Testing sites in different browsers

I've been working on several projects for the web lately and I have always had to test them in several browsers. That could be very frustrating most of the times, mainly because as a Mac user I must test them every time on Windows and Internet Explorer 6 and 7.With virtualization tools like VMWare, Parallels, Virtualbox and others I thought my problems would have ended. Of course that big concern of testing in a PC ended, now I’m able to open Windows and test my sites in IE 6 and 7. However my machine gets really slow, some times freezes, what makes the user experience a bit disappointing.Fortunately, after some searches I came across with this really useful website called IE NetRender, where allows you to check how a website is rendered by Internet Explorer 7, 6 or 5.5,This web rendering tool is ideally suited for web designers working on Apple iMac and Linux workstations. It allows to verify web designs natively on all popular Internet Explorer versions, without the need to set aside several physical or virtual Microsoft Windows PCs just for that purpose.It’s definitely worth checking that out. An essential tool for those who work as web designers. I captured some screens of my site rendered by IE 7 and 5.5 via IE NetRender, you can check the photos below.Abduzeedo blog rendered in IE 7 via IE NetRender Abduzeedo blog rendered in IE 55 via IE NetRender