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Currently in the middle of setting things up to build a design system at a large scale, for where I am currently working. One of the starting points are the icons who are part of the foundation of a design system. I decided to surf around for UI layout inspiration and I stumbled across the work of Ramotion. A UI/UX design & branding agency based in San Francisco, California that we have featured their work before on ABDZ.

Streamline 3.0: The World’s Largest Icon Library

The good people over at Streamline just launched what we all believe to be the world’s largest icon library and we couldn't be more grateful.  It's a huge set of beautifully designed icons all presented in three different unique weights totaling 31,500 icons if you go for the Ultimate pack. You can also download the free sample pack.

Free Design Resources: Icons and Polygon Backgrounds

It's always great to find awesome free resources for our next big project. Some might find icons and backgrounds to be no that important assets, but attention to detail is a great thing to compose an awesome project. So I've picked some super nice free elements for you. These are awesome flat icons and low-poly backgrounds for you! Also, if you have seen more great freebies, please share them with us! We'd love to see it. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

FIFA Legend

Following our posts about UX/UI design we will feature today a really cool work created by Sm Artists. The project is titled FIFA Legend and one of the reasons we are featuring this project is because how complete it is. From the UX to the icons this project illustrates a little bit about the work product designers do. The purpose of the application FIFA Legend is not only to show facts and statistics of the football player's career in one place but also events in his personal life that helped him to become a legend.

Free Wireframe Icons

Wireframing is a crucial part of the design process. Usually it can be easily done by simple sketches but when you work with big design teams it's important to have ways to share your work easily and efficiently. In those situations having a set of assets for quick wireframing can save you a huge amout of time, because of that today we share with you some Free Wireframe Icons created by s-pov spovv and Sm Artists from Sofia, Bulgaria. Build your wireframe with simple lines icons.

Sky News Weather Icons by Harry Ward

Sky News Weather Icons were designed by Harry Ward, a graphic designer, motion graphics designer and art director from. London, United Kingdom. This work was a revision of the Sky News Weather icons to launch with the wider weather graphics relaunch. They follow the simplicity, legibility and character of the house typeface, ensuring these icons sit comfortably within the Sky News brand. For more information check out Harry Ward's Linkedin profile

Avril Complementos - Branding

Designing visual identities and logos is one of the most complicated tasks for any designer. All the work necessary is usually to come up with something very simple and easy to understand. The main goal is to simplify the form and reduce to the most iconic elements. Avril Complementos is a great example. By mixing an icon of a rose with the letter A they achieve a stunning result as you can see below. Avril Complementos was designed by Jesso García, a designer and illustrator from Cordoba, Spain. For more information visit

The Skyline Framework

The most recognizable characteristic of any global city is its unique skyline. Drishti Khemani, an illustrator from Singapore, put together a series of illustrations of skylines of some of our most beloved cities around the world. From New York to Hong Kong, Frankfurt to Dubai, the end result is a potpourri of super stylish illustrations composed of thick strokes and solid/flat colors. For more information check out Drishti portfolio on Behance

Free Design Resources: Icons, UI Kits and Mockups

One of the best things about designers these days is that they are really open minded about sharing their knowledge and are very giving. Some of them come up with full sets of icons and UI Kits to giveaway, which is just awesome! So I've selected some of the best free sets around to share with you! There are tons of icons, UI Kits and even mockups for you to use in your next project. Kudos for these guys for doing such a great work on these amazing design pieces. These are quality resources for real!! I hope you enjoy them. Cheers! ;)

Exquisite Icon Design by Anna Paschenko

We don't get to post very often about icon design, but I've found a fantastic set of icons by Russian designer Anna Paschenko and it's definitely something that had to be shared with you guys. These are some fantastic skills Anna got! She definitely comes up with sweet icons. In her Behance portfolio you can even check the making of the glove icon, which I find great. But there's more for you to see, so don't forget to visit her. I hope you enjoy these, and if you know any more great icon designers, let us know!

Free Line Icons Inspired by iOS7

With the release of iOS7 a lot of new design trends will be set based on what apple did with their design. One of the biggest trend will be the use of line icons which goes well with the use of flat design. I took the time to find some really awesome line icons packs that you download and use it for free. Enjoy! Click on the image to go to the download page

Incredible Photorealistic iPhone Icons

I know you might say that flat design is the new trend and that skeumorphism is past, however the talent behind the work is never over. It is important to understand the context to judge the design. For this post I would like to feature these two amazing icons created by CreativeDash Design Studio based in San Francisco, California.

Free Web Icons

I have personally used many icons on my designs and I'm always looking for some cool icons to use on the next project. Well today I picked quite a few free sets that you can download and keep by your side in case you need. Enjoy! I know that are many more free icons out there so feel free to share the ones you like on the comment area Flat Icons by Alberto Simple Flat Icons

Delicious Food Icons

This selection of handcrafted food icons is amazing. Designed by the Dutch designer Julian Burford each icon is a little piece of goodness. Very detailed and perfectly done to bring the hunger out of you. Enjoy!

Little Icons Big Inspiration

I've always veen really inspired by the tinniest icon designs, and the amount of work that goes into designing every little detail is simply amazing. Today I selected some really cool icons to inspire you, so take a look and enjoy!

Amazing Work of Julian Burford

A few weeks ago we saw this amazing food icons and we were blown away by the quality of the illustration. We decided to check out who was the author and we ended up on Julian Burford's Web site. Julian is an extremely talented illustrator from the Netherlands and totally deserves a full feature post her on Abduzeedo. I illustrate all kinds of things, from crazy characters to icon design to highly detailed product illustrations and even pin-up girls. At the moment I have a full-time job at MediaMonks.

Beautiful Icons and 3D illustrations by Evgeny Skidanov

Evgeny Skidanov is a 3D Illustrator from Moscow, Russia. I came across some of his works while I was checking out the popular entries on Dribbble. Some of his works are done purely in Photoshop like the beautiful Bs-O-Meter, but some are done using 3DS Max with V-Ray and post production in Photoshop. For more information about Evgeny I highly recommend that you check out his Web site at http://cargocollective.com/skidanov.

Amazing Icon Designs by Roman Khramov

Roman Khramov is a designer from Russia and his specialty is designing the most beautiful and detailed icons. it's amazing the amount of details in such small icons and that's the beauty of it, check out this selection.

Interview: Everaldo Coelho

Everaldo Coellho is one of the most talented icon designers out there, since the very first time I saw the Crystal icons I became a huge fan and even more when I found out that he was Brazilian. Everaldo has been working with icon and UI design for almost a decade now and after founding and running his own design studio he decided that it was necessary to go a little further and joined the Apple Design Team.

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