NBA Finals'19: Mosaic Portraits for Bleacher Report - Sport Illustrations

Charis Tsevis has shared mosaic portraits he worked for Bleacher Report during the time of the NBA Finals. We are right in the middle of the series and it's an exciting moment (Hello from Canada!). Charis is an illustrator from Paphos, Cyprus which is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. We have shared his work before on ABDZ, his work is quite unique and sure is taking a tremendous effort to accomplish. Let's check it out!

Incredible Photo Mosaics

Charis Tsevis strikes again with an incredible project. He designed 38 photo mosaics for The Emirates Air Line "New Perspective" campaign where each mosaic shows a different destination the airline offers. Each photo mosaic is a piece art made out of hundreds of photos. For more about Charis Tsevis visit

Creative Cloud Mosaic

For the 2014 release of Creative Cloud, Adobe is celebrating creativity by bringing together amazing artists from around the world to remix the Creative Cloud logo into a collaborative mosaic. Each artist gets one tile. The finished piece will be an expression of the endless possibilities of Creative Cloud. These are only a few pieces of the puzzle, to view the entire mosaic go to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Cubes Mosaic in Pixelmator

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a really nice effect from mixing a mosaic pattern with a photo. We will play around with masks and other basic filters, but the outcome will be very cool. Step 1 Open Pixelmator, and create a new document. I am using a size of 1440×900 pixels. Fill the background layer with black, and import the cubes pattern texture by clicking here. Insert it into your design.

Unbelievable Mosaic Portraits

These are nothing like the usual mosaics you seen before, these portraits are so amazing by the way they are created and how amazing the result is. These mosaic artworks are created by the Greek designer and visual artist Charis Tsevis.

Incredible Work of Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is a graphic design from Athens, Greece. His work has a lot of influence from the Gestal Psicology, which he studied in College. His work is full of mosaics, portraits and images formed by thousands of tiny little photos of objects. Sometimes it reminds a bit of pixel art, simply awesome. My name is Charis Tsevis and I am a visual designer, living and working at Athens, Greece. I run my own studio under the name “Tsevis Visual Design” with my beloved wife Eva and our colleagues both for domestic or foreign projects.

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