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Interface Design Concept for the Nintendo Switch

I love video-games, I have been playing them since I was a child, back in the 80s when my parents got me an Atari 2600. That was the beginning of my passion for digital games and interface design. Fast-forwarding to today and going through several generations of consoles we land in time and space with 3 major consoles plus PC. Nintendo has been a force for most of the journey, and they are still today. With the Nintendo Switch they changed the game creating a hybrid console that can be played on the go or attached to the TV.

Weather Buluttan - UI/UX

Weather Apps some will be a perfect fit for you and some won’t. To me, it’s an app that I use every single day, knowing the weather for your daily activities or even prepping your drive around town or your destination. Pretty useful! We are showing the work from Cüneyt Sen who is an Art Director based in Istanbul, Turkey. I really dig the UI work from Cüneyt and his usability to create a friendly user experience as well.

Desivero - UI/UX

In our line of work, we would all wish to work for that certain dream client, I am more into believing there is no such thing as a dream client; as long as you love what you do. It might sound a little bit cheesy but It’s the way I do feel on the matter. I keep telling my clients that our job as a designer is to revamp your brand, your products AND to make famous. Again totally cheesy saying but if they are successful because of your work than it all that makes me happy at the end.

Cloqk - UI/UX

We would like to share this UI/UX project by Alexander Shmelev and Ania Shmeleva who are based in Moscow, Russian Federation. With many independent watch companies out there, to stand out of your brand, you need to have a different approach as always and at the same time giving the best user retail experience possible. We are taking a closer look at the design of Cloqk, a modern and exclusive watch retail concept created by Kamilla Lee.

The Met - UI/UX

We would like to share the work from Anton & Irene on what they have worked on their digital redesign for theMet which is the second largest museum in the World. Getting numbers like 33 million visitors last year is huge so the stakes are pretty to create a seamless user experience both on Mobile and Desktop.

Watch Dogs 2 - Art/Game Direction

With the craziness from today’s Black Friday (Happy Friday!) and the email spam! While some of you including myself have been surfing the deals, I decided to take a little break and shared this project from the folks over Ubisoft about the game: Watch Dogs 2.

Rendered by Adobe - UI/UX

We have featured the work from Serge Vasil who is a Senior Designer and Art Director currently based in San Francisco, California.

Fantastic UI Design by Gal Shir

Nothing like an awesome set of Interface Design to close the week. There are some very talented designers out there doing sweet interfaces... one of them is Tel Aviv based designer Gal Shir! Gal comes up with some very stylish pieces of UI design. These are only a handful of his work! For more of it, please visit his portfolio at Dribbble! I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Cheers. ;)

Superb Interface Designs by CreativeDash

Based in San Francisco, USA; the talented folks at CreativeDash are awesome at crafting their skills in UI/UX Design, Icon Design, 3D and Graphic Design. Their concepts and attention to details are quite exceptional and well-executed. Hope you like these amazing and superb Interface Designs. Great UX is about more than just looking nice - it is about feeling right and making the user an integral part of an experience. Too much going on and it distracts the user - too little, they struggle to figure out how to use it; there is a certain balance to it all.

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