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Neo Chrome Collection from James White

Neo Chrome Collection from James White

James White is an old friend here on Abduzeedo, it's not his first job featured here and for sure will not be the last one. He is with a new collection of master pieces called Neo Chrome, the art explore abstract chrome and with an style from the 80's. Pieces for a small exhibition at Whosit & Whatsit in Newcastle Upon Tyne UK, exploring abstract chrome and 80s aesthetic. Heavily inspired by TrapperKeeper binder designs from the late 80s. If you want to know more or revisit James White's work, go to Pieces from this exhibition are available for purchase at Whosit & Whatsit.

Uzicopter: 80s Inspiration by Signalnoise

Uzicopter: 80s Inspiration by Signalnoise

Uzicopter is a Tumblr dedicated to personal and downright inspiration from badass visuals from the 80s. Curated by James White from Signalnoise, it is to us a real pleasure seeing such goodness hand-picked by James. That's inspiration! Here's some of them and follow his Tumblr for more to come. Find out more about Uzicopter by Signalnoise at All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter All Rights from Uzicopter Links More info about Uzicopter: More on James White from Signalnoise: Follow Signalnoise on Twitter:

Signalnoise Design Renegade in Portland, OR

Signalnoise Design Renegade in Portland, OR

This November 15th, our good friend James White from Signalnoise will be heading to Portland, Oregon for a speaking event, presented by Spaceman Design and AIGA Portland. Everything took place when James started his Gum Cards Initiative and Portland based designer Dave Hardy pledged on the fundraising as the Diamond Package. One of the prizes of the pledge was that James will be going to wherever your city and make a Design Renegade Talk. Portland was the winner! All Rights to Dave Hardy About the Event In order to reach our goals in the upside-down world of graphic design, you need to be a rogue. A misfit. A renegade. James White from the Signalnoise Studio has based his career on doing things outside of the ordinary, turning his back on boardrooms and creative briefs in order to chase his design dreams with vengeance and rock n’ roll. He will be telling his story while discussing personal projects built from love and ambition in his small home office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. These led to him working with respected people all over the world, from his favourite metal band to film juggernaut Kevin Smith. James will talk about chasing your creative path, building your personal body of work, the value of supporting friends, and never forgetting the artist inside. Being “different” isn’t enough anymore. You need to be a renegade! For more information about Dave Hardy and AIGA Portland, you can visit their websites at and AIGA Portland at Sample of James White's Works All Rights to James White All Rights to James White All Rights to James White All Rights to James White All Rights to James White Links For more information - To buy your tickets - Spaceman Design - AIGA Portland -

Terminator 2 Posters Launch by Signalnoise and helloMuller

Terminator 2 Posters Launch by Signalnoise and helloMuller

James White from Signalnoise is back with a new official poster launch and this time he's not alone. With designer Tom Muller from London, they each created a poster for one of the best SCI-FI movies of all time: Terminator 2: Judgment Day.Mystery Box has collaborated with Studio Canal to produce a limited run of official posters by James White of Signalnoise and Tom Muller of helloMuller for the ultimate cult movie, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. Here are the specifics:Terminator 2 by Signalnoise18″ x 24″ archival quality screen-print, using 100% acid-free inks. Hand numbered. Standard edition of 425, metallic variant edition of 90 (dark blue ink replaced with metallic blue). Hand-numbered. Expertly crafted by print-makers Burlesque of North America.All Rights to SignalnoiseIn ProductionAll Rights to SignalnoiseAll Rights to SignalnoiseAll Rights to SignalnoiseAll Rights to SignalnoiseFor more information about the Signalnoise aka James White, you can check it out his website at and also follow him on Twitter at @Signalnoise. Terminator 2 by helloMuller18″ x 24″ archival quality screen-print, using 100% acid-free inks. Hand numbered. Standard edition of 200. Hand-numbered. Expertly crafted by print-makers Burlesque of North America.All Rights to helloMullerIn ProductionAll Rights to helloMullerAll Rights to helloMullerAll Rights to helloMullerFor more information about the helloMuller, you can check it out his website at and also follow him on Twitter at @hellomuller. Don't wait up, to buy these posters via the Mystery Box Online Store or follow them for the latest news on Twitter at @MysteryBoxCo. 

Introducing Gum Cards Project by James White

The mighty James White (Signalnoise) from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia has just released an ever-expanding set of limited edition, screen-printed trading cards for designers called 'Gum Cards'. A fun reward for artists and designers that are rocking our creative industry. In James's Words Each GUM CARD is a limited edition release of 250 plus 50 colour variants, hand-signed and numbered by me for authenticity. All GUM CARDS are screen-printed on double-thick, French Muscle-Tone Black 140lb. cover stock by the amazing crew at Mama's Sauce in Orlando, Florida. Thick stock and bright inks. Heavy duty stuff. I'm super pleased to announce the first two cards of the series featuring a couple of my favorite people in the industry: Aaron James Draplin of the Draplin Design Company in Portland OR and Johnny Earle AKA Johnny Cupcakes from Boston MA. All Rights to James White & Gum Cards All Rights to James White & Gum Cards All GUM CARDS orders will be shipped in custom packaging I’ve designed myself. For added protection, each card will be inside individual plastic sleeves so no scratches happen in transit to your collection. On top of that I will be supplying some extra goodies like stickers, buttons, and of course gum. Yum! All Rights to James White & Gum Cards All Rights to James White & Gum Cards Support Gum Cards on Indiegogo This is a very grassroots project being run out of my home office so every bit of support is greatly appreciated. As with other crowd-sourcing initiatives I will be offering rewards for different levels of support. Have a look at the different perks listed to the right and check out the cool stuff that's available. I also put together a little bonus item for the GUM CARDS launch, the GC Collectors' patch paying homage to Canadian Cub Scout badges from my childhood. If we reach the goal, I will move these little guys into production and add them to all Rewards packages. To check out James's current Gum Cards Project on Indiegogo, check it out here: All Rights to James White & Gum Cards All Rights to James White & Gum Cards The Future This is my first crowd-sourcing endeavor so I really don't know what to expect. Might work, might not. But if we manage to get this thing funded and wrangle the necessary interest from you nerdy design collectors out there, then the future is bright. My plan is to release a couple of cards every month featuring top creative people, and have already thought up several super fun "accompanying products" to the GUM CARDS brand. In short, this is just the beginning of the adventure. Links For more information about James White and his gum cards, you can visit his website at, follow Gum Cards on Twitter @gumcards and support his campaign for awesome rewards on Indiegogo.

DRIVE Poster Launch by James White

As you may have heard, James White designed his version from the movie DRIVE; one of the best movies of 2011. For those who still haven't seen it, you don't know what you're stylishly missing. We are honoured to officially announce that James will put on sale his DRIVE poster for the world and yes he's got all the rights from the movie production FILM DISTRICT. Here are the details… DRIVE Poster by James White In James's Words The Signalnoise DRIVE posters will be printed on a Heidelberg press at 22? x 28? on Starbrite Velvet 80lb cover. Additionally, There will be a very small run of 24? x 36? oversized DRIVE posters available on semi-gloss poster stock. If you are looking at getting one of these ones on launch day I urge you to act fast as the numbers will be very low. Here are the summarized details: DRIVE poster launch: January 19, 2012, random time in the afternoon 22? x 28" posters, edition of 300: $50.00 + shipping 24? x 36" posters, edition of 30: $90.00 + shipping The Signalnoise Store will be activated and I'll be announcing the exact time via my Twitter on launch day to purchase the DRIVE posters. The absolute best way to get a head start is to follow my Twitter, as I will be posting the news as soon as they are available. To dispel any rumours, there is no lottery and the DRIVE posters will be available first come, first served. Mark your calendars. Links: Signalnoise Studio - Twitter -!/Signalnoise Facebook - Signalnoise Store -

Drive Poster by James White: 3 Posters Giveaway - Winners

As you have probably seen, James White designed another great movie poster. This time the poster is inspired by the movie Drive. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you should because it's one of the best movies of 2011, especially in terms of style. James was also generous enough and he is giving away 3 of these beauties to us. In James' words I finally got a chance last week to sit down and watch Nicolas Winding Refn's film DRIVE, after big recommendations from Jason 'Hobo With a Shotgun' Eisener. Every so often a film comes out where midway through I think "Man, I'd love to design a poster for this thing" ... obviously, I muttered those words during DRIVE. I immediately got to it. Shown above is the Signalnoise movie poster for DRIVE. Since this is an unofficial poster I created without approval from any of the production companies behind the film (yet?), the first print run will be incredibly small. I'm talking, like 20. Each poster will be hand-signed and numbered, to make it official. The poster stands at 24" x 36", official movie poster size. I will be giving away 3 of these first run posters via this giveaway, right here. To enter is easy, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email address. Simple as that. Just 1 comment per person please, no blanket coverage or I'll show up at your desk with a hammer. Contest will be open until Sunday evening, October 30. Winners will be chosen at random and announced Monday at 12pm EST, October 31. Halloween! Thanks so much, everyone. The response to this unofficial DRIVE poster has been incredible and I'm looking forward to getting them into peoples' hands. If you want to see some behind the scenes shots and get more info, check out the blog post on Signalnoise ( So drop those comments and best of luck to all of you. -- James Update Big congrats to Noel_didier, Uncleoflies and DJSoundwav who will receive a super limited edition DRIVE poster. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everybody for participating! Signalnoise Studio - James White on Twitter -!/Signalnoise James White on Facebook - James White on Google+ -

New Works of James White aka Signalnoise

James White is one of the most innovative designers out there and along the years he's been also an amazing supporter to Abduzeedo. The brand Signalnoise just celebrated its 12th year anniversary so we decided to feature his latest work from this designer that knows how to stay in the 'Avant-Garde' of his creations. I have been a creative person ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil at the age of 4. I started drawing on every scrap of paper I could find to the point where my mother couldn’t keep typewriter paper in the house without my finding and stealing it. For more information about James White aka Signalnoise, you can visit his blog at , be a fan on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @Signalnoise . You can also follow him on his weekly broadcasts on Thursdays at 3pm EST at .

How does your workspace look like?

A common mistake of newcomer any scene is to think you need a big setup of hardware to do good work. That is why I collected some workspaces of designer, photographer, filmmaker & blogger. Aloa This is the place whereI do all of my music, movies graphics & all the work that has to done for Abduzeedo. I have to admit that I cleaned up the desk. Usually its full of gadgets, cameras, usb sticks, and other periphericals like the USB-christmas tree you can see. I use the latest 13" MBP with 4GB RAM and a 23"inch lcd. For inspiration (and for better view) I got the "Wall & Pieces" book from Banksy always within reach. Over the monitor is a big wallpaper of Magomed Dovjenko, which you cant see right now. Pete Harrison Basically I do all my design work on that 27" imac, its fully spec'ed out..then I have the 42" Plasma for watching movies and playing video games, the other 2 monitors are running windows and thats for internet browsing and playing music. Everything is linked up into one giant media centre. I have an xbox running through my TV and a hard drive which I can watch movies off, and the PC too, the imac is linked to the PC. I try and keep everything creative, the walls are littered with doodles, inspiration, prints and design work, you can see designer vinyl toys in the cabinet and the shelves, these are made by friends and illustrators I have worked with an inspire me, some are very rare. The most interesting thing is the girls underwear collection you can see hanging up above the bed..well thats a story for another day, but reminds me through all the creative process that i'm not a machine like some people think, but im actually human, and loving life :) Magomed Dovjenko Lucky you that I tidied up my room for this one, ha! So - this is the place where the ‘Mago-Magic‘ happens ( understand the equivocal in this one??? haha ) for more than just a few hours a day. As you can see I got some mags and books/Portfolios by friends in here ( e.g big homie Matt W. Moore's 'Diagonal Thinking' ) for inspiration and to kill blocks, aswell as my playstation joystick to kill some of those designer guys at FIFA ( Holla at me Doug ( Alves ) ! ). The thing I love the most beside my Wacom & the Mac in my room are some of the tee's I designed ( rest is in my closet doh ), especially the Nike one... much more of them are coming soon! ''James White Here is where I can be found most of the time, in the Signalnoise home office. I like my place to be nice and tidy so I'm not knocking things over as I try to work. I also don't like gear and wires all over the place, so I take care of my desk. The wall right in front of me is covered with art, certificates, drawings and toys to keep me motivated as I create, this photo only shows half of what I have hung up. I own a lot of work from my favorite artists, such as Alex Varanese, Hydro74, Obey Giant and Darwyn Cooke so it's easy to stay inspired in this room. Hal Jordan also helps keep my desk nice. Perttu Murto This is my home office. I want it to be pretty simple, black and white mainly. I have few prints on the wall by Drew Flaherty. Got my bookshelf full of design magazines and books. Our cat is usually sleeping on the chair so this is pretty regular situation in the photo. I share this with my fiance who does landscape designs. Alex Beltechi I'm sure most people in this article have an optimized and time-tested workspace on display, but I don't. My current layout is more of a mini-desk occupied strictly on a need-to-have basis, plus a goofy analog clock that gets really annoying and loud if actually wound up. I own a computer and tablet and nothing more because so far it's all I've ever needed. I'd rather keep my worn-out drafting table than replace it with the newest and shiniest gadget out there because I believe technology is never a good substitute for knowledge and skill. Isaac Rentz Most of my job is done either on set or in an editing bay, so I really only use my work space for writing scripts or treatments. I concentrate better with the lights low and and the door closed. I enjoy solitude, although sometimes my producer, Steve, will come in and we'll pass a basketball back and forth while talking over ideas. I like keeping my space very practical and sparse. I've noticed a correlation between fancy offices with Eames furniture and ideas that I don't like very much. Pawel Nolbert Usually, during the creative mess going on there, the creative part gets digitalized & the mess stays there, so I tidied it up a little for this photo. I like having a clean space around my tablet so it doesn't interact with my elbows & distract me. Just a regular IKEA desk so far - I wait till I get my own place & get a real badass designer desk! Sorin Bechira As you can see this is my little corner where the magic happens. Nothing fancy though and because of the lack of useless stuff on my desk, I'm panicking and I'm quickly getting on some image effects to compensate those. On my desk: - Dell U2711 27” - a big and high quality display is a big plus - Wacom Intuos4 Large Tablet - it's like my digital right hand. - Airbook 13" - for mobility and perfect for presentations - Motorola Razr V3 - old but nice and thin - Apple Numeric Keyboard - because it's thin and comfortable - Samsung Mouse - an basic old mouse but it's still my fav: precise and light Nikolas Konstantin Art for art itself is shallow. Only by pointing towards the moon can it take out to lead people on a journey with the engine of their own imagination. Hence, an artists working place should be foremost the soul, heart & mind. What is the heartbeat of my creations? What is at core of my works? If the framework is right every idea has the potential to set fire, to give birth to revolutions. But before we work on the outside we should listen to our deepest sentiment. What revolution is it we want? I personally give praise to the words of the magnificent soul lu xun: "The revolution must give people life, not take it from them". What can your art give? Michael O. I have been using computers since the Apple IIGS so I have seen my share of various setups and components. I settled with PC because of their ease of customization, affordable prices and user-friendliness. This system evolved over a number of years and has seen many upgrades. The monitor on the left is a separate computer that use for email and music. It is a simple system that I bought at a thrift store for $60. Since its only function is to run Outlook, Winamp and Rhapsody, it does not need to be high tech. The 2 monitors in the middle are a dual monitor setup for my main computer – a quadcore with 6GB RAM. The monitors are 24” Dell UltraSharp. The graphics card is top-of-the-line which I needed in order to rotate both monitors 90 degrees. I prefer the vertical orientation of the monitors on this computer because most of the artwork I create is vertical. Call me stubborn but I still use Windows XP and Photoshop CS2. I prefer very plain and simple components that do the work I need them to do without the extra bells and whistles that I will never use. The operating system is even running in ‘classic mode’ with a plain gray wallpaper. The monitor on the right is obviously a TV. Sometimes I get sick of listening to music while working so turn the TV on instead, although, I try not to do that too often because it is distracting. The desk was custom built. I designed it to fit perfectly in my office using 3D Studio Max. It was built by a local craftsman. Lastly, you will see that I do not use a tablet. I do have one but I have not found a use for it outside of making long strokes (like painting hair). I really do not know how people can stand using them all the time. Erik Jonsson Its a rather light office. Everything is white and beige except perhaps the desks. My immediate surroundings are littered with bicycles, parts and photography equipment. Not intentional but probably because its what i use daily apart from the computer. The guitar however is not mine, it belongs to my closest college James. While the studio seems pretty cluttered i keep my desk empty at all times except for the occasional note book and a cup. Alexander "Diftnorm" Otto Thats how my workstation looks on a sunday when I am at work. I am working on a Quad-Core Mac Pro with 12GB RAM, a NVIDIA Quadro 4000, running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the Adobe CS4 Master, C4D and the other stuff. I've got two Dell 24' displays, Logitech X-230 2.1 speaker, a Wacom Intuos 3 and for sure always candy and coffee within reach. Don from Invisible Creature I've always preferred my workspace to live in an 'organized chaotic state', which includes my obvious love of various characters and color palettes. I love being surrounded by creativity. It makes my job that much more special. Rob Shields My work space is pretty clean, just the essentials really, my tablet and sketch books, over sized headphones and some writing tools. Right now I work on the first floor of my house so I have to share space with my kitchen, dinning room, home theater set up and about a dozen instruments. Fabio Sasso This is how my office looked like, now I'm moving out to California so things will change, however I really like to have a second monitor and all my gadgets around. Got a beautiful workspace? Post it in the comments!

The World Collabs #3 - Winner

We recently started "World Collabs" our new cutting edge design contest. We struggled hard because most of the entries were really good. Here are the four winning designs. I am very excited to introduce you the four winners of the designing contest. Starting Image: Featured Design by James White Prize 1. $ 200 (send via PayPal), an approval for an original collaboration with the artist and a feature on Abduzeedo 2. $ 100 (send via PayPal) 3. A Single Version of image editing program Pixelmator (worth 59 $) 4. A Copy of the Logo Book "Lords of Logos" (worth 55 $) There were tons of good entries but there could only be three winners. So here they are 4. Place: Martins "kic" Legzdins 3. Place: Matthew Mackay 2. Place: Perttu Murto 1. Place: François Hoang I will contact the winners for their prizes. Thanks for everyone who has been involved in this contest. And make sure you're there for the third contest.

The World Collabs #3 - Submissions

Few month ago we started our new monthly design contest called "The World Collabs". For those of you who havent heared about it: It's a designing challenge that lets you collaborate with the best designers of the world. For the month July we got James White to work with you. Here are the Submissions. For this contest Abduzeedo provides you with a Photoshop design from an acknowledged artist you can collab with. For more information about the full contest please visit The World Collabs #3 - with James White article. The starting piece by James White What do you think are the best submissions. Write a comment and talk about it with the community The Submissions 01 - Martins "kic" Legzdins 02 - Dcen 03 - Joshua Webster 04 - Mauricio Rivera 05 - Shannon Reid 06 - Theo Cordner 07 - Erick Diaz 08 - Halvor Nordrum 09 - Frederic Bartl 10 - Pigex 11 - Jakoubek Navratil 12 - Friederike Mannig 13 - Bryan Hogg 14 - tim dekens 15 - Velimir Pavi? 16 - Jason Moody 17 - Stephen Lam 18 - Ramon Thompson 19 - AltF4 20 - D Cen 21 - ????????? ????????? 22 - Jeremey Fleischer 23 - Mr.Blonde 24 - Daniel Emeka 25 - Tiago Vidinha 26 - Kevin Compeer 27 - Jakoubek Navratil 28 - Rolando Lorceh 29 - Rc Espedido 30 - Kees van Duyn 31 - 3tx 32 - Leena Parvin 33 - Marnix 't Hart 34 - Wambui Kabue 35 - Mat MacQuarrie 36 - Daphne Endress Mahfuz 37 - Mattia Bernini 38 - Bilal Karim 39 - Vanguard 40 - Ivan Vashchenko 41 - Marcos Duarte Torres 42 - Jonathan Brown 43 - Simon H. 44 - robert go 45 - Dathan Cruz 46 - Alexandre Ormond 47 - Matthijs Weegink 48 - Husam Elfaki 49 - Edmar Cisneros 50 - Tiago Monteiro 51 - Adrien de Broglio 52 - Riccardo Sabatini 53 - patrik hjelm 54 - Samir Souza Reis 55 - Shmee 56 - Alvin Ofori-Brown 57 - Sam Johnson 58 - Thom-Design 59 - Nuriza Saputra 60 - Stefan Lührmann 61 - Benny Govaerts 62 - Teela Cunningham 63 - François Hoang 64 - Arthur Leonov 65 - Jessica Whitehead 66 - Luca Molnar 67 - Kid Grandios 68 - Perttu Murto 69 - Kevin Gilmour 70 - Randall Church 71 - Matthew Mackay 72 - Ben Edwards 73 - Renato Valderramas 74 - Ricardo Aranibar 75 - Ryan McGovern 76 - Yuri Kofman 77 - Ben Crawford

The World Collabs #3 - with James White

Abduzeedo takes pride in being one of the worlds leading design blogs. Having interviewed a bulk of the most infamous creative geniuses, we want to use our potential to introduce a new star on the Abduzeedo stage …YOU. This is our third contest for The World Collabs. Our new cutting edge Abduzeedo collaboration project, which will give you the possibility to collaborate and compete with the worlds leading designers and artists. What is "The World Collabs"? "The World Collabs" will give you the possibility to work with PSD files of established artists. TWC gives you a secret in-view in the workflow of the stars and catapults you miles forward in your journey to design heaven. This way you learn to practice with different shapes, backgrounds, patterns brushes and new styles. Every month we will offer you an unfinished piece of an experienced and accredited graphic designer to the world. The piece will be unfinished, so you can complete the PSD-file with your very own style. This way every month you can collaborate with the best designers of the world. The final pieces will be judged by the Abduzeedo Team and the artist himself. The three best works will be rewarded with prizes. Prize 1. $ 200 (send via PayPal), an approval for an original collaboration with the artist and a feature on Abduzeedo 2. $ 100 (send via PayPal) 3. A Single Version of image editing program Pixelmator (worth 59 $) 4. A Copy of the Logo Book "Lords of Logos" (worth 55 $) Artist of July: James White I am very proud to present the artists for our third Collaboration post: James White. In his 11-year career he worked for a number of professional companies performing both web and print design, gaining experience through a wide variety of projects and clients, both large and small. He is one of our favorites at Abduzeedo and has been featured in numerous articles and interviews ( Interview: James White ). I have always been pursuing my personal design and art projects on my own time. This led to me creating, my personal art blog which serves as a conduit to the global art community and has become a source for spreading inspiration, process and technical information. This eventually grew into an online store where I sell my posters to people all over the world. Take part at the contest This is an independent design contest with endless possibilities to finish this piece. There are just three simple steps to take part. 1. Download the PSD-File; 2. Push your creativity beyond boundaries and finish the design; 3. Send the link or the final image to aloa[at] or @obstgemuese; By taking part at this contest you give us permission to use your image for Abduzeedo's showcases. Remember: - Last day of submitting is July 25th; - Don't change size, but feel free to rotate the image; - Leave the logo, so we recognize it as an entry; - Let us see that it's a collaboration. We will award you for your ability to work with someone elses design. Featured Design - July Download the .PSD file here Want to be the next featured artists? You think you are skilled enough to be the featured artist for the next months TWC. We follow some simple rules, when choosing a new piece. - You are an energized designer with lot of motivation; - Your designs have your very unique style; - You only use files which are completely copyright free; If you are interested, please write an email to aloa[at]

Awesome Light Effects in Fireworks inspired by the James White's O series

I'm sure that pretty much everyone of you guys loves the art of James White, at least, we here over at abduzeedo do. Then, a few days ago we featured on the Wallpaper of the Week an image created by him entitled The O Series, he has even created a tutorial showing how to create that effect in Photoshop. As I'm a huge fan of James, I've decided to do the tutorial and reproduce his style, this time however using Fireworks. The process is simple, just playing with some circles, blend modes and a bit of color! So let me know guys what do you think and show us your experiments as well! STEP 1 - THE O To start up, just create a simple white circle in the middle of the canvas. STEP 2 - RADIAL GRADIENT Now set a radial gradient for the circle. Use the color #000 for the center and #FFF for the borders. Note that we move the black color near to the white. Also use an opacity of 55%. STEP 3 - START PLAYING WITH CIRCLES We're going to start to repeat the cricles now and change the blend modes. The first one, copy and paste the original circle. Move a bit to the top and to the left. Set the blend mode to Overlay. STEP 4 Another circle, copy and paste the last one, move a bit to the right and change to Color Dodge. Use the opacity in 40%. STEP 5 Copy the last one, scale down a little bit and change the Blend Mode to Soft Light. Bring the opacity back to 100%. STEP 6 Copy and paste this last circle and move to the right. STEP 7 - ADD SOME LIGHTS We've created all the circles. Now draw an irregular polygon like the image. Apply a Feather 40 and change to Overlay. Duplicate this layer to enhance the lights. STEP 8 - MORE LIGHTS Now, create 3 small white circles, place them in the parts where are the lights. Change the Feather 20 and the Blending Mode to Soft Light. If you want to make it even shiner, duplicate these 3 circles. STEP 9 - COLOR 1 Create an ellipse with the color #CC9900, Feather 39 and Overlay. Place it over one of the lights. STEP 10 - COLOR 2 Create an ellipse with the color #FF3366, Feather 62 and Overlay. Place it over the second light. STEP 11 - COLOR 3 Create an ellipse with the color #33CCFF, Feather 62 and Overlay. Place it over the last light. FINAL RESULT You can play with different colors and even different shapes, I haven't tried that yet but I'm sure that this incredible technique might work very well. Once again it's all about playing, James showed us how versatile the blend modes are. So now it's with you. Share with us some of your experiments and ideas.

Four new Signalnoise prints

Today I was really busy down here working on some of the new features to the site, but there are a lot of things happening, starting from the new 3G iPhone, and this time it’s coming to Brazil too, when? Well, soon. Also James White has added 4 new posters to his online store. Legacy 2600 and Robot Rock have been slightly altered from my previous versions where I removed any logos that were not my own :) Robot Rock is inspired by the song by Daft Punk of the same name, and Legacy 2600 pays homage to the great Atari 2600 that was released in 1977. I’m a huge fan of James’ work, and I highly recommend you to check that out. Below you can see the new prints.