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Mesmerizing Long Exposure Photography

Mesmerizing Long Exposure Photography

It's been sometime since I've seen a good set of long exposure photographs. It's an awesome technique for capturing a variety of subjects: from nature, to roads and buildings. It gives us another perspective of time, of how fast it goes, and how things change. I've selected some super nice long exposure pieces from various very talented photographers. For more of their work, please visit their portfolios simply by clicking each image. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got your own long exposure pics, don't forget to share it with us. Cheers! ;) Abdulkarim Al Dulayqan Daniel Matt McDonald Nate Levesque Prakash Bajracharya 2wenty Rob Kroenert Steven Kelley Sathish J Jonas Wiklund Greg Nocturnal Bob

25 Exceptional Examples of Long Exposure

I'm sure it doesn't come as a surprise to you guys by now that I'm a photography-enthusiast at it's finest, so from now on I'll be posting on different and sometimes unconventional photography techniques that I enjoy. I know that Paulo had previously published a post on Long Exposure shots, but I just wanted to add to his article and show you guys some of my favorite examples of this technique. It's a fairly simple process that requires basically just time and experimentation - and also a tripod or sturdy surface (in my case, I used a trashcan). I added a picture I took in Chicago last year that by means do I think is exceptional, but I just wanted to hear what you guys thought, so let me know :) Also, if you have any images that you took or maybe some cool pictures that you've come across and you'd like to share with us, please drop me a line on Twitter and/or Facebook. I'd love to hear from you! Amanda Macedo Andrew Marino Andy Logan Brian Talbot Cormac Phelan Dawn Ashley Drew Baker Dustin Misener Eugene Chang James Joel Ellis JunJie Kenneth Katie Lee Kristin Drozdowski Laura Taylor Lomographic Society International Morgan Harper Phillip Chee Piero Fissore Sam Doyle

20 Fantastic Pictures of Lightning

A few days ago we had amazing post on long exposure pictures. That day, during my search for those picture, I ran into some pictures of lightning, and I realized that it would make a whole new set of fantastic pictures. And I was right. These are truly fantastic. If you don't know how to take pictures of lightning, don't worry... it has to do with luck just a little bit. It's not about capturing a picture in the right moment, but using long exposure to collect any lightning that might happen during a lightning storm. Just set your camera to capture for some seconds (as you wish), point it to the storm, and shoot it. The chance to capture an awesome lightning bolt is enormous. Anyways, these is my selection! I hope you guys enjoy it and please, visit all these guys pages! Chees! ;) swamysk David Benna Paula H Ajka_Hungary Bob George Jim Skea Doug Humphries David Parrish adam berk Jimmer Greg Foster Michael James Eduardo Mustad Philip Schexnayder Orrin Otherwords Thomas Black Father_McKenzie Mathias Rousseau Tamás Somoskeöy Paul Kim

29 Amazing Long Exposure Pictures

Long exposure is one of the techniques that I find the most amazing. The way that the camera captures those few seconds and you're able to see it, is really amazing. Pictures like that got a special feeling, somewhat magical. When an image is taken including stationary and moving subjects (for example, a fixed street and moving cars or a camera within a car showing a fixed dash-board and moving scenery) using a slow shutter speed, interesting effects, such as light trails occur. Long exposures are easiest to accomplish in low-light conditions, but can be done in brighter light using neutral density filters or specially designed cameras. We'd love to see your pictures! Post them in a commentary! And don't forget to visit these photographer's photostreams! Cheers! ;) Lucas Janin Patrick Smith Mohammed Al-Naser Agus Sutanto Robert Orthen Paul Corica John Ryan Laura Dyszynski David Herreman Tyler Westcott Te-Wei Liu Jason Theaker Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir Jim Skea Stu Worrall Stefan Elf Markus Bahlmann Justin Kern AndWhyNot Erick Loitière Broddi Sigurðarson Philipp Klinger Victor von Salza Andreas Nellas Toni_V Ar'alani