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Editorial Design Inspiration

Editorial Design Inspiration

Editorial design has been with us for quite a long time. Magazine, newspapers and books are a good example of the importance of editorial design. With the web and mobile apps the pursue of an editorial design for this media has become one of the biggest goals of any design team. How to make dynamic content look and adapt differently depending on the context and intent? That and many other questions arise with this challenge which the main outcome will be a more beautiful and pleasant experience for the users. For this post I wanted to share a few examples of good editorial design. Let us know what you think and share with us links to other examples you think are great. Via Pinterest

Stylish Drawings by Darren Gate

Darren Gate is a graphic designer and Illustrator by trade. He is a Leicester student, Still in the degree stage, but Darren is from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Darren has a very cool style with stylish drawings and sketches created for magazines and newspapers. For more information about Darren Gate check out his portfolio at travel journal sketches a few drawings done while on the move this summer. Painting in Africa. This summer I went to Africa to paint some Murals on nursaries orphanages and summercamps. It was really good fun, once we got used to the heat. This is the first Mural at a local summer camp in Marrakech. Home sweet Home Take A Chance (Magazine Illustration) Series of Illustrations, for Sketchbook Magazine on finding art. The man who gave up Money (Editorial Piece) editorial illustration. I chosen article from the Guardian Environmental section april 2009. Title, The man who lives without money. Sketchbook. Word of mouth (Editorial piece) editorial piece for the idea of word of mouth. How information is spread between people locally. build you neck water house Studies of my Grandpa During the summer I did an number of illustrations of my Grandparents. They made great studies as I could really work on the exaggerated lines and angles. Emotive Emotive is a book competition held every year. The focus word this year is Emotive, E or Motive. I am focusing in on the motives of memories. relating this to where i have traveled so far in my life. remembering back to my home town and the memories I have taken away from it. Orchestra book cover design Brief: to create a coffee table book. entitled Orchestra, your design does not have to be the entire book, but can simply be the front and back cover. The book cover can be anything you want as long as it en-captures and aspect of the word Orchestra. Important points to remember would be that the cover is a wrap around. This is to say that the cover is ongoing all the way round, so your design must fit in with this. The dimensions of the book cover are 305 mm, by 255 mm.

A Taste of Editorial Design Inspiration

Editorial design is part of graphic, all editorial work is created to be printed and specialized in laying out compositions applied in different applications like books, magazines, newspapers, and more. In this post you will see a few samples of awesome editorial design applied on magazines. Volta Magazine Created by Francesco Muzzi, Giacomo Gambineri, and Matteo Gualandris We had to design a magazine about alternative energy sources. Our main concept was to put everything in an historical perspective, showing how some of the energy sources we now consider as "alternative" were once the most common, showing how the future could get and finally showing the present as just a point in a long evolutionary process. The parts about the past have a yellowish background and make use of b/w images, drop caps and a rigid grid. The parts about the present have a white background and use mostly photos and some little infographics with a more complex and versatile grid. The parts about the future have no fixed background colour and are completely based on infographics. Next Level Magazine Produced in London | Creative Directors: Andy Ellis, Toby Dyson Next Level is an international art magazine dedicated to showcasing photographic art, creativity and culture; the essential source for cutting-edge contemporary photographic art. An underlined theme is explored by the contributors in collaboration with Next Level to produce a personal interpretation. The magazine was redesigned, departing from the magazine's previous treatment by making the imagery king by separating it out from the text elements. Its success saw February London appointed permanent designers (in a departure from the magazine's previous model of using guest designers) and received further recognition when selected as a finalist in the Magazine Design Awards.