Free Mockups: iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

It's a tradition for designers where whenever there is a new iPhone Announcement, the question is who is going to release the newest model mockups for us to update our UI presentations?! Well, it's no short answer but the amazing folks from LS Graphics did it again and for the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. We always have enjoyed their work on ABDZ, you should definitely check out their store for more.

Artboard Studio: The last Mockup Creator tool you will ever need.

Let us introduce Artboard Studio, what is it? Let's say it will be the first and last mockup creator tool you will ever need. It's a browser-based application that let you create your own mockups, remember those huge Photoshop file? No more! I have been using it in Beta for a couple weeks now and I am loving it! First of all, it's integrated with most of our design tools like Sketch, InVision Studio, Framer, Photoshop and more. In the screenshot below, as you can see the UI interface is quite similar to Sketch.

Freebie: A collection of mesh gradients by LS Graphics

Again, the awesome folks from Lstore Graphics have been pulling together another rad freebie that we would love to share on ABDZ. For those who don't know about Lstore Graphics, they are amazing at handcrafting goodies us designers with premium quality goods for presentations, mockups and so forth. Today they are sharing a collection of 100 free mesh gradients coming in formats like Sketch, AI (Adobe Illustrator), .eps, .jpg and .png. Check it out!

Introducing Designer's Presentation Kit with lots of Mockups by LS Graphics

It's Friday and it's usually a good day to spark your inspiration. We love the work from the mighty folks from LS Graphics. They always have been amazing at creating premium quality mockups for our work. They have recently released a Designer's Presentation Kit with lots of mockups of iPhone 8, iPhone X, MacBooks and more. With more than 360+ mockups in 79 different scenes, that's quite a good amount. Check it yourself and keep it inspiring!

Free Phone Mockup for your next Presentation

Currently celebrating a long Weekend in Canada, for the occasion I wanted to share a cool free phone mockup by the folks from LStore Graphics; to start off the week right. I've always enjoyed the high level of design work they provide into their goods whatever it is free or for purchase. For this case, you are introduced to a super minimal mockup where you can really focus on the content instead on the phone details. Get it now and it's available for Sketch and Photoshop.

Free Branding Mockups

Presentation is very important for any project and designer's portfolio and it doesn't matter if it's for client or personal projects. Sometimes, however, for personal projects we have just the designs and layouts but not the final product, especially for branding. That's why it's nice to have good mockups not only to show the work but to see how it would look like in context, in my opinion that's the most important part.

Free Branding Mockup

What's better than free Mockups? Today I wanted to share this pretty cool branding mockup that you can use for your own brand or for you very own clients. Enjoy!

MacBook Pro - 15 Free Mockups

Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kovalenko designed this amazing Macbook Pro Mockup and it's all free for download. This includes 15 scalable, pixel-perfect and photorealistic mock-ups of MacBook Pro with Retina display to use it as you want. Enjoy! For more from Dmitry Kovalenko visit, and

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