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55 Beautiful Green Layouts in Web Design

And continuing the series 'Beautiful Layouts in Web Design', today is all about green! As any other color, green has tons of beautiful shades... sometimes it's even a bit hard being sure that it's green that we are looking at. But anyways, here is a great selection of Green Layouts for you to enjoy and get inspired about. Once again you will find here a bit of everything: flash, html, drupal, etc. It's amazing the enourmous amount of good and beautiful websites we can find out there. There are for sure a lot of talented and creative designers and for sure many other great sites that are not listed here. So if you have anything to share, go ahead!! For this selection I browsed around: CSS Gallery - Design Shack, cssperk, CSS Import and Best CSS Gallery between some other sources such as deviantART. So I recommend you to check out these places, they have several websites to show. And also, click at the images to visit the websites we will show here... Hope you like it! :) And in case you have a suggestion for a next post (another color, style, etc), let me know via Aenemya - Digital art and web design portfolio of Marie 'kReEsTaL' Guillaumet Eco Environments Ltd Freelance Switch onehub Visual Elixir lionite portfolio devthought Nathan Sanders markup4U quadrifolia psdtolife mint Silverbackapp e-invent Pink Cactus coldcactus SprintBio Monk Development The Foster Mobley Group QueroMedia Simply Invoices Create a Revolution Stormlab frexy Mint: A Fresh Look at your Site graphiceyedea Bepeck Envato Essences d'ici et d'ailleurs RIPIE6 CSS Mania ASDA Financial Services CSS Import Sprouter Big Cartel Sofitek Lilly's Table I Avion Crazy Xhtml LAQED hrasti Lipton Green Mint Nybble Tech Lisa Bun Green Infrastructureinc And some samples from deviantART (under development) by KRoNiC-fx by SencerBugrahan by pho3nix-bf by spaka by koenigpersoenlich by gajdoslevente by detrans by BuBBaspa Suggested by @earthdesigner EMOTIONS by Mike Christine Galvin Design Green Any Site

52 Beautiful Blue Layouts in Web Design

One of the things that I like most about web design is its results... yeap, I love to see great designed websites, and for sure we can find a bunch of those out there. Today we will show some beautiful blue layouts in web design. At this selection you will find a bit of everything: flash, html, drupal, etc. As I'm looking around for some inspiration for my personal site (that I'm putting together) and I know that everybody loves to check out a good design, I decided to make this selection to show you. Most of the sites from this selection were found at CSS Gallery - Design Shack and cssperk between some other sources, so I recommend you to check out these places. And also, click at the images to visit the websites we will show here... Hope you like it! :) And in case you have a suggestion for a next post (another color, style, etc), let me know via Lucino & Gene Abogados Best Electrical Safe Driving Academy Envira Media Inc Bartelme Design Maniac Monkey Media Tropical Sky Diving Graham McDonnell Glacial Multimedia dgerelo CSS Garden Alex Swanson ZCOPE Ballpark MonAssoc FeedStitch Kosh Creative EyeDraw Owltastic Bluedots Design Thermometer App Have you flossed today? Sourcebits Istanbul Dental Works Insight Studios nclud nitobi Amit Khera Squared Eye Post Box Sohtanaka Drupalcon nys.wri sIFRvault Koves Technologies LLC Blue Bonnet Cafe Ahlera Jack Flavored Rums Opal Cove Resort dg web design portfolio nirmal Sphere Powerset LocalSearch in a Box Carron Media Design Disease Designed by Fabio "abduzeedo" Sasso, Eduardo Sasso & Fabiano Meneghetti Openjobs Sikbox

35 Black Web Designs That Show Us That Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

It's been some time since we had our last post on the Web Design series. We've been giving you a lot of graphic design inspiration, but it's time to get some web awesomeness. Yesterday we had black wallpapers, today, it's all about black layouts. In August 28th we had the first Black Layouts post, and it was a big success! And since we've featured Black wallpapers yesterday, we've decided that once in a while we'll make a color week. This is the beginning, the Black Week! And tomorrow we'll get more of black design inspirations! Hope you all enjoy my selection... I had a hard time finding these. Cheers! ;)

Design Deconstructed:

Hello, my name is Youssef Sarhan & I regularly write on my design blog over at, and I also like to share my posts here, on abduzeedo. With a great audience and community it's a brilliant forum for discussion. In this feature I try to shed some light on the development process and/or elements of a selected design. By deconstructing the design into layout, typeface, colours & use of images we will hopefully develop a better understand of how the final result was achieved. I feel that this degree of awareness is crucial to a graphic designers development; being able to not only identify the design elements but the rationale behind them.(Via: In this edition of Design Deconstructed (DD) I am going to be observing the brand new website of the White House ( Within minutes of President Obama being sworn in the new site had gone live. I'd imagine it has received a huge spike in visitors but it seems to be coping perfectly. I'm trying to find out the designer/company who is behind it, so if anyone knows? It looks fantastic. It's clean, feels like a position of authority and most importantly approachable. It doesn't look like a news site, like it used to. Here's an image of the homepage. As you can see it's pretty sharp looking. You can view a 100% version if you click the image. I have overlaid the grid over it, at least a grid which I think fits. It's a 3 column grid thats subdivided again into 3 more columns. The subdivisions really come into play in the bottom footer which has many links to different categories. Starting at the top, I think the header shows the level and attention to detail that went into making this site look how it does. It's detailed, precise and well-planned. These small images can really set a design off. Further down, a divider which separates the main content and the categorical links. You may like to click and view the image at 100%. Similarly at the bottom. Love the use of little stars in the required field instead of an asterisk* Next is the Navigation, easy to use rollover bar, I love the use of italc/regular fonts. Set in Georgia. I feel overall the site suits the new President. I'd love to see the development process to get a real idea of how it came to this end. It's a nice alternative to his also excellently designed website which he used during the campaign. The subtle use of the semi-transparent white box is a nice touch. Nothing too over the top on the site but at the same time it stands out and airs class. The primary typeface for titles of the site in Gerogia. Copied from what I think is the css. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {font-family:Georgia,"Times New Roman",Times,serif; color:#036;} You can view the style.css file here: The body text is set in Lucida. html, body {font-family:"Lucida Sans Unicode","Lucida Grande",Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;} body {font-size:12px; margin:0; padding:0;} strong, em, b, i, .bold {font-family:"Lucida Sans","Lucida Sans Unicode","Lucida Grande",Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;} Finally, the colour palette consists of appropriate shades. Blue, Navy, Maroon, Grey, etc. Here is a simple drop selection from the blurred image. Here is an image I was saving until the end; Its the before version, as you can see. It's a good change. A huge improvement from the previous site, which looked like a news site. Hopefully this will be a reflection on the presidency. Check it all out here: Further Reading: Design Deconstructed: White Ink Blog Design Deconstructed: Google Design Deconstructed: WP Remix