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The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design - Book

The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design - Book

The book suggestion of this week is titled The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design by Martin Eidelberg, Thomas Hine, Pat Kirkham, David A. Hanks and C. Ford Peatross. The book is about one of the most iconic modernist chairs, The Eames LC. As a industrial design major, checking books about chair was a common and pleasant routine back in college. The epitome of Modernist style and luxurious comfort, Charles and Ray Eames's leather-upholstered rosewood-veneered chair and matching ottoman, launched in 1956, is a design classic of the twentieth century. This major publication, celebrating the Lounge Chair's fiftieth anniversary, explores the design in detail and places it in its cultural, historical and social contexts, offering fresh insights into this revered icon and its equally revered creators. - Amazon Authors Martin Eidelberg is professor emeritus of art history at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Thomas Hilne is a social, cultural and design historian and critic. Pat Kirkham is a professor at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture, New York. David Hanks is consulting curator for design at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Michigan. C.Ford Peatross is curator of the Architecture, Design, and Engineering Collections, Prints and Photographs Division, at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Buy book

Beautiful Geometric Illustrations of Matthew Lyons

Beautiful Geometric Modernist Illustrations by Matthew Lyons

Following our series of illustrations with retro, modernist and geometric style we bring to you 2 projects from Matthew Lyons: Locations and Sections of the guide. We featured Matthew before but it's always inspiring seeing his work. LOCATION Some people maybe have nine scoundrel pals, but some people have twenty nine scoundrel to talk about weather and what they do on weekend. Takes Dorothy nine day to get past smeg small talk and be your friend. Cassandra can do it in two day, but she has loads of hobby like soggy swimming and train the dog, so probably have something in common to turn you from scoundrel to pal. Maybe when grow up we consider log as friend, or never care like it’s scoundrel. There are people who need log and people who need fog, maybe depends what location humanoid grows in. Harvest Mountain Snow Underground Riverside Sea Underwater SECTIONS OF THE GUIDE Poised I’m ready to wield my flailing limbs. There is only one place I could be. In the disco and humans want to have a pop with other humanoids. Cramp crusty dance floor it’s clammy, only a thimble full of room to flail. In the olden days they had room to spread engineered eagle eyed choreographed joint bending to the stretching. Sensual shuffling is our best. Tucked away too long on a cluttered cramped world wide web our ideas all the same. Just met Ethel and she supplies streamlined silky small talk questions. I answer them and explain the corner of the web which I’m tucked in, it’s saying nothing to you, I wish it did say something to everyone. For more information about Matthew Lyons, visit his website at