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Lettering experiments with wet acrylic

Gehan Magee is a typographer and calligrapher based in Sydney, Australia. Hello Australia! At first glance, you might think it's just another series of lettering experiments built-in 3D. Yes? But it's not, it's made of 'wet acrylic'. To be honest, it's my first time seeing this technique and I do love the result. I just enjoy sharing personal projects and experiments lately on abdz. I just love the combination of colors, the inconsistency of each letter makes it so unique and beautiful.

90s Style & Vibrant Lettering Works by Ju Schnee

We are featuring a 90s style lettering work by Ju Schnee, an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Each piece from this series kind of reminds you of the era of 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', it's hard to deny anything else. Everything is there, the style, colors, quotes and more. Quite lovely if you ask me. After reading Ju's project blurb, you can't help to share the same views on the daily challenge that aren't related to client or work per se.

Magnificent Hand Lettering by Emilee Rudd

I'm slightly obsessed with hand lettering. I simply love when I stumble upon any branding, print, signage, mural, etc. showcasing a beautiful lettering work. The talent involved in creating beautiful things using only your free hand, creativity and skills never ceases to impress me. From packages on a supermarket shelf to restaurant chalkboard menus or street signs, I'm always delighted to see a good old hand-drawn piece. And this is why I'm always looking for artworks with that particular style.

Hand Lettering Works by Tobias Saul

The last time we have featured the work of Tobias Saul was around 2014, already 4 years has passed since. It's nice to see Tobias still kicking and we are featuring a collection of his hand lettering works from the past year and current. You can clear that Tobias is a master of his craft where he can go through any style and still find its charm. You should check out more of his work on Behance.

Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Rosa Kammermeier

We're excited to share our next Adobe Creative Resident of 2017, the talented Rosa Kammermeier. We posted about the overarching Adobe Creative Residency Program yesterday in case you need to catch up on the phenomenal endeavor by Adobe to support the creative class in pursuing dream projects.

Lettering Design with Kyle Letendre

Nothing is more refreshing than a dose of lettering design that is quite awesome, inspiring and playful to look at. Well, this is exactly what Chicago-based freelance lettering artist/designer Kyle Letendre has done and it's stunning! First comment is that I love his colour palette on this project was he recalled them to be various pieces of lettering from the past year or so. It kind of reminded me of the colours from the biru brand Sapporo, don't you think?

Lettering Experiments with Ricardo Gonzalez

Here on Abduzeedo, we love to make you guys explore and discover different mediums that are from user interface design to typography. Let's also admit that about 3-4 years ago, there wasn't that much interest in UI, UX and its complexity. That being said, it's always nice to see artists creating beautiful from both still digital but also analog. There's a thing about working with your hands into making some art. I feel with the time being, that will always be the best way to go.

Hand lettering for Les Charcuteries Porkshop

BMD Design is a design studio in France specialized in graphic design and they put together some amazing work for Les Charcuteries Porkshop. The creators of this new deli shop, develop rebels and authentic flavors, in the greatest respect for tradition and with quality ingredients . Each of their air-dried sausages is an unprecedented encounter between knowledge by ancestral and inspiration came from friends everywhere. For more from BMD Design visit bmddesign.fr.

Hand Lettering Artist Colin Tierney

It's hard to find some people that don't love typography, and I'm not different. Today I'm here to showcase the work of Colin Tierney, a guy that breath typography and letters, this is his life and it's perfect clear just looking for his work. Colin is a freelance Graphic Designer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. He specialize in identity & print design, hand lettering and illustration.

Hand Lettering by Joao Neves

Joao Neves is an illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal. He specializes in hand made lettering. Check out his style of lettering and some of his best pieces I selected for you. Enjoy! For more from Joao Neves visit behance.net/nevesman and instagram.com/nevesman.

Hand Lettering by Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo Gonzalez is a graphic designer out of Brooklyn, NY. His focus is on creative lettering and its exploration, so on this post I selected some of his awesome lettering work. Enjoy! For more from Ricardo Gonzalez visit itsaliving.ca/.

Hand Lettering Posters by Tobias Hall

This is another amazing project by Tobias Hall. The project is called Great Little Place and it's a total of 4 posters and each corresponding to a compass area in London. The result is amazing, check it out! For more from Tobias Hall visit tobias-hall.co.uk and behance.net/TobiasHall.

Hand Lettering by Tobias Saul

Tobias Saul is a graphic designer from Germany who combines traditional craftsmanship with digital techniques to create unique letterings. Check out these amazing collection of hand lettered logotypes and quotes. For more from Tobias Saul visit behance.net/tobiassaul.

Magnificent Lettering Works by Erik Marinovich

The name of Jessica Hische must ring you a bell, well Erik Marinovich co-founded with her a lettering and design studio called Title Case. Erik is a “letterist” and designer based in San Francisco, USA; also has worked for clients such as New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired, GAP, Nike and more. His work is greatly inspiring through many of the roots of typography.

Sublime Lettering Works by Luke Lucas

Luke Lucas is a freelance creative art director, illustrator, designer and typographer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2011, living the happy life as a Dad; Luke has also worked with Nike, Target USA, Esquire, the New York Times and more. The versatility of his work is just so impressive and definitely inspiring! ...I love that the same word, passage or even letter can be treated in bunch of different ways and embody entirely different meanings...

Lettering Works of Tobias Hall

Tobias Hall is an illustrator, designer and mural artist based in London, UK. He has been lucky enough to work with a growing list of clients like: Lululemon, Net Magazine, Universal Music, Gap and more. Putting good use to your hands is also part of being a good designer which in the case of Tobias; he’s rocking it and amazingly. All Rights to Tobias Hall

Hand Lettering Logos by Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro is a graphic designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. I recently got into hand lettering myself and I would admit Sergey pays a lot of attention to his freestyle and his techniques; for a passionate, clean and versatile hand lettering. Remember to always be willing to get out of your comfort zone. ...recently I shifted my main focus upon lettering and calligraphy whilst applying writing skills in a variety of graphic design fields.

Food Typography by Marmalade Bleue

Marmalade Bleue aka Danielle Evans is a designer, letterer and of course a food typographer based in Columbus, Ohio in USA. Through sketching, brush pen, paper cutting and dimensional type, Danielle is taking us on a journey mixing food with typography. In results of creating evocative and yet beautifully executed work for editorials and advertising. All Rights to Marmalade Bleue

Hand Lettering Works by Raul Alejandro

Raul Alejandro is a freelance illustrator and a designer living in New York City. Raul started a series on Behance called Hand Type Volumes and it’s basically Typography Sketches all obviously hand drawn. We must admit this kind of typography is one of our favourites! All Rights to Raul Alejandro

Beautiful Hand Lettering by Ben Johnston

Who doesn't love some beautiful hand lettering? Ben Johnston is a Toronto letterer and Illustrator with an amazing style of work. Here is a selection of some truly beautiful hand-drawn lettering by Ben. For more from Ben Johnston visit benjohnston.ca.

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