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Stylish Graphic Design and Illustrations by Philipp Zurmöhle

Philipp Zurmöhle is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Nuremberg, Germany. He is currently working at Adidas in Germany but is also available for freelance projects. For more information about Philipp Zurmöhle visit his Web site at or follow him on Twitter at SEVEN MONKEYS Seven Monkeys poster - Submission to the 7 Deadly Sins International Graphic Design Contest. The poster is now available as a gallery quality art print on Society6. Get it in 3 sizes here: Home Is Where You Heard It SNYRT The Snyrt project experiments with bubbly type and strange organic forms. Mainly made with markers the drawings are inspired by quick graffiti throw-ups and comic elements. PHY CD COVER BEAR & SHAPES OOZING LANDSCAPES OLD GRAFFITI SKETCHES SNEAKER CONCEPTS LAUTER LEBEN

Great Caricatures by Jason Seiler

One thing that has always caught my attention are caricatures. They are usually super funny and if you add political value to them, you got yourself a great piece of work. This is the case of Jason Seiler's work. He's done all kinds of caricatures: politics, music, movies, science... and they're all great. I really dig his style, using realistic shades for skin, which takes his work to a whole other level of coolness. For more of his awesome work, I really recommend you to visit his website or deviantart. He'll appreciate your visits. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Art Inspiration: Sara Blake Solo Exhibition in Sydney

A few months ago we featured Sara Blake, also known as ZSO, here on Abduzeedo. For those who do not know who she is, Sara is an interactive art director, designer and illustrator living in New York City. She has just resigned for her full time job at Euro RSCG to pursue her dream of art full time. So in this post we have some images from her Solo Exhibition in Sydnety. All the pieces are available for sale, and if you want to get one just visit her Web site at We here at Abduzeedo are huge fans of Sara's work and we highly recommend to check it out, we're sure you will love it! The Cock (SOLD OUT) Clown Mona Lisa Alice Puppet The Strongest Man In The World everything is connected by certain rules and quality — texture, colour, and linework. This allowed a bit of freedom to play with subject matter, and also stayed truer to how I work overall... very impulsive and freestyle, but all marked with the same hand. Gilded Owl The Aforementioned Injuries Zucco the Tiger Wind Up Toy I think most of my most valuable lessons and moments that changed the course of my life, (usually for the better), have come from big, ugly mistakes. Some photos

Awesome Colorful Oil Paintings

Sebastien Feraut aka Niark1 is an awesome Illustrator and painter with an incredible style that is hard to describe but easy to fall in love with. His paintings are colorful and very illustrative but so intriguing that the more you look the more you like it, check it out! His style results in a misuse of codes and values. Conventions have no place to be, catch all the crazy. The standards of different cultures are reinterpreted with any the audacity of its own. And it still holds the road. Indeed cartoon-inspired characters are disfigured or rather transfigured, like the comic spirit that emanates from his work Niark1 and which adds a touch of burlesque.Lissue Gallery

Delightful Illustrations by Denise van Leeuwen

Children's books illustrations have a special place in everyone's heart. I bet that every single one of us remembers a good book from our childhood, and when you get to see that book again, the illustrations are very familiar and heartwarming. A book's illustrations are a very important part of the reading experience... it gives children something to base their thought thru the story. Visiting Behance I stumbled upon these delightful illustrations done by Denise van Leeuwen, a Dutch artist. For more of her wonderful work, you may visit her portfolio. There's also a creative collective in which her pieces were exposed, called edsonwilliams. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers!

Fantastic Digital Arts by David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer is a self taught freelance artist born in 1985 in Bern, Switzerland. The 90's has a clear influence on this work especially because we grew up in that decade and started experiment with computer creating visual art. With focus on Illustration his work is full of details with some sort of surrealism influence sometimes as we can se see in the Red Apple piece. David is also member of the DEPTHCORE. For more information about David Fuhrer visit his Web site at It's definitely worth checking it out. Red Apple, the forbidden fruit, 150x80cm Most images are fully painted in Photoshop by hand. I use 3D software for a grid outline to paint over. Some images have some 3D renderings and reference stosk mixed in them too.. Blue Moon, 2008 - Made for Desktopography Wallpaper MiddlePrint Size: 150x100cm | Big Print Size: 200x150cm - Get the Wallpaper here: Misc ...I think the best way to learn is by yourself in this industry. There is a global network bigger then any school on Google! You can learn anything by yourself these days.... You can follow David on Twitter at

Mecanicow - Case Study by Marcos Torres

I'm pleased to announce that I was one of the artists selected for Cow Parade 2010 Porto Alegre, Brazil. My initial concept was to make a customized cow with gears like a engine, but it would take a lot of time and money. Since I didn't have that, I decided to try to apply a style of geometric/tribal illustration, that I have already created. After hours of work I was really happy with the result I got. So in this case study I will show you quite a few pictures of the whole process. I'd like to thank everyone whow supported me on this project. The photos were taken by Alexandre Raupp (http// The process The final result About the Author Hey buddies! I'm Marcos Torres, a 19 year old art director/freelancer from Brazil, I'm here to bring some new interesting stuff to you. You can see my portfolio at Any request or jobs opportunities contact me via email to, also follow me on twitter to get in touch with cool design news.

Illustration with Typography Poster Series

37 Posters is a project by Jerod Gibson where he started a series of posters with a simple silhouette image from a movie or television show and filled it with quotes. The result is a pretty simple and cool design that should inspire everyone to create something different. For more visit the 37 Posters Store

Beautiful Illustrations by Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas is a freelance illustrator from Valencia, Spain. Graduated in Fine Arts from San Carlos University he's been working for clients from all over the globe, especially in the editorial field, including names suchas Bust Magazine NY, Ling Magazine, Random House Mondadori, La(dos)magazie, Amelia's Magazine London and many others. Recently he has just illustrated the infantile book Quadern d'agost for the publishing house Edicions 62 And he collaborates in a habitual way with different studies of design and advertising agencies. Newest Editorial illustration Children illustration Misc

Illustration Inspiration by Tony Montaño

Tony Montaño is a graphic designer and illustrator with Bachelor’s Degree from Boise State University in each field. Tony has a deep passion for working in all kinds of media; traditional, print, digital, and new media. He currently works freelance and welcomes new projects. For more information about Tony visit his Web site at Caricature Work - Digital Painting Obama, victorious - Front page Illustration Newspaper Illustration for the announcement of Obama's presidential win. As an intern for my school's newspaper, The Arbiter, I created this illustration the night of the election. I also created a different version of McCain winning. This illustration was also selected into 2008 Poynter's Institute - Election Newspaper Collection. Below is another editorial illustration I created during the presidential race. Gene Harris Jazz Festival - Promotional package Student assignment. Gene Harris Jazz Festival promotional package. Each student in the class was assigned to submit a poster design, postcard design, T-shirt design, T.V. Ad, and newspaper design for the 13th Annual Gene Harris Jazz Festival. Those holding the event would then choose the 'design' that they liked best. BFA Student Show - Illustration Illustrator & Graphic Designer. I absolutely love everything about Art. My work encompasses a variety of styles and mediums. I try my hardest to be well versed in as many mediums as possible. I have a BFA in Illustration and a second BFA in Graphic Design. Concept Art

Case Study – Bleach by Sharon Milne aka ChewedKandi

Hey, my name is Sharon Milne and I go by the moniker ChewedKandi. I have a passion for vector art and have been creating digital art portraits and illustrations for the past decade. I’m self taught in the programs I use and especially love teaching others the benefits and wonders of Adobe Illustrator. All the vector work I produce is 100% vector with no raster effects. I now write tutorials and articles for sites such as VectorTuts+ and produce a variety of pieces for commercial and private clients. I can be found on Twitter, Facebook and deviantART, as well as my portfolio on I wanted to create a vector portrait with some of the facial features exaggerated, specifically the eyes. I had previously created a vector portrait in this style so I wanted to see if I could pull it off again. This time around, I wanted to make the focus the eyes. I picked out a stock image by Dagwanoenyent-Stock, one which I had previously seen and it had stuck in my mind. My tools of the trade are: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS5, A5 Wacom Bamboo... as well as a large glass of Dr Pepper Zero and the odd cat jumping up on my desk to try and play with my stylus! Step 1 By using the lasso tool to select areas and enlarge and shrink them, duplicating and flipping areas, I got a rough idea of what I wanted the piece to look similar to. My reference images post Photoshop aren’t the most polished of images, but they do what is needed. I get a rough idea of the dimensions of the face and a rough idea of the shadow/light cast on the face. I use the smudge tool to smooth out some of the areas to make the curves of the face seem more natural. Then I go into using colour balance and brightness/contrast to modify the colours slight. Step 2 Now my reference image is ready for Illustrator. Using the reference image I begin with doing some base layers which split the face and the neck/chest in two layer folders. I begin adding low opacity layers to build up on the shading. I use the reference image for each shape to make sure I’m following the curves of the face and lighting. Throughout this step I’m using only 2 colours, the base and the shading colour, no gradients or meshes are used at this point. Step 3 Thankfully due to completing many portraits, I’m able to not need to refer to the reference image now until later on. I begin adding lighter coloured shapes to give the skin shading more depth and to highlight features such as the nose, top lip and brow bones. I’ve now used my 3rd colour and still not using gradients or meshes. Step 4 Now I begin to add transparent radial gradients. I still use the same 3 colours I’ve previously used but changing the blending modes. Due to the neck area and face area being in separate layer folders, the shading is easier to do on the neck to give clear definition to the face/jaw line. I use light transparent gradients to highlight areas on the face, again using the same colours previously used; just changing the blending mode. Step 5 As the skin has a variety of tones and I don’t wish for the portrait to be too porcelain in appearance, I begin add blends within clipping masks to give blush to the cheeks, greys to the corner of the eye socket and more highlights on the chest area. Step 6 As I’m feeling the skin is almost complete, I begin to work on the lips more in detail. Using transparent gradients on a variety of blending modes, width profile brushes and many circles, I add shine and a dash of colour to the lips. In general when I’m shading skin, I see the lips as part of the skin and make the basic contrast while rendering the skin. This is so the lips don’t look as if they are floating on top of the skin. Step 7 I add further colour and some highlighting lines to give the lips a bit more of a shine and gloss appearance as well as a slight light reflection on the tip of the nose. This gives the nose a bit more definition. Step 8 I now refer back to the reference image to get the basic shapes of the eyes and basic details. I lower the opacities of the majority of the shapes so I can get a good idea of the colour effect I want to go for. I don’t copy and paste the eyes as I don’t wish for them to look perfectly identical, however whatever I do to one eye, I do to the other so the effects are balanced. Step 9 I now add transparent radial gradients, brush strokes and dots to add detail to the eyes. I use a variety of blending modes and opacities to give an interesting contrast effect. The strokes within the eyes are of a variety of colours and thanks to the lower opacities and gradients behind, they give a great effect. Step 10 Further transparent radial gradients and a variety of solid colour low opacity shapes to give further depth and detail to the eyes. I use many radial white gradients around the eyes to give a subtle highlight effect. This method was also added around and on the lips to give a highlight/sparkle to them. This also softens any harsh lines. Step 11 Now adding eyelashes to frame the eyes using the same width profile brushes with a variety of weights and colour. Step 12 I want to give a frame to the portrait using plain white hair so I try out a very basic style of hair. I don’t want the hair to be too detailed that it takes away from the eyes. So I use a white stroke rectangle to first frame the vector then build on it with strands of hair. I also add further colour to the lips to give them a little more attention. Step 13 I try adding the eyebrows, however once added it makes the hair look too simple and I feel I need to change the hair. Upon showing it to a friend he confirms this and it’s back to the drawing board! Step 14 After playing around with some sketches of framing hair and adding a few more gradients to give more depth in the skin, I add basic shapes to give a larger frame. With the hair in this style I feel it draws the viewer into the face and onto the eyes... which as I say I want as the focal point! Step 15 I add further details to the hair to make the base layer shape of the hair less chunky and add a beauty spot near the mouth. A lot of my portraits include moles and beauty spots as they have hidden meaning where ever they are situated. Although from time to time in my non-conceptual pieces I place them purely to highlight an area of the portrait. In this case, I want to balance the eyes and lips slightly so I place it on the top lip area. This completes my vector piece.

Playful Illustrations by Christian San Jose

Christian San Jose is a 21-year old illustrator based in Pasig, Philippines. As an illustrator, he has amassed an incredible body of work that focuses on colorful imagery and playful characters. His client list includes Adobe Systems Inc., Cobra Starship, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Quiksilver Inc. Click here to see more from Christian San Jose

Super Stylish Illustrations by Karl Kwasny

DeviantART is a never-ending source of great illustrations. Most of the best illustrators I know I got to know there, and I still get amazed by the tons of other ones I keep discovering on a daily basis. The latest one is Karl Kwasny, from Australia. He's got an style that I find really dope. Stylish and very detailed, these are a perfect example of the kind of illustration that makes me depressed for not knowing how to do it (lol). Anyways, there are a ton more illustrations at this portfolio and site and I really recommend you to visit him. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Graphic Design Inspiration by YONIL

Jonathan Lax (also known as YONIL) is an illustrator and a graphic designer born 1982 in Holon, Israel. He graduated with honors from the Department of Visual Communication at the Holon Institute of Technology H.I.T. Currently he's working freelance and enjoying every second of it. About Jonathan's main influences he mentions urbanism, music posters, album covers and street arts. I believe that the essence of every artwork is its basic idea, so I would usually devote a great deal of time for an idea to emerge. For more information about YONIL, visit his Web site at Be On The Safe Side A T-shirt design with a statement about our planet. One of the 8 Finalists at the DBH 10K 2010 Competition. We Did This To Ourselves We are responsible for our own fate and for our planet’s fate and yet we seem to be getting tangled with more and more problems we refuse to face. A t-shirt design that is also one of the 8 Finalists at the DBH 10K 2010 Competition. UNTOLD Posters and flyer design for the british DJ Untold. The Knuckle Collision A t-shirt design, winner of the heavyweight championship competition at Loveat Beverages Posters A series of beverage illustrations and poster design for loveat. loveat is an organic coffeeshop. This project was done while I was working at veecee creative partners. May I Rebel Please? Garduation project at H.I.T. An illustrated installation. Expression of the tension between the will to rebel and unleash impulsive anger, as opposed to our society’s behavioral codes. The war between me and my inner monster. One Day You Will See A personal t-shirt design Various Logos Digital Sea An illustration inspired by the song “Digital Sea” by Thrice. The illustration was published in A5 Magazine in their No.9 issue – the “Remix” issue and was also printed as a shirt. MTV Break An MTV break video made for a the art break competition. The video came in 2nd place in the israeli competition. A collaboration with Alteroy. Apparently Cats Only Have One Life Just Like The Rest Of Us A t-shirt design made in memory of my two cats that tragically died at a young age. With love to Griffin and Ike. The Cycle Of Indecisive Living An illustration about my tendency to be tend to be a little indecisive when it comes to big choices to be made. Peep Magazine Peep is an experimental magazine I designed as a school project. 99% of the materials in the magazine aren’t mine, meaning the photos and editorials were all taken and written by pros, while it was my job to design the whole layout for the mag. I used colors to distinguish one article from the other, and also between the photographs. Boring War An Editorial illustration I did during the war in Gaza. The whole thing seemed to me like it was getting so frustrating for all reasonable people on both sides. ClubMad Poster and flyer design for ClubMad – a party line in Tel-aviv.

Colorful Illustrations by Roya Hamburger

Roya Hamburger is an illustrator from Amsterdam, Netherlands and since she was a child her favorite activity was drawing and she wanted to turn that talent into her profession. Starting as freelancer she created illustrations for magazines such as FNV and Flair, major magazines in Belgium. Now she has worked for clients such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Elle, M, Avant Garde, ABN-AMRO, Bruna, British Airways, Man Power, Dutch Railways, Postbank, Deloitte and Touche, Peter Stuyvesant and Martini. When working for publishers and advertising agencies objectives always revolves around communicating a message. This is exactly where my passion and skills overlap. When it comes to commissioned work, the main point is “telling another’s story” After sixteen years being a professional in commissioned work, its time for me to tell my own story as well with chosen subjects and communicating in my own way. I have this long-time dream to create work that “broadens consciousness”, with an idealistic flavour, using graphic design, illustration and animation as vehicles. For more information about Roya Hamburger visit her Web site at deardeer Lost and Found Typographic illustrations The Elbow Room The Only One the Segregation In my work I am always looking for the best possible balance between composition, shape and atmosphere to carry out a certain message. I seek to integrate different images into one by using both graphics and realistic images. So my work gets more depth by merging 2D and 3D. I therefore feel more like a designer then an illustrator per-se. More than once ore twice

Incredibly Realistic Illustration Portraits

This is something that makes my jaw drop easily. Every week I search for kick butt illustrations, and I think I'm pretty successful finding awesome stuff, but it's been a really long time I don't see illustrations this real. Made by various artists these are some of the top illustrations you'll find in DeviantART. We're talking about ultra-realistic illustration here. Of course I love a more loose approach, but this is something in a whole new level (like the girl pointing by Josiel Souza)... and I sure dig it. I know you do too, right? So, for more of these amazing artists' work, you may check out their portfolio by clicking each image. They'll appreciate your visit. Hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Jordi Joruji Suzanne van Pelt June Hardee June Hardee Innes McDougall Dave G. Hoang Minh Le Suzanne van Pelt Jordi Joruji Josiel Souza Josiel Souza Anastasja Erlenda Irma Y Josiel Souza Jordi Joruji

Stunning Illustrations by Warren Louw

Very often I stumble upon some great artists at DeviantART. There are some amazing pieces of work there, from photography to sculptures and illustrations. For me, there isn't just one good style of illustration, but many. Warren Louw has got one style that I like very much. Most times it has those classic sketch outlines, and a more realistic coloring, which I really enjoy. I really think thesea re fresh, like the portraits at the end, which are amazing. He's got many other pieces at this portfolio, which I recommend you to visit. I hope you all enjoy these, and if you know any other great artists that make illustrations as stunning as these, tell us! Cheers. ;)