Interview with Shawn Huckins

What makes a good art? I always thought that a good artist it's a person who got a good background, know the masters of his craft, but also have an eye on tomorrow, watching the news and getting involved with latest trends. This is how I envision Shawn Huckins, a new talent we had the pleasure to talk to. You can reach Shawn on the following links: Website Tumblr Instagram  

Interview with Alex Senna

We are really proud to see that Brazil is nowadays one of the top 10 street art countries, we got so many awesome graffiti and street artist out there and we're trying our best to bring more about them to you. We had a short interview If São Paulo based illustrator / stree artist Alex Senna, we talked more about his unique and captivating style. You can reach Alex on the following links: Website Facebook Instagram

Interview with Sergio Odeith

On the last years we've seen a lot of awesome anamorphic street art and graffiti thru the world and today we had the pleasure to interview of the top artists behind this type of art. Sergio, also known as Odeith, is a veteran graffiti writer who turned his style into the 3D/anamorphic path, check it out. You can reach Sergio on the following links: Website Facebook Twitter

Interview with Zoe Persico

Today we introduce Zoe Persico, a highly talented young artist from Savannah, USA. With a really remarkable and nostalgic style, Zoe illustrations are catchy, impressive and dreamlike, hope you guys enjoy this interview we did with her. You can reach Zoe on the following links: Behance Facebook Twitter Tumblr  

Interview with Alexis Papageorgiou

In an interview with creative Alexis Papageorgiou, one of our very own first writers (you remember him as Aloa), he talks about the advantages of everyday life creativity and tells us about how he implements it in his life. Check it out! 1. It’s a pleasure to have you here. We would like you to introduce yourself. The pleasure is all mine. My name is Alexis Papageorgiou (the easiest name to spell) - I’m a director and producer from a country called Germany.

Interview with Anders Lassen from Fuse

The process behind designing a product is all about understanding the goals, the audience and what it's intended to do. It doesn't matter if it's a chair or a mobile app, the process is very similar, what changes are the tools and materials. For mobile apps, one of the most difficult parts of the process is to prototype with a high level of fidelity in quick turn arounds so we could test on the devices. The past year we saw an insurgence of great tools like Framer, Origami, Pixate, Invision and many others.

Interview with Rafael van Winkel

Hi, everyone! Today we are going to meet Rafael van Winkel, a Brazilian graphic designer that works as Art Director at Art Machine, a Trailer Park company, based in Los Angeles. For those who don't know, most of Hollywood productions' branding (trailers and artworks in general) are done by Trailer Park. Rafael is originally from the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and has been living in L.A. for some time now, doing advertising material and package design.

Designing while Travelling, an Interview with Meng To

For this week's interview, we have Meng To. Meng is designer and the maker of Design+Code Book. He's currently travelling around the World from North America to all the way to Asia. Let's enjoy this beautiful interview from a genuine designer. Tell me about yourself? My name is Meng and I’ve been traveling and designing for the past year. I come from a pretty modest background; born in Cambodia and immigrant to Canada. I never went to College. I am completely self-taught. In school, my classmates thought I was the shy kid who could draw well.

Interview: Tais Horta Trovão

It is time for a new interview presenting you talented people I had the pleasure to meet in San Francisco Bay Area. Today I will introduce you to Tais Horta Trovão, a super talented graphic and surface designer. And I'm also super proud to say that I got the chance to know even more about Tais' work and style because she is a good friend of mine. So from knowing her I can tell that Tais loves her craft and shows this love in everything she does.

Interview: Cristina de Lera

Since I moved to San Francisco Bay Area I had the chance to meet a lot of talented and inspiring artists. And the great thing about this is that I have the chance to share more about them here with you. Since Abduzeedo is all about sharing inspiration and introducing new artists, nothing better then interviewing the amazing people I got the chance to meet.

Design Chat with Albin Holmqvist

Designer Albin Holmqvist of Spain and Sweden and I have a chat. It's 3am in Sweden and 8pm outside Chicago. Albin is a fabulous designer and typographer. We talk about his work with the EF International Language Centers called Live the Language. He helped create a series of promotional videos that can be seen on his site, On IKEA: IKEA is really an exceptional example, its the typical, You swear to god you will never buy anything from IKEA for your home, because its not so personal, but you end up buying everything there.

DesignChat with Dr. Stefan Bucher from The Daily Monster

Dr. Stefan Bucher joined the discussion on DesignChat on July 20th, 2011. Like the previous guest, Robert Petrick, he is a judge for the STA's Archive 11 show and will travel to Chicago to participate in all events. Stefan reveals that part of the motivation in using inkblots for The Daily Monster is that it is difficult for him to start drawings because he immediately self-censors his work. ”I'm really good at finishing, not so good at starting.”

Interview with Jacqui Oakley

Today we are going to have an awesome talk with Jacqui Oakley. For those who don't know her, she is an amazing illustrator from Canada. Jacqui has a very unique style that mixes hand drawings and illustration with a hint of watercolor, and the result is always on point. Check out the interview for some behind the scene talk. Where to find her: Want to buy some amazing illustrations from Jacqui? visit her shop at

Interview with Shelby White (Wanken) + Giveaway

Shelby White also known as WANKEN is visual designer and photographer currently living in Portland, Oregon. His blog is part of a quality content that will surely inspired your retro side on visuals and photography and more.

Interview with Timba Smits + Giveaway

I was one of the lucky winners of his book giveaway at OFFF Barcelona this year. After his presentation I knew he deserved a spot on our magazine. This is by far the most interesting interview i've done. Check it out.

Interview with Radim Malinic aka Brand Nu

In design, we all have our heroes and this week let me introduce one of them, Radim Malinic aka Brand Nu, one of the most sought after designers in the industry. Radim is an art director, illustrator and graphic designer from London, England. He truly gave a proper boldness to simple colours and shapes. And with an extensive and diverse client list, Radim really showed us that it was right to believe in your skills and gotta work hard in order to pursuit your dreams.

Interview with Graphic Designer Strange Program

Today I would like to share with you an interview I've done with designer StrangeProgram, an artist with an extensive gallery on deviantART that shows a colorful and interesting style. Check out the interview!

Interview with Chuck Anderson aka NoPattern

Chuck Anderson aka NoPattern is one of my favourite designers out there! He changed the freelance industry for the greater good of future designers like us. Entitled with the nickname of the 'Master of Light Effects', Chuck Anderson recently facelift his website with new works and features. Chuck is also involved in several charities like Charity: Water, WordMadeFlesh and many more!

Interview with Photographer Nikolas Konstantin

Nikolas Konstantin is one of my favourite photographers. His ability to capture emotions, to show people in the moments when they are most real makes him a photojournalist with a rare sensitivity. When I ask him on his working process he reveals "I see the world as a silent movie and make screenshots of the most beautiful scenes." Nikolas is not only a photographer, but also the founder of IDEAS Magazine, a recently awarded inspirational platform on the web.

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