladimir: Don’t mention it; I’m happy to provide something exclusive for this wonderful site! Well, this has sure been an eye-opening interview into the artwork of Vladimir Tomin, any last words for your readers? Vladimir: I will repeat myself once again: if you don’t love what you’re doing, do something else. It worked for me very well. Thanks for your time Vladimir! Vladimir: Thank you so much for invitation, I had great time here and I’m really proud to see my works on this site. Oh, by the way, I’m planning on making two new font packs in early 2010, and I would love to make those Abduzeedo-exclusives as well, so be prepared. Hope to see you guys in the near future, thanks for reading! Some Works

The Outstanding Work of Studio Kxx

I had a really good surprise today when I ran into the portfolio of Krzysztof Domaradzki, named Studio Kxx... I've seen many of his works all over the web, but never got to know the person who did it. Now it's time for some credits! Kzz is one hell of a graphic designer, and has been doing some sweet pieces for big clients. It's a thrill to find his portfolio to we can get to see all of his work in one place. I really recommend that you go over there to see all of it! Here, I've made a brief selection, so that you can instantly enjoy it. I hope you like it! Cheers. ;)

Colorful and Creative Designs by iwant

The work of the small creative design agency based in London are totally awesome. They go by the name of IWANT, and make very creative designs full of style where art and design run very close to each other. Check it out! For more visit

Creative and Colorful Artworks from Glennz

Glenn Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. The name GLENNZ mean GLENN from NZ, and is also his username at where you can find some of his work. Glennz has been working in the design industry for over 16 years focusing on packaging, corporate identity and illustration. After his success designing tees on Threadless he got the opportunity to create his own growing range of tees, that you can check out at I was browsing around Behance, looking for some inspiration when I bumped into Glennz work and I have to say that his artworks really got my attention. His pieces are very creative, colorful, humorous and cool, so I decided to put this selection together to show you guys. You will find a bit of everything here, from E.T. calling home to a couple falling apart from their wedding cake, so sit back and enjoy the images. Also, don't forget to check it out his Behance profile to see further great artworks. Hope you like the images as much as I did! :) Some of Glennz' Designs on Threadless

Beautiful Work of Magomed Dovjenko

Magomed Dovjenko is a graphic designer and illustrator from Russia but based in Cologne, Germany. Despite his young age he has done some incredible works for respectful companies such as Reebok, Adidas, Diesel, and many more. Dovjenko, also is member of an important collective, the KDU - The Keystone Design Union. As usual we highly recommend that you check out Magomed portfolio at Behance ( But we selected some images for you to take a look first My name is Magomed Dovjenko. i'm a young-yet experienced freelance illustrator, residing in Germany/Cologne, originally from Russia, Chechnya. I love graphic design, illustration, typography . I'm also part of the select multi-disciplinary collective the Kdu - The Keystone Design Union. I'm self-taught.

Amazing Work of Vladimir Tomin

Born in Russia, Vladimir Tomin is the true definition of a graphic illustrator and designer. He has worked professionally with the likes of MTV Worldwide, Reebok, and Adidas, to name a few. From motion graphics to digital art, he does it all! That's why we're featuring him here on Abduzeedo. Enough said, we know his work will inspire you! For more information we highly recommend that you visit Tomin's portfolio at Space-Jump Hi, my name is Tomin Vladimir, but Internet knows me as Myaka. I’m 26, I have diploma of IT specialist, but those 5 IT years was so hard I basically hate computers so after I finished my education I decided to go different way. I had a dream: making motion graphics. So I came to local TV station and told them what I want. They took me in, but of course first time I was working for nothing because I had to learn from almost zero. In a few months I handled After Effects well enough to make intro for one of sport programs. In 1 year I became head designer, and after 2 years of work here I leave for world of advert in peppers studio. So now I have 4.5 years of Motion Graphics About the Author Hello all, I'm Drew W., a 17 year-old student currently residing in the East Coast of the United States. I've been interested in graphic design since I was young, but I'm now dabbling in art management as I'm interested in pursuing a career in business. I work as a Scout at Artician, where I feature aspiring artists and their work. Here at Abduzeedo, I'll be interviewing artists, so if there are any questions you'd like to see answered, post a comment. Enjoy!

Brilliant and Intriguing Artworks from abo_fahod_75

Suliman AL-Mawash, aka abo_fahod_75, is a 33 years old graphic designer from Kuwait. He started working with graphic design in 1998 and is current for Kuwait TV. As you will see here, Suliman is very creative, talented and has a very nice style. His pieces are really brilliant and a bit intriguing. In my opinion, Suliman's artworks are a mix of many things: manipulation, conceptual photography, surrealism, fantasy art and of course, great ideas and talent. I bumped into Suliman's work in one of my flickr's peregrination looking for inspiration! His pieces really got my attention, so I decided to share some of them with you. Don't forget to visit his flickr page for further images!! Enjoy. :)

69 Stunning Gig Posters

What's design without music? What's music without design? I wanted to add on to Paulo's post, 30 Totally Cool Band Posters, because I, too, have always had a thing for indie gig posters, and coincidentally enough, I also stumbled upon the same website, Here I gathered some of the coolest posters I found on gigposters, ffffound, and behance. And you can also refer back to Paulo's article for the complete list! Hope you guys enjoy them as much as we did :) As always, if you have any images that you took or maybe some cool pictures you've come across and you'd like to share with us, please drop me a line on Twitter and/or Facebook. I'd love to hear from you! Ryan Trayte Drew Rios N.B. Oliver Barrett Peter Pimentel Matt Lane Harris Tom Huveners Martin Holm Matteo Cellerino James Barnes Anwar Pack Martin Corbin Edwin Servaas Michael Harpin Logan Gabel Ed Nacional Nicholas Haas Sean Forsythe Vanessa Schneider

Design Inspiration: Noeeko's Incredible Work

Michal Sycz is a freelance digital artist based in Cracow, Poland. We have already featured some of the designs created by Noeeko in our Daily Inspiration series, however if you check out his portfolio you will understand why he really deserves a full feature article. Noeeko's works are beautiful, very sharp and detailed. Also what is really cool about him, is that he has some amazing photo-montages with light effects pieces and other very vector based illustrations, showing how versatile he is. For more information visit Hello, my name is Michal Sycz. Noeeko is my creative identity. I’m a freelance digital artist based in Cracow / Poland. _ My areas of specialization include: illustration, web design, branding and interactive media.

Surreal Inspiration by Saad Moosajee

Saad Moosajee is a very young digital artists from Denver Colorado. Despite the age he as an impressive portfolio with some images heavily inspired by the Surrealism. Also he has worked for really good clientes such as Oxfam, Tiger Beer, Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and many more. For more information visit Saad's website at

30 Totally Cool Band Posters

Some friends of mine play in a instrumental rock band called "Você Nunca Viu". They got a pretty cool sound, and one of the things I like the most about indie bands in general are the posters! Yes, posters play a big role for these bands. Yesterday, during my daily visits, I found a great site about posters, and mostly about bands! has got hundreds of posters, and here's a few of them, which I bet you'll all enjoy. Illustrations, collages, photography: there's everything in here. For more, check out And if you got a band poster, show us! Cheers. ;)

Amazing Images from Evoke's Spectrum

Evoke has launched a new exhibition called Spectrum. As usual, there are some really inspiring artworks from artists from all over the globe. The Spectrum exhibition is also a tribute to color, so it is not necessary to say anything else, just check the images :) Here we will feature a few previews but we highly recommend that you visit their site for a hi-res image. Welcome to Evoke's 21st Exhibition, "Spectrum"! This tribute to color is truly sensational and we are honored to share it with you! Spectrum is a smaller pack than usual, but for what it lacks in size, Spectrum delivers a knockout in quality. Our artists went head first into their craft to ensure the highest calibre exhibition for your viewing pleasure. Simultaneously, the Evoke audio department, now headed by our very own Keith Alban aka brainst0rm, has also delivered several knockout tracks to accompany your visual experience. Some Images

Great Vintage Advertising and Propaganda

Since we're having some cool posts on modern vintage, I thought "why not real vintage"? Vintage ads and propaganda are a true inspiration for every designer, on how they used to set typography, and many other elements through the canvas. So here's some great examples of vintage adversiting and propaganda. Mainly from the beggining of the last century, these are still really fresh. And for me, what's the most incredible, is the fact that these have been really inspiring people almost 100 years later. That's the power of good design: it is timeless. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got any piece inspired in vintage advertising and propaganda, drop the link in the comments section. Cheers! ;)

Design Legends #2: Joshua Davis

Following our series of Design Legends, our next featured artist is the great Joshua Davis. It's impossible to talk about modern graphic design using computers without mentioning his name and everything he has done creating scripts and apps to generate patterns and elements that became Joshua's superb work. A proficient illustrator and painter with a passion for technology, Davis’ work brought an entirely new dimension to art. Utilizing randomization in controlled environments, or Chaos Theory, Davis established a new and unique perspective on visual communication and creative expression, pioneering an area previously unexplored in graphic design. In January 2001, as part of issue #100 of, Davis posted an autobiography — a revealing look on his personal life in the New York City art/club scene in the early 1990s, his drug addiction, and his ability to overcome it to pursue his goal of being a full-time artist. Davis wrote that once he left the club scene, he aspired to be a writer and illustrator of children's books. It was at the Pratt Institute that Davis began to delve into writing HTML, working under Thomas Noller in 1995. Soon after, he began to experiment with Macromedia Flash and its early scripting language, and further with ActionScript programming. Joshua Davis' work became a major influence in graphic and web design in the "Y2K" era of the Internet’s dot-com explosion. Davis himself was distinguished from other web designers by his many tattoos, leading to his reputation as being a web design "rockstar" — a label he dismisses. From 1998 to 2001, he worked with the web production company Kioken. When Kioken folded, Davis became an independent web designer and artist, touring the world to speak at various graphic design conferences, such as SIGGRAPH, Flash Forward, BD4D, OFFF, Graphika Manila and others. In 2003, he was asked by Tool's Adam Jones to take over their websites. The band's official site was replaced by an intro page designed by Davis, but has been changed. In 2002 he teamed up with developer Branden Hall to form The Department of Notation Studios, a media development studio. The company was disbanded in 2006 when Hall left to form Automata Studios Ltd. with fellow developer Keenan Keeling. Despite the separation Davis and Hall continue to collaborate on various projects. As of 2007, Davis lives in New York with his wife and daughter. He is a professor at New York’s School of Visual Arts, runs his own design studio, and continues to lecture and lead workshops in design conferences. Wikipedia Joshua Davis' work has influenced a lot of great digital artists such as Guilherme Marconi, James White and many others. He is a name that is always remembered when we interview new designers and this article is just to show you a little bit of his work. For more information visit Joshua's website at Videos Images iPhone App Reflect by Joshua Davis from Erik Attkisson on Vimeo.