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Infinite Lines & Architecture of Hong Kong

Peter Stewart is a travel photographer based in Hong Kong. We are featuring his first project ever released on Behance. Entitled Stacked - Urban Architecture of Hong Kong, it's a collection of pictures and memoirs taken by Peter ever since 2013 and up until now. You will witness dense urban environments, and architecture of Hong Kong's high rise public housing. In this series, you will probably enjoy of his artistic vision because tit's all about the little details. perhaps pay some attention to the symmetry?!

Show Us Your Type - Hong Kong

Show Us Your Type is an amazing project that is about two things some of us truly love; typography & cities. It's a unstoppable collection with great works from all over the globe, there's always a city on exposition while another one is on deck to receive new works. Check it out!

Colorful Character Designs by Crazy Enough

Crazy Enough is the brand name of Sam, a Hong Kong based artist and illustrator with a very colorful portfolio. We were surfing on the web when we found some of Sam's character designs and we simply loved them. So in this post we will show you a little bit more of his super cool character designs. For more information visit Crazy Enough's website at http://www.crazy-enough.com/

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