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Eight Days in Haiti - Photos by Bobby Moon

Bobby Moon is one of our readers and regular Daily Inspiration contributors. Lately Bobby sent us some pretty interesting photos to feature at DI, images from a series called Eight Days in Haiti. As the images are really beautiful we decided to show more of them here to you. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Bobby Moon, 22, attended Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, and is graduating from Santa Clara University with a degree in Marketing, and he is a self-taught photographer. He got involved with Somos Amigos Medical Missions in 2008, and was with the organization in the hills of the Dominican Republic on January 12, when the 7.0 magnitude quake stuck Haiti, less than 50 miles away. He went to Haiti to cover the aftermath of the quake in late March for Eight Days. Photos were featured on CNN and by The All-American Rejects. Make sure to visit Bobby's gallery and portfolio to check out the complete series. Further links: Bobby Moon - PortfolioBuy the Photos (Portion of the sales will be donated to Haiti relief efforts.)

Art to Support Haiti

After the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti last Tuesday, everyone is trying to help however they can and the design community is also trying to do it's part. Such artists like James White, Chuck Anderson, Nathalie Bertin, and more are donating 100% of the sales to help Haiti and giving you a chance to help as well. It’s easy to feel separated from things like this based on geography, but it doesn’t mean we’re not all in this together. Every bit counts. My heart goes out to you, Haiti—James White NOPATTERN - Chuck Anderson Jan. 15, 2010 - 100% of sales from NP&CO until Jan. 21 will be donated to Haiti earthquake relief Signalnoise - James White Signalnoise will be doing the same. 100% of sales from the Signalnoise Store for the next week will be donated directly in support of Haiti. Nathalie Bertin For the month of January 2010, 100% of the proceeds from any portrait commission (with deposit) will be donated to help the people of Haiti in their recovery efforts. Also, during the month of January, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of any available artwork on this web site will be donated to the cause. Matt of Orizon Studio Matt Orizon is donating 100% of the proceeds from his ActiveDen portfolio of Flash Components for this week. Sargent House Records Sargent House Records is donating all proceeds from downloaded music. If you know someone else that is trying to help please mention it on the comment area so we can be aware of it.