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Architecture: Stuttgart City Library

Architecture: Stuttgart City Library

Back when I was in Berlin for Abduzeedo, I was mapping locations that I have loved to see in Berlin. The Stuttgart City Library was a spot that I would have loved to see but with distance constraint and little time; I wasn’t able to. Unfortunately. One day, I would definitely be back to photograph its splendid architecture but by the meantime, let’s go through Hans-Martin Dölz’s experience of this library. Published on Behance , this project is part of the work from Hans-Martin Dölz. He’s a passionate photographer based in Leonberg, Germany. Looking forward of seeing more work from Hans-Martin in the future. The Stuttgart City Library in Germany is a location which is frequently visited by photographers. The building was designed by the German-based Korean architect Eun Young Yi. The opening ceremony of the library took place on October 21, 2011, and since then countless photographs have already been taken of both the exterior and the interior. I visited the library in September 2013 for the first time and was deeply impressed by the atmosphere inside the library. The visitor faces completely new visual impressions when compared to other famous older libraries.  

A Resource Library for App Design from Facebook

If you're a designer or developer looking for Facebook resources and templates, now you have an official place to find out this things. Facebook has released a library to help us with a lot of stuffs, such as GUI's, devices, articles and much more. A collection of free resources made by designers at Facebook. Take a look at, there you will find links to Medium with great articles from Facebook designers, to Dribbble with an amazing collection of free resources, GUI templates for Sketch and Photoshop and several devices templates to feature a new app design. This is some of things available there!

Shine - Javascript Library for Pretty Shadows

Shine - Javascript Library for Pretty Shadows

There are so many amazing things that can be done with Javascript, pretty every day there's a new library or script to create effects, animations and improve design in general. Shine is a great example, it's as their slogan says a library for pretty shadows. The cool thing is that the shadows are dynamic and the position can be trigger by mouse location or the motion sensors in your mobile devices. Here are some features Dynamic light positions Customizable shadows Uses text or box shadows based on content Works in browsers that support textShadow or boxShadow and auto-prefixes if necessary Here's an example For more information and visit

Poplar Creek Public Library

A former library located in Streamwood, IL, has undergone a beautiful transformation in 2009 by the hands of Frye Gillan Molinaro Architects. Much of the original structure of the building was maintained and the new project brought even more life to the library. The combination of external exposed concrete and glass contrasting with an industrial-style interior, with apparent pipes and ceiling height in most of the building, as well as the white walls with some mixed colors bring happiness into the library. Besides the aesthetic issue, the Poplar Creek is a great example of using energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Photography: Lambros Photography The Poplar Creek public library gave all the team members the opportunity to comprehensively analyze the environmental effect of expanding the existing facility. It became all too clear that this was a project that should not only look towards the future but utilize the most current ideas in building technologies. Thanks Archdaily for the tip!

Beautiful and Functional Birkenhead Library via Archoffice

This kind of materials combination is often a great choice and almost always delivers beautiful result: wood, bricks and glass. Of course that the architects talent has a considerable part on the projects result, but here we have nothing to say. Archoffice did a great job on the Birkenhead Library and Civic Centre, at New Zealand. The transparency is another element that was very wisely explored in this building. The intention was to allow natural light to come inside all rooms, and they did that by using glass in all the facades and also having a skylight in the center of the library. At the indoors we notice the attention with details common at the projects from Archoffice, using textures, few colors and vertical elements that contrasts with the horizontal line of the building. A sensational place for the piece it provides for a good reading and for the great architectural elements. Notions of canopy, transparency, solid, void & pattern are articulated in the design, & incorporate environmentally sustainable design principles giving substantial energy savings for cost in use, recyclable materials, night purging in summer and natural rather than artificial light. Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice Courtesy of Archoffice

Architecture for the Community at the Surry Hills Library

This library, located in Surry Hills, Australia, shows how important it is to have the participation of those who will use the space after the construction of a project. The architects from the FJMT a> office decided that for this project, the community would be participating in several decisions, which resulted in a gorgeous and totally usable building. The first idea was that community would like to have something beyond a simple library. The construction should be a place where everyone could share some activity. So they managed to host a library, a community center and even a child care for the neighborhood's children, showing the importance of having activities like these in one place. And to complete, the architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp put a lot of wisdom in certain choices, such as the use of transparency as a way of inviting the public into the building just as enabling a new way of viewing the neighborhood to those inside. The concern about he materials, to maintain an internal cooling of all spaces make this project a great inspiration to all of us who like architecture. The Centre has been designed to achieve excellence in sustainable design and set new high standards in environmental performance for multi-purpose public buildings. [It] will be a starting point for the development of a green rating system for public buildings… [and] an innovative example of design and sustainable design possibilities. — Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings This innovative new building provides specific services tailored to community needs and includes an integrated local library, community centre and child care centre. - FJMT © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings Thanks ArchDaily for the tip.

Books and great architecture in one place: Livraria da Vila

If you're one of those who loves architecture and at the same time can't live without reading a good book, you should know the Livraria da Vila. Located at São Paulo, and designed by Isay Weinfeld, this fantastic bookstore puts good taste and comfort to make reading more enjoyable. The books bring the colors to the walls and fun to each space, whether in a corner and even on the very entrance of the building, like a secret-lab! All internal objects, the bright yellow of the stairs and the floor reserved only for children are other features that Weinfeld thought to make this place very exciting. Chek it ou the Isay Weinfeld's bluiding at Livraria da Vila 25 years of life in April 2010. And his story is so cool that deserves to be compared to that of a human being. Great boldness or claim? Let's try to understand. Since its birth, received the best education possible. Treated by parents, family and friendswith a lot affection, she lived up to expectations and became the darling all. Charming, friendly, responsive and democratic. The village was adopted by those who shared vision of library as a meeting place, a place to see people, buy books, hang out, drink coffee, listen to stories.