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InVision New Mobile App Streamlines Design Previews and Process

InVision just announced their new mobile app and it's a  major step in putting mobile design at the forefront. Designers can experience their prototypes right from a device, allowing for instant spot-checking and feedback. Users can also write comments, sketch an idea, or drop in screenshots. Any changes to the desktop update in real-time on mobile, which for me is always the best feature, especially when you are running user testing.

Deezer Material Design

Following our Material Design Monday tradition, we bring a really cool project shared by Rico Monteiro from Campinas, Brazil. It's the redesign of Deezer applying Material Design. Some elements that I'm loving about Rico's design - the dark theme aligned with a beautiful color palette, the condensed font for the title on the action bar and the simplicity. I definitely will employ some of these insights for the Abduzeedo app. "Deezer is the largest music catalogue in the world at your fingertips, with over 35 million songs.

Nike. New Look & Concept

This weekend I started working on a simple prototype for the Abduzeedo Android App and will likely be able to share something with you next week. Meanwhile, I would like to share a reference that proved useful as I set out to design my app, it's the mobile app concept for the Nike+ app by Maximin Erionov.

Mobile Design - Article Pages

Yesterday I posted some navigation examples for the new Abduzeedo Android App. We will be following the Material Design style guide provided by Google but of course we will try to add our brand and character. Today I will share some references for content layout. This is my mood-board in a way and will definitely prove useful in the next step of the design process.

Android L Player Concept

Since Google introduced Material Design almost a year ago it's amazing to see more and more designers adopting the framework. Enter a project that Anatoly Nesterov created for a music player employing this new visual language.

Music App - Motion Design

Motion design has become a super important part of any mobile app design. Smooth animations and the right curves can give to your product a much more refined look and feel. We see simple bounce and elastic effects give a organic feel, because that's the way we things happen in real life. Apple has been exploring this for a long time and more and more we see product designers working closer with motion designers to enhance the user experience.

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