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Portfolio Launch of Digital Artist Jerico

Due to his brand new website launch we want to showcase the work of digital artist Jerico. The creative mind from Lanzarote, Spain gave me a small interview to share with the Abduzeedo reader. Jerico has worked for several angecies and brands from all over the globe. He has also contributed with articles and artworkds for some of the most prestigious digital art and design magazines. Colors, balance and big doses of surrealism are the keystone that sustain Jerico's compositions. Photography, 3D Graphics and digital pairings are always meticulously mixed in order to explore his very own vision of art Where to find Jerico on the web - Portfolio/Brand new website - Behance site What is the best thing about being a digital artist I feel happy working as digital artist, mostly because I can spend long hours/days having fun with a single piece. And yes, this might sound like a topic but, it's cool to get paid for it. Anyways, the most important thing to me is the freedom I feel working on a personal artwork. When I do personal projects, when I don't have to worry about what art directors/creative directors might think about my work, it's when I really find myself as an artist. Most times, clients come to me with their ideas. They come looking for my technique, but not for my creativity, and that's an illustrator work, not an artist work What are your favorite 5 websites, and why? - Obviously the most important creative community online, always a good reference for inspiration. - I have a lot of talented friends under the members panel where I can find and share a lot of interests things with them. - It's a site with random cool images, you can find fast inspiration there. - Yes, I still search around this community sometimes, and I always get surprises with amazing artworks! - Nothing related with the digital art scene, it's a site predicting when and where can I practise surf. Something I really love! Do you have some words for upcoming artists Feel free working, have fun, don't be lazy and always try to smile.