In Review: Wix Logo Maker - Easy, Simple and how useful?

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Wix Logo Maker, it's a responsive web application where you can create your own logo 'within a few clicks' and questions! During the brief onboarding, you answer a few questions about your business and your personal style and the 'logo maker' will create the logo design for you based on the answers. It's easy, simple and how useful it is actually? That's what we are here to find out!

Logo Design Inspiration: A roundup by Alexandra Zutto, Ryan Prudhomme and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup! For this week, I decided to go full speed on Logo Design! Something I have noticed while hand-picking and browsing this week's selections. I don't know if it's a new trend but designers tend to share all ideas, concepts, and iterations for a logo. I totally dig this visual approach, it's definitely inspiring seeing many taking this to another level. Hope you will appreciate!

Logo Design: Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4

One of the best games about Spider-Man is out (only for PS4 so far) and has been making a lot of buzz beyond about its gameplay, graphics, and incredible open-world experience. I personally haven't tried it but definitely looking forward to. Going deeper into the subject, we would love to share the work from Bao Nguyen who is a graphic designer based in Sacramento, California. He has worked with the incredible folks at Insomniac Games on designing logos.

Logotyposhnaya: 50 Logotypes in 32 Hours

Still going strong with our Friday Feature where we would go through your submissions from our Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. This week, we would like to feature the work of Di Buenio with his Logotyposhnaya series. According to Di Buenio, this is a conceptual art performance where he would design about 50 logotypes through 32 hours.

Logo Design: the 2017 Logofolio of Attila Hadnagy

We would love to share the work from Attila Hadnagy who is a designer and illustrator. Based in London, UK, he has a really nice combination of skillset and today we are showcasing his 2017 collection work on logos. I personally think creating logos are part of what I love doing the most about our work. Creating the visual identity, the very first step is somehow such a long and rewarding process. For which in the end will determine how your clients with go head-to-head into their business and goals.

Logo Design: A Collection by Romain Billaud

It's been quite a little while since our last logo design inspiration, well here it is for you guys. This collection has been made and designed by a Lyon-based designer named: Romain Billaud. I liked the fact that this series goes in different directions and that's what makes it even more, interesting and inspiring.

Branding & Logotypes Work by Wete Studio

While most of our team and part of North of America is celebrating a holiday today, I am currently working on a branding/logotype project for a client. Scouting for inspiration on Behance, I stumbled across the work from Wete Studio where they shared their latest of their personal and commercial work. I thought it would be great to share it here on ABDZ, hope you like it!

Logo Design Process: Marvel, a Prototyping and Collaboration Tool

We would like to share this logo design process from our good buddy Paul von Excite who has done a tremendous job at redesigning the new Marvel logo through a custom logotype. From the sketching to the final result, let's follow an in-depth process through his words. I would like also to mention that it is the logo of the Marvel app, a prototyping and collaboration tool not what some of you might think!

Smart and Beautiful Logo Design by Spoonlancer

Spoonlancer is a a freelance designer currently based in Fukuoka, Japan. He has a set of beautiful logo design projects on his Dribbble page that are for us a great source of inspiration. The range of styles is something to be definitely highlighted, from simple lines like a giraffe or a frong eating a fly to more classic/vintage looks like the amazing Book Keepers one. In addition to that there's very smart ideas like for the Breakfast Bear, the bear nose is a fried egg.

Logo Designs by Sociedad Anónima

With the year coming to an end, most of us will be publishing the work we’ve done during the past year. I stumbled across with the work from Sociedad Anónima who is a designer focusing his work into graphic design, branding and art direction based in Mexico City, Mexico. We are featuring a series of logo work that Sociedad has worked and they are quite beautiful. Playing with different approaches and style, it’s nice to see the work from different perspective.

Halloween Logotypes

Halloween! Whenever you like this holiday or not, it’s always a great time of year to see everyone get in disguise and taking the time to Trick and Treating, playing pranks and more fun stuff. Designers, we take a different route, always!

Logofolio by Shaivalini Kumar

Late at night, currently surfing the Web for a logo for a client project. One of the best parts of my process, exploring and get inspired. It might sound silly but letting my mind free while surfing does make a difference instead of trying to find something. I stumbled across the work of Shaivalini Kumar and I can't help to enjoy her logofolio from this year. It's full of great pieces and I like how she can co-exist a neutral solid colour with shadows. Hope you will enjoy!

Where brands meet people

Another awesome project by Charis Tsevis, the mosaic master this time strikes with an amazing project where he illustrate people using only logos from global brands. Check it out! The Advertising campaign for the world leader in outdoor advertising in Switzerland Clear Channel is one of the leading marketing companies of outdoor advertising worldwide. For their latest advertising campaign in Switzerland they have asked their clients to participate. Dozens of Swiss companies gave their logo to be used as tesserae to create three colorful mosaic portraits.

25 Nouns Logo Collection

Spanish Designer Lucas Gil-Turner came up with the idea was to create a collection of logos based on a selection of some of the most used and popular words in English. This workshop is inspired in the research analysis of over a billion words performed by Oxford Institution in association with The Oxford English Dictionary. The outcome of this research was the top 25 most common nouns. For more from Lucas Gil-Turner lucasgilturner.com.

Animal Logos by Ivan Bobrov

Amazing collection of animal logos by the Russian designer Ivan Bobrov. Each logo is very colorful and created from a round shape composition. Enjoy! For more from Ivan Bobrov visit .

New Animal Logos Construction

Last year we posted about the first Animal Logos Construction by the designer Tom Anders. Today we are sharing the second edition of this project with more amazing animal logos and details of the process. Enjoy! For more information visit behance.net/tomanders and tomanders.com/.

Typographic Logos by Jorgen Grotdal

Jorgen Grotdal is a young designer from Norway specialized in typography and logo design. I selected some of his work, really like his style and that handmade feel that each piece has. Enjoy! For more from Jorgen Grotdal visit behance.net/JorgenGrotdal.

Marks & Monograms by Dimiter Petrov

Dimiter Petrov is a designer from Bulgaria who believes in the very idea of injecting plenty of meaning into a simple but aesthetic geometric shape has always fascinated me. The right decoding of the shape brings an additional pinch of fulfillment. Below you could see several experiments pointed in that direction. For more from Dimiter Petrov visit chadomoto.combehance.net/Chadomoto.

Branding work by Hiromi Maeo

Designing logos is an endeavor because a good logo or visual identity has to represent a product or a service with a great level of simplicity. Differently than icon design, logos require a level of differentiation in the form and there's the balance between typography and forms. Everything must be optically balanced and easy to reproduce in different medias and sizes. Hiromi Maeo, shared some really cool branding work he has done in the past 2 years and it's definitely worth checking it out. Hiromi is a creative director from Tokyo, Japan.

Negative Space Madness by George Bokhua

George Bokhua is a self-taught graphic designer who has found happiness in simple, strong logo design. He's designs are very simple and yet very strong, he is a master of using negative space as you can see on this post. Enjoy! For more from George Bokhua visit dribbble.com/george-bokhua and behance.net/milash.

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