masters of the universe

Epic Masters of the Universe Illustrations

Any kid born or raised in the 80's remembers all the epicness of the Masters of the Universe, where He-Man and his friends would fight evil forces on planet Eternia. It was a pretty awesome! And it's great to see He-Man, She-Ra and others gain new life through the works of fans such as Gerald Parel, a french Illustrator. Here you can see his fantastic set of MOTU fan-arts... pretty dope! For more of his pieces, visit his DeviantART portfolio! I hope you enjoy these!

Super Stylish Masters of the Universe Illustrations

I find truly fantastic when an artist gets to think about something that no one else thought before. For example, take a 80's super classic cartoon such as The Masters of the Universe and add fashion itens in a cool way and BAM! You got yourself one awesome set of illustrations. Ok, talking is way easier than doing, and that's why I find these illustrations by Adrian Riemann pretty awesome. The guy found out a really clever way to redesign the characters. In his own words:

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