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Habitat 825, a Housing Unit in Hollywood

I had no doubt that any of you guys would love to live in this condo. Habitat 825 is a project from the Californian architecture firm Lorcan O'Herlihy (LOHA). The condo can accommodate 19 housing and is a really interesting project, from its concept to the final result. Vibrant colors and common materials, a combination nothing exuberant but when analyzing the whole work we can see how well they are applied, it is something near perfection. They gave a personalized treatment for each unit, having private and public areas that integrate with a central common area to all the residents. A project that deserves to be contemplated as a huge architectural inspiration. Photos: LOHA This project provided an opportunity to address the critical issues of density, site and the cultural and social impacts that arise from building adjacent to a historical landmark. Attempting to “kick down the bamboo wall”, Habitat 825 and its expansive use of common open space creates an urban space without borders or property lines. © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA Materials are a combination of non-combustible cement board and Local forest managed dark stained Redwood siding. The utilization of a rain screen system promotes a long life-cycle reducing the need for maintenance and repair. In addition, given Los Angeles’ warm climate, the movement of air between the building and the cladding cools the inner face of the exterior and reduces the demand for cooling energy. © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA © LOHA