Modern, Cozy and Inspiring House Y in Finland

Today we have an inspiring house to show here. House Y is located in Iisalmi, Finland, and it is breathtaking. The combination of glass and wood nestled in a beautiful scenario give us a feeling of a remote cabin. The perfect place for you to go and get all of your inspirational juices flowing. A place surrounded by a great landscape to keep you inspired while also giving you a sense of privacy. The house actually consists of three barns put together in a Y shape. It is certainly a modern and nice take on the barn living idea.

Simple and Beautiful Villa in Motobu, Japan

Today we are showcasing a beautiful and simple villa in Japan. From huge houses to tiny ones, we have published all sorts of homes here. But I have noticed that people keep asking for simple things. Houses that are beautiful, inspiring and doable. Places where we can see ourselves living and not only dreaming about. This is why today we will show another simple yet amazing home. Shinminka Villa is located in Motobu, Japan, and it was designed by ISSHOArchitects. Motobu ia a town that sits on the northern part of Okinawa Island.

DublDom, a Beautiful and Modern Modular House

Modular houses, or prefabricated houses, are picking up momentum lately. We have been seen amazing modular houses designs. From small and minimal projects to bigger ambitious ones, there is certainly a modular house idea to fit your needs. To give you a taste of that we will show a beautiful and modern home in Pirogovo lake, Russia. The project was designed by BIO-architects. The house was designed for a couple that had lived in one of the architect's modular homes.

Sonoma weeHouse, a Beautiful ultra-minimal home

If you are interested in the ultra-minimal home idea, you've come to the right place. What is an ultra-minimal home? Well, take a look at this amazing project by Alchemy and you will understand. The Sonoma weeHouse is based on Alchemy's original weehouse. Their original project is a modular prefabricated housing system that optimizes many elements of the traditional design-build process. Here they took the basics of the original and gave it a very nice outcome. The result, as they say, is a small, ultra-minimal, high-end home.

Church Hill Barn in Suffolk, UK

Barn houses seem to be pretty popular these days. And I have to admit that I love it! Barns that are converted into houses are spacious, bright and inspiring. Like the one we are showing you today. Church Hill Barn is a beautiful home on the Essex and Suffolk border. The project was actually a renovation. Church Hill Barn was part of several buildings for the Assington Hall Estate, destroyed by fire in the 1950s. David Nossiter Architects did a great job restoring it. Giving the place a modern look with a cozy and warm feel.

Beautiful House in Trees in Los Angeles

Nestled in a beautiful hillside in Los Angeles hills, this place is inspiring. House in Trees is a project by Anonymous Architects and you can see that the house blends perfectly with its surroundings. The architects developed something that has a remote feel despite being so close to all of Los Angeles craziness. The main challenge of the project was the placement of the home. The beautiful Cypress tress should be preserved at all costs. So what a better idea then incorporating them into the design? Yes. This is what they've done.

A Beautiful and Cozy Prefab in São Paulo

For the last Beautiful Houses post of the year we will show you, once again, that a lot of times less is more in architecture too. Take a look at this inspiring prefab home in Catuçaba, São Paulo, a project by MAPA. Beautiful wood, huge glass windows, cozy interior and breathtaking surroundings. In my opinion these are the main characteristics of this home. I'm pretty sure this is the perfect spot to keep all of your inspiration juices flowing. Check it out!

Beautiful House Remodel in Mountain View, CA

Today we will show you a minimalistic house remodel in Mountain View, CA, a project by Klopf Architecture. The house is a remodel of a classic Eichler home and the result is amazing. A clean and contemporary look give this place and unique and cozy feel. Lots of glass, open spaces and bright colors come together to deliver a beautiful home. Take a look.

Beautiful Tilt Roof House in South Korea

Today we will show you a house in South Korea, a project by BCHO Architects. Architects used a tilted roof that follows the hillside to better blend the house to its surroundings. Besides minimizing excavation the result is a clean and inspiring home. We can also see beautiful color palette, materials and layout choices here. A lot of open spaces and windows, given the place a bright and cozy feel. Take a look.

Contemporary Architecture among Old Oaks in Carmel Valley

Today we will show you a very elegant and contemporary home in Carmel Valley, California, a project by Sagan Piechota Architecture. The architects used materials such as concrete, weathered steel, and natural cedar to mirror the site's natural textures and color palettes. The result is inspiring. A lot of glass allowing natural light in the house and also showcasing the amazing surroundings. Take a look.

MMB in Berlin: a 1844 building gets refurbished

This breathtaking remodel is located in a very popular neighborhood in Berlin. Müllerhaus Metzerstrasse Berlin, a project by asdfg Architekten, is facelift in a house erected in 1844. Due to its historical elements and importance the authorities asked the architects to keep the facade look and feel. The result is totally inspiring. Both exterior and interiors are beautiful, but I'm astonished by the clean and modern look this place has. Take a look.

Modern Barn Living: Check Out This House in Sweden

If you like the concept of living in a modern barn you will like this house in Sweden. The KD house, a project by GWSK Arkitekter, was built using prefabricated concrete elements and is inspiring. Open plan, high ceilings with barn roof shape and lots of natural light are some of the elements that give this place an extra charm. Beautiful and modern sliding barn doors add an unique feel to place, check it out!

Beautiful Houses: Hadar's House

Today we will show you a small and exquisite home on coast of Stokkøya, Norway, a project by Asante Architecture & Design. The house is located right next to the water overlooking the neighboring islands and the Norwegian Sea. The place was designed for a chef and is pure inspiration. Beautiful material combination and a simple layout deliver a great space. Huge windows, lots of natural light and breathtaking views give this place an extra charm. Take a look!

Beautiful Houses: Avalon

Today we will show you the inspiring Avalon house in New South Wales, Australia a project by ArchiBlox. This is a great prefab structure that was constructed in 6 weeks. And the modular design minimizes impact in the environment. The place has a few green features and is cozy and charming. In love with the kitchen and bathroom. Take a look! Make sure to check out ArchiBlox website for further information about this and other inspiring projects. See you next week. :)

Beautiful Houses: Beachyhead

Today we will show you the beautiful Beachyhead house in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, a project by SAOTA. Great material choices, shapes and layout turn this house into a masterpiece seating on top of a mountain. From the beautiful use of concrete, stone and wood to the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, this place will certainly inspire you. Carefully designed stairs, a modern and clean kitchen and inspiring living spaces deliver a unique home, take a look!

Beautiful Houses: Chalet Blanche

Today we will show you an breathtaking house in Cap à l’Aigle, Canada, a project designed by ACDF Architecture. This house is simply amazing! The facade is modern and clean, the location is perfect and the glass walls are a show stopper. The use of glass not only allows you to enjoy the beautiful surrounding view but also transform the environment into a bright and light home. Really modern, clean and inspiring, take a look!

Beautiful Houses: Floating Home on a Lake in Seattle

Today we will show you an inspiring floating home in Seattle, a project designed by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects. I couldn't find details about the project but I believe the images communicate enough. In my opinion the idea of living in a floating home is really romantic. Not only you get beautiful views but you can jump into the water for a swim right from your bedroom. Really nice layout and materials combination here, take a look!

Beautiful Houses: Shear House

Today we will show you the beautiful Shear House in Korea, a project designed by stpmj.This is a simple and efficient home with a nice facade and layout. Bright and clean interiors, nice big glass windows to enjoy the surrounding view and a delicate feel to it, this house is pretty unique, take a look! Make sure to check out stpmj website for further information about this and other inspiring projects. See you next week. :)

Beautiful Houses: Blank Residence

Today we will show you a clean and stylish house in Taiwan, a project by HAO Design. Beautiful choice of materials and colors in a great layout deliver a modern and neat space. The architects certainly made very smart decisions and created an inspiring home, take a look! Make sure to check out HAO Design website for further information about this and other inspiring projects. See you next week. :)

Beautiful Houses: Newberg Residence

Today we will show you a breathtaking house in Oregon, a project by Cutler Anderson Architects. This place is really beautiful. It looks like something out of a Japanese garden or something. Steel, wood and glass are the main elements is this simple and stylish place, take a look! Make sure to check out Cutler Anderson Architects website for further information about this and other inspiring projects. See you next week. :)

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