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Lost in NYC, meetup?

After 2 excellent weeks in North Carolina, I’ve arrived in New York. It's the 4th time I've been here and it’s still awesome. Lots of people, I’m always walking around, most of the time lost, but it’s really cool. This time I’m staying with my aunt Terry in her super cool apartment. Thanks for having me. I had the chance to meet an old friend that I’ve been talking to him via AIM for almost 2 years. Also tomorrow I will go to a place called Barcade, in Brooklyn, where I will meet two other readers and it would be awesome a meet up with more people. So if you are from NY and you like design, join us. We will get there 6:30pm ;) Below there's more information, that Francisco sent me, about how to get there. For all of those in NYC. Sorry this is short notice but we're meeting up at Barcade Thursday July 10th around 6:30pm. Figure it was a fitting place to meet. Hope you can make it! Here's how to get there. Barcade - 388 Union Ave. You take the L train to Brooklyn and get out at the Lorimer Stop. Exit the train station at the Union & Metropolitan exit. (when you step off the train go to your right) Go to the street and walk south on Union Ave and look for the address 388 Union Ave. You can't miss, it's on your left. Here's a Google Maps link:… Some pictures