Great Illustrations by David Sossella

Making many kinds of illustrations is an awesome ability for an artist, and when we find a portfolio fulfilled with great works, it's a really treat for us. Davied Sossella is one of these artists, and his got some pretty great pieces. Here's a few of his works. For more, please visit his portfolio at Behance. I hpe you enjoy these! Cheers! ;)

Awesome Darth Vader Illustrations

We've been featuring some awesome illustrations of great characters for some time now, and I was think what great iconic character had to be featured at Abduzeedo today. That's when I remembered Darth Vader, the most powerful Jedi that ever lived. So I went looking for illustrations, and found some pretty awesome stuff, but really wish people would draw him as often as they to for Chun-Li. I had over 32 illustrations selected, but I choose only the best ones to be here. So I hope you enjoy these, and never go to the dark side of the force. Vader regreted it at the end, remember?

The Master of Light Effects Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson aka NoPattern is definitely a master when it comes to light effects, he can turn any simple image into a whole different world with all the lights and effects he usually adds to his compositions, that's why his been working for the biggest companies out there, check it out.

Interview and Showcase with the Great Illustrator Phil Dunne

Phil Dunne is an illustrator from Dublin, Ireland, which spent the last 29 years drawing, painting, doodling and having amazingly creative thoughts. From 1999 to 2003 Phil was studying at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin to get his degree in Visual Communications. After graduating he started to built his portfolio with several different projects and clients.

Graphic Design and Illustration by ED Batista

ED Batista is a brazilian designer from Maringa who really likes art, architecture, photographs and good movies. Since he was a child, ED liked to draw abstract things, which he likes drawing until today. He also like to create new forms and concepts to please viewer's eyes. We already presented his work here back in April, The Digital Work of ED Batista, and since he has some new pieces, we are posting about his work again.

Awesome Gatchaman Illustrations

Taking a look at Artgerm's portfolio, I ran into an awesome illustration about a 5-member superhero team called Gatchaman. This cartoon was really popular years ago, and I remember watching, and it was really cool! A second feature film version of Gatchaman is being produced by Imagi Animation Studios for release in 2010.

Insane Illustrations by Zach Johnsen

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine, Sancho, and he told me about a great artist called Zach Johnsen. Zach makes some really insane illustrations... heads exploding into a burst of colors, and all kinds of imaginative characters. I love this kind of illustrations: completely loose, full of creativity. These are only a few of his works. For more, visit his portfolio at Zenvironments. I hope you like these! Cheers. ;)

Icons Designer Master: Everaldo Coelho

It has been quite a long time since the last article about icon design and the masters behind this craft. So nothing better than a full feature post for Everaldo Colelho, an Illustrator and Designer from Brazil that has created some fantastic and really famous icons such as the incredible Crystal library for Linux. Nowadays, Everaldo runs a studio called Yellowicon with clients like Parallels, Plaxo, Symantec, O2 and many more. My name is Everaldo Coelho.

The Best Ryu Illustrations

A few weeks ago we had a really awesome post fulfilled with illustrations of one of the greatest female characters from the games: Chun-Li. It was a big hit, and one of suggestions after that was to have more of those. Deal! The best character featured is haddoken freak, Ryu! This guy is one tough dude, and surely a favorite, between all the Street Fighter characters! I've went through DeviantART and found a bunch of illustrations, but selected only the best of them! I really hope you enjoy these!

The Best Marvel Team Up Illustrations

Yesterday I had a Marvel overdose. I spent over 2 hours reading all the Marvel Zombies comics, and after that I watched Fantastic Four: the Rise of the Silver Surfer (which pretty much sucked)... but after that I felt so deep inside the Marvel universe that I just had to come up with this post. I'm pretty much a DC fanboy, but lately DC has been doing so bad compared to Marvel in the movies industry that one just starts enjoying Marvel so much, thanks to Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, the upcoming Thor... (let's not mention Wolverine) anyways, Marvel totally rocks!

Video of the Week #43

This past week we got to know the new game of the Rock Band franchise: The Beatles Rock Band. It's really hard to someone who enjoys good music not to like the Beatles, and even harder to find someone in a sane mind who doesn't like video games. That said, it's clear that a person who might not like this game simply doesn't exist. This video is totally awesome, because it not only was made by the guys behind Gorillaz, but it follows the full story of the guys from Liverpool. From their explosive beginning to their psychedelic trips. Pretty awesome!

The Impressive Work of Florian Nicolle

Florian Nicolle, aka Neo, is a 22 years old Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He is French, lives in Caen, France, and is a Graphic Designer graduate that developed a passion for illustration while taking his design course. He is now planning to move to Paris and illustration has become his main route in the industry. Neo really enjoys art and likes to observe illustration of famous and anonymous artists with different styles to get inspired.

Crazy Cool Illustrations by Guilherme Marconi

Guilherme Marconi is a great friend and he has been helping us since the very beginning of the blog, besides that, he illustrator, with, probably, one of the most unique styles out there. Pretty colorful, his work is basically a crazy cool mix of vectors in patterns. As Marconi has just updated his portfolio we had to feature his work over here.

Impressive Comic Artworks by Mitch Breitweiser

If you are a fan of comic arts you will definitely love the work of Mitch Breitweiser. Famous for his covers and sequential works for Marvel Comics, and most known for his work on Captain America that are just unbelievable, check it out!

Really Awesome Uzumaki Naruto Illustrations

I know many people don't like manga at all. And would include myself between them... but a few months ago I came to know this awesome series. I've never liked the Zodiac Knights very much, or Dragonball, or whatever... but for me, Naruto is really awesome. Since I started watching it, I found various illustrations in DeviantART and would just favorite them, but today I wanna share my favorites and some more recent ones. These are pretty awesome, cause fan art really has no limits. Whether making up new story lines, or even characters, these just make Naruto look even cooler.

The Best Chun-Li Illustrations

One of the best thing about video games is the legion of fans. There are people so fanatic about some games that they'll just do anything to show their love for it. Street Fighters fans in general love Chun-Li, and thank God for those who are awesome illustrators, and just deliver us some eyecandy pieces! There's not much to say about Chun-Li, the only thing to know right away is that she's totally famous for her legs, and that If you keep fooling around too much, she'll freaking Whirl Wind Kick you right under your nose.

Illustration & Graphic Design by Scott Pollard

This is another post from one of our readers work! This time we will present the great work of Scott Pollard. Scott has 27 years old, is a designer and illustrator based in the UK and has around 5 years of experience in the industry. At college he took fine arts and communication along with photography, and to keep evolving his work and acknowledgment he specialized in photography and web design. Besides being very talented Scott is also very kind and for sure is a really passionate and enthusiastic designer as you can check by his own words below.

Breathtaking Art by Illustration Master Adam Hughes

We don't call people masters very often. This is a title obviously reserved for those who are capable of take our breath away with their art. Whether it's illustration, photography, sculpting, architecture, or whatever fields of creativity, some guys, like Adam Hughes just got the talent to make astonishing art. In 1987, Hughes penciled two short stories and the first issue of the character Death Hawk, created by Mark Ellis. In 1988 Hughes' work appeared in Comico's Maze Agency with co-creator/writer Mike W. Barr, and stayed on the book for one year.

Abstract Inspiration: Kay Isselhorst

Kay Isselhorst is a young designer and illustrator from Dinslaken, Germany. With a set of great images in his portfolio, with some pieces created for the depthCORE among others we can tell you that he is really talented. I am an Illustrator and Designer living and working in Dinslaken, Germany I'm a state approved Design Assistant and studied Communication Design during the last 4 Semesters at Niederrhein University for applied sciences in Krefeld, Germany. Im currently looking for employment in the field of Design and of course, freelance work.

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