The River Veins Series by Tom Hegen

Tom Hegen is a photographer and designer from Munich, Germany. He shared that stunning photography series: The Rivers Veins which are during the time when the glaciers would melt in Iceland. As I quote from Tom: "ice blue water veins their way across the black volcanic sand, creating most peculiar patterns in the landscape." It's hard to tell if it's actually a picture or pure CGI, I trust on Tom's expertise to share with us the amazing wonders of the Earth. What do you think?

Iceland From Above: Aerial Photography by Kevin Krautgartner

We're just loving award-winning fine art, architecture & landscape photographer Kevin Krautgartner's aerial photography of beautiful Iceland. Always fascinated by the landscape of this unique locale, German-based Krautgartner captures stunning shots of icy mountains, roaring volcanoes, monolithic glaciers and deep, cavernous fjords from an aerial point of view that leaves the viewer completely whelmed.

Ugmonk in Iceland

Our friend Jeff Sheldon commonly known as Ugmonk recently came back from a trip to Iceland. Magically inspired, Jeff has brought us back a beautiful collection of images and video, nothing but pure inspiration from Reykjavik. Enjoy! All shot on my new Olympus EM-10 with f2.8 12-40mm lens.

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