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Beautiful Photography by Leonard Gren

Last week we received a suggestion from one of our readers about Leonard Gren's beautiful fashion photography. And beautiful it is! I was going through his site last night and found other great non-fashion related photos that definitely deserved a mention as well! I think what I love the most about Leonard's work is that it's so clean, as in, not overally processed with textures and what have you. All I've been seeing lately is incredibly overdone photos so this is a nice break from all of that. Anyway, don't forget to check out his portfolio and let me know what you think via twitter or facebook!

5 Beautiful Landscape Wallpapers by Julia Starr

Julia Starr aka Night-Fate is one of the good illustrators I watch at deviantart an as I was looking for a cool new background for my desktop I remembered she has some beautiful landscape wallpapers, so I decided to share with you guys, enjoy a new peaceful look on your screen. For more from Julia visit To download click on the one you like and the download link will be on the left side.

20 Beautiful Landscape Photos

Well, today is Friday and who doesn't want to get away for the weekend, there are so many places I would like to go but I'm stuck at home, so I decided to give a little getaway for my mind by posting some beautiful landscape photos that you can look at, close your eye and imagine you there, enjoy the trip!

20 Beautiful Landscape Wallpapers

Everybody loves changing their desktop wallpapers from time to time! But finding the right image can be really tricky, since there are virtually billions of images to choose... here, I've selected 20 beautiful landscape wallpapers to ease your search. There's no doubt that these are awesome, and they'll do just the right job revamping your desktop! Hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Beautiful 3D Futuristic Scenes

I really love how people picture the future, with all those gigantic buildings, flying cars and space travel. We've seen it in the movies, we've seen it in books, and now, we get to see it in sweet computer graphics! Once more, is the one place to find stunning 3D art, and for that, I've chosen 4 great artists: Stefan Morrell, Jaimes Paick, Gerardo Damian Barbero, Alexander Preuss. These are only a few of their work, for more, please visit them at awesome CGSociety. Hope you like it. Cheers! ;) Stefan Morrell James Paick Gerardo Damian Barbero Alexander Preuss

Inspiration: Landscape by Levi Von Veluw

When you think you seen everything is when you find something that you have never even thought about, the work of Levi Von Veluw is insane and a must see for everyone, check out his landscape project and tell me what you think. Levi van Veluw┬┤s photo series are self-portraits, drawn and photographed by himself: a one-man-process. His works constitute elemental transfers; modifying the face as object; combining it with other stylistic elements to create a third visual object of great visual impact. The work you see therefore is not a portrait, but an information-rich image of colour, form, texture, and content. The image contains the history of a short creative process, with the artist shifting between the entities of subject and object. 'Landscapes'. This 4-piece series reinterprets the traditional landscape painting, removing plots of grass, clusters of trees, babbling brooks from their intimate 2 dimensional formats and transposing them onto the 3 dimensional contours of his own face. Thus a fresh twist is given to the obsession inherent in the romantic landscape of recreating the world and simultaneously being part of it. The romantic landscape and self-portrait genres are combined as a means of re-examination. Besides the four landscapes, Levi van Veluw will also present a new video piece, landscape installation and works from two other series of photographs. Since having graduated from the Artez Art School in Arnhem the Netherlands, Levi van Veluw has enjoyed a remarkable amount of success in a short period of time, with his work being showcased in several different locations across Europe and the States, earning him a number of prestigious awards that include the Photographer of the Year Award at the IPA International Photo Awards in the USA. For more make sure to visit