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Dave Pollot: Bringing New Life to Old Art

As we’re all living in a current reality that feels more like a fictional book or movie we’re doing our best to share content that we hope will help uplift spirits, if even for a brief moment. We’re amongst those sheltering in place here in the Bay Area and concurrently I’ve been researching more good news to share with our readers. Thanks to my friend Erica over at HonestlyWTF I came across the work of a unique artistic talent named Dave Pollot, a former software engineer bringing new life to old art.

Awesome Toys Light Painting

I really love when someone mixes stuff I enjoy, like sweet toys and light paiting! The result for that equation is really awesome! So, here are some of these mixtures I've found recently. Maybe it's not really new to you, but still it's worth checking these out. For further pictures, like the ones with glasses at the bottom, check out Recycle Bean's photostream at Flickr. Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #22

Some time ago we've had a few posts about stop motion. We've featured a list of stop motion inspiration and also we gaveaway some software. Not to mention those awesome light paiting pictures and videos we've posted. But what about mashing those two techniques? That's what a girl called Kaki King made for hir "Pull Me Out Alive" music video. It's really awesome to see both techniques at the same time, it's indeed an outstanding result. Check it out:

Learning Light Painting

We have published some articles about Light Painting, and in this post we will share some basic information about this technique. We will talk about the tools, the camera settings, the light and the technique. Also, we want to say thank you very much to Christopher Hibbert, the author of this article. Light painting, also known as light drawing is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a light source or by moving the camera.

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