iPhone X: Interface Guidelines

Today we've witnessed the latest from Apple, whatever you feel it was amazing or not; they have released the new iPhone. It's here and it's what Apple think will be the future of the smartphone. Introducing the iPhone X, coming with a new size of 5.8-in with a "super" retina display. Wait! We are not going to go through its features but more into their human interface guidelines. Basically what has changed on the UI aspect of things that will probably affect our work somehow if you are in iOS Design. Let's dig!

Introducing the EPA Graphic Standards System

The EPA Graphic Standards System was a guide to consolidate numerous US state offices with their graphic design and communications department. Back then, millions of dollars were being wasted annually due to non-standardized formats, inefficient processes, and almost everything being designed from scratch. 40 years later, creators of the NYCTA and NASA Graphics Standards Manual reissues are back in collaboration with the design firm that once worked on the EPA for a new edition.

Design guidelines: Studio Standards

Yesterday I posted the behind of scenes of a beautiful editorial design project for the TransWorld Surf Magazine. The work was done in 2011 but the style is very relevant to this day and will be in the near future. Today I would like to feature another project in the same realm. The project is the guidelines for Studio Standards and as you can see after the break, it's stunningly elegant and beautiful. Studio Standard create high-end, print-ready Adobe Indesign templates.

Airbnb - Google Material

Greek designer John Noussis was inspired by what google did with Material Design for Android and decided to recreate the same guideline preview for Airbnb. Check it out! For more from John Noussis visit Image credits: Airbnb, Unsplash

KYD Buro Visual Identity

We love to post about visual identity and the creative process behind it because it shows the holistic approach of design. Creating guidelines and systems is the core of good design, it gives consistency and also flexibility to extend the brand without jeopardizing the visual language. The work of KYD Buro is an excellent example of a really well done visual identity and process. KYD Buro is a young architect team. The name is formed from the first letters of the founders: Kobets, Yankovskiy, Dubrovskiy.

Logo Design Guidelines

Design a logo and a visual identity goes way beyond the free form and artistic side of what most people think. There is all the rational part including proportions, scaleability optical adjustments and reproduction that has to be thought in order to create an efficient and well design logo. The visual design guidelines will provide this information to ensure that the brand is used correctly. In this post we want to illustrate the construction or guidelines of a logo.

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