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40 Years Without Jimi Hendrix

Tomorrow, September the 18th, will complete 40 years that rock legend, guitar hero Jimi Hendrix died at age 27, in London. This crazy talented man inspired many of the guitarists we've seen after him, and will inspire many to come. Mr. Hendrix, we salute you. Rock on. To remember his passing, nothing more appropriate to a design blog than to post Jimi Hendrix inspired work, from stencil to painting, illustrations and sculptures. These are badass and I hope you enjoy them. Cheers! ;) Erika Iris Simmons Andrés Yeah Emiliano Quintana sot Jef Aerosol Eduardo Kobra Jenson Lee Paul Green LBeto Arthur Gugick Nicholas Breslow Erika Iris Simmons Gary Jones Izolag Armeidah Bruno Leyval Steve Epiclectic Jef Aerosol Rebecca Fin DAC Mark Hammermeister Pablo Lobato Fabio Venni Brett Kropp Jeff Hopp Fin DAC Izolag Armeidah mc 1984 René Kasman Emi Renzi scienceduck calumwl B. Broughton