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Mobile UI/UX Design: Perfect Recipes App

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to end the week with this UI/UX case study by the folks from Tubik Studio, a kickass digital studio based in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. We are showcasing one of their latest projects, the mobile UI design for a perfect recipes app. An application where you will be able to learn to cook by following recipes and also a food shopping experience.

Mobile Design Inspiration: A Roundup by Anton Tkachev, Cuberto and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup just for you. For this week, I decided to explore Dribbble with the theme of 'mobile design'. There are a huge trend with 'rounded cornered shapes' in UI design especially for applications. I haven't really seen any live product with this trendy design yet? If you have any references, give me a shout. I will gladly give it a look.

Mobile Design Inspiration: A roundup by Arman Rokni, Cao Hao and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off. For this week, I decided to explore 'Mobile Design' as we are saying a higher trend of rounded corners just like our previous article on 2019 Biggest UI Design Trend and further the rise of transitions treated like 'tabs' or collapsible hidden sections who are waiting to be triggered. What do you think? Is it something we will see more in the future?

UI/UX Redesign Concept: Starbucks Mobile App

Our first redesign concept on ABDZ this year, how about from a mobile app that some use to fuel of caffeine needs. Absolute beautiful redesign of the Starbucks mobile app by Daniel Tan and Daphnie Loong. Combo Duo of two creative directors based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For starters, their visual approach is absolutely stunning. They truly give justice to how our beloved Starbucks should look.

Mobile Design: Interactions by Tubik Studio

We would like to share the latest mobile design from Tubik Studio. We’ve published their work before on Abduzeedo but we truly admire their philosophy to always innovate; especially what’s regarding mobile interactions. Getting inspired by new UX interactions are always refreshing and pounding your mind to create or have them in mind during your next wireframe session. Hope you will enjoy!

YouTube Kids!

Hello Monday and YouTube got together, and in the beginning of 2015 announced the birth of their love child, YouTube Kids! A safe place for kids to play. I don't have kids but I decided to take a look and I have to say, I love it. It's just amazing to experience a new, more simplified way to browse videos.

Mono App Design

Mono is a lightweight, gesture-based mobile app. We created it with a single purpose: to get one thing - no matter what happens - done each day. There are cool things about this project, bur for me it's more about how mobile has changed the way we design. Motion design, transitions, gestures now are part of our jargon and nobody can design any user experience without thinking about that. This project was created by Kickflip, Max Pirsky and Martin Bonov.

Deezer Material Design

Following our Material Design Monday tradition, we bring a really cool project shared by Rico Monteiro from Campinas, Brazil. It's the redesign of Deezer applying Material Design. Some elements that I'm loving about Rico's design - the dark theme aligned with a beautiful color palette, the condensed font for the title on the action bar and the simplicity. I definitely will employ some of these insights for the Abduzeedo app. "Deezer is the largest music catalogue in the world at your fingertips, with over 35 million songs.

Nike. New Look & Concept

This weekend I started working on a simple prototype for the Abduzeedo Android App and will likely be able to share something with you next week. Meanwhile, I would like to share a reference that proved useful as I set out to design my app, it's the mobile app concept for the Nike+ app by Maximin Erionov.

Abduzeedo Material Design - App Navigation

Last weekend I started the process to design the Abduzeedo mobile app and web for Android. The goal is to apply Google's Material Design style to the new app, but in order to do that we have to rethink quite a few things. The first thing we did last week was to get used to the spec, get files, assets and resources ready to start exploring.

Mobile Design - Article Pages

Yesterday I posted some navigation examples for the new Abduzeedo Android App. We will be following the Material Design style guide provided by Google but of course we will try to add our brand and character. Today I will share some references for content layout. This is my mood-board in a way and will definitely prove useful in the next step of the design process.

Mobile App Navigation References

Last weekend I started the design process for the first Abduzeedo Android app following Google's Material Design spec. If you follow the post you will remember that I ended with a big question mark: how to create a simple yet discoverable and effective navigation without bloating the UI? It's indeed a tough problem to overcome and I have been thinking a lot about that. In this post I list some references in terms of navigation that I like.

Abduzeedo Material Design

This weekend I started working on an Android mobile version of the site using the Material Design spec. The style-guide is super complete and covers a lot of basic visual design needs like grid system, typography and color palettes. Besides that Google was awesome to provide sticker sheets in Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch. So for the next couple of weeks I will be exploring some new designs for Abduzeedo and will be sharing with you here.

Android L Player Concept

Since Google introduced Material Design almost a year ago it's amazing to see more and more designers adopting the framework. Enter a project that Anatoly Nesterov created for a music player employing this new visual language.

Framer - Prototyping tool for desktop and mobile

Prototyping is a vital part in designing great products, from a simple poster to a car, it's extremely important to test designs in situations that resemble the real usage environment. My background is in Industrial Design and we used to prototype everything. Then I moved to graphic design and again I was always printing and checking to see how my designs felt. Now in the digital world, and with mobile taking over it's really important to be able to simulate the products in the handsets.

Mobile Usability - Book Suggestion

The book suggestion of this week is about designing for mobile devices, more specifically about how to create better and more usable experiences for small screens. The book we are talking about is titled Mobile Usability by Jakob Nielsen and Raluca Budiu. Book description How do we create a satisfactory user experience when limited to a small device?

UI Design: Swing for iPhone

It's been some time since our last UI Design post, but I was saving some great looking applications for you guys! There are some crazy good looking apps with fantastic design being made right now. One of these apps is the Swing, a free music app for the iPhone. The designer responsible for this is Enes Danış, from Turkey. He's got an awesome portfolio which you should check! I hope you enjoy these, and if you got your own UI Designs, drop a comment! Cheers. ;)

The Mobile Book by Smashing Magazine - Book Suggestion

The book suggestion of this week is about mobile design and development. I started reading the book but haven't finished yet, however I can say that the parts I read were really good, not only because some of my favorite authors wrote them but they are easy to read, very motivating and provide us some great insights from professionals with deep knowledge of the field.

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