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Illustrated Movie Posters by Matthew Ferguson

Illustrated Movie Posters by Matthew Ferguson

It's always cool to see an awesome movie poster, even more when that poster is fan made! We often get to see some fantastic examples of these fan made pieces, and today is no different, as we get to see the work of Matthew Ferguson, from the UK. He's got a dope set of posters, going from Guardians of the Galaxy to Star Trek classics. These are pretty awesome, but only a handful! For much more of these, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART! He'll definitely enjoy the attention. Cheers! ;)

Stunning Collection of Kick-Ass Artworks

Stunning Collection of Kick-Ass Artworks

The legendary writer Mark Millar and "The Marvelman" John Romita Jr. made this awesome comic book called "Kick-ass" back on 2008. The general reception was quite good for a debut comic and so we had the movie adaptation on 2010 and now the sequel. I don't know about you guys, but right now I'm super excited to see the new movie, some new characters and a whole new story to see. But for now let's see some super cool artworks from a great range of artists. Katlyn Richards DanLuVisiArt Ricken-Art Miguel Co John Pabrua Christian G. Marra Christian G. Marra 3yen saadirfan Ricken-Art emmshin Orathio knaicha ironblade87 Ricken-Art ELJolly chikinrise killy3time vassdeviant shoze

Terminator 2 Posters Launch by Signalnoise and helloMuller

Terminator 2 Posters Launch by Signalnoise and helloMuller

James White from Signalnoise is back with a new official poster launch and this time he's not alone. With designer Tom Muller from London, they each created a poster for one of the best SCI-FI movies of all time: Terminator 2: Judgment Day.Mystery Box has collaborated with Studio Canal to produce a limited run of official posters by James White of Signalnoise and Tom Muller of helloMuller for the ultimate cult movie, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. Here are the specifics:Terminator 2 by Signalnoise18″ x 24″ archival quality screen-print, using 100% acid-free inks. Hand numbered. Standard edition of 425, metallic variant edition of 90 (dark blue ink replaced with metallic blue). Hand-numbered. Expertly crafted by print-makers Burlesque of North America.All Rights to SignalnoiseIn ProductionAll Rights to SignalnoiseAll Rights to SignalnoiseAll Rights to SignalnoiseAll Rights to SignalnoiseFor more information about the Signalnoise aka James White, you can check it out his website at and also follow him on Twitter at @Signalnoise. Terminator 2 by helloMuller18″ x 24″ archival quality screen-print, using 100% acid-free inks. Hand numbered. Standard edition of 200. Hand-numbered. Expertly crafted by print-makers Burlesque of North America.All Rights to helloMullerIn ProductionAll Rights to helloMullerAll Rights to helloMullerAll Rights to helloMullerFor more information about the helloMuller, you can check it out his website at and also follow him on Twitter at @hellomuller. Don't wait up, to buy these posters via the Mystery Box Online Store or follow them for the latest news on Twitter at @MysteryBoxCo. 

Amazing Illustrations Inspired by Movies by Massimo Carnevale

Massimo Carnevale is an artist and comics creator from Italy. We have seen his work published on several blogs and we always gotten incredibly impressed by the quality of his illustrations. In this post we feature a few movie posters he created. For more information visit

DRIVE Poster Launch by James White

As you may have heard, James White designed his version from the movie DRIVE; one of the best movies of 2011. For those who still haven't seen it, you don't know what you're stylishly missing. We are honoured to officially announce that James will put on sale his DRIVE poster for the world and yes he's got all the rights from the movie production FILM DISTRICT. Here are the details… DRIVE Poster by James White In James's Words The Signalnoise DRIVE posters will be printed on a Heidelberg press at 22? x 28? on Starbrite Velvet 80lb cover. Additionally, There will be a very small run of 24? x 36? oversized DRIVE posters available on semi-gloss poster stock. If you are looking at getting one of these ones on launch day I urge you to act fast as the numbers will be very low. Here are the summarized details: DRIVE poster launch: January 19, 2012, random time in the afternoon 22? x 28" posters, edition of 300: $50.00 + shipping 24? x 36" posters, edition of 30: $90.00 + shipping The Signalnoise Store will be activated and I'll be announcing the exact time via my Twitter on launch day to purchase the DRIVE posters. The absolute best way to get a head start is to follow my Twitter, as I will be posting the news as soon as they are available. To dispel any rumours, there is no lottery and the DRIVE posters will be available first come, first served. Mark your calendars. Links: Signalnoise Studio - Twitter -!/Signalnoise Facebook - Signalnoise Store -

Retro Horror Movie Posters

It's Halloween! We all have our ways of celebrating this holiday, some of us will do some trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, playing pranks, telling scary stories or like me watch some old horror movies. This is a showcase of retro horror posters of famous and not-so famous movies from the mid 30s until the late 80s. They are mostly illustrated but in my opinion are the most successful of expressing the emotions and triggering your imagination of fear. For more information on the movie posters, simply click on the image and you'll be redirected to IMDB Site (Internet Movie Database). Michael Jackson's Thriller Video Clip

Vector Movie Posters by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki has been a freelance illustrator since 2005, working out of from Poznan, Poland. His work is totaly awesome and his vector illustrations are amazing.This vector movie posters series is an experiment work where Grzegorz picked his favorite movies to work with, the process was simple, as he picked and vectorized his favorite actor out of each movie and then added some typography to finish the posters. The result is very unique, and some of these posters could very well be the real poster for the movies represented. Which movie poster would you like him to create next? For more from Grzegorz visit

Wonderful Illustrations of the Wizard of Oz

Wonderful Illustrations of the Wizard of Oz

I guess we all love classic movies, right? The most worship one of those old, classic ones, is probably the Wizard of Oz, with all the speculations behind it... Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon sync and all that. It is truly a wonderful and full of meanings movie. So, we received the suggestion by email from Sara "Batman", asking us to make a illustration post of it! So, Sara, here it is! If you got a suggestion and would like to tell us, send us an email! We'll be more than happy to analize your request. I really hope you guys enjoy my selection, and don't forget to visit the artists, alright? Cheers, good people! ;)

The Awesomeness of Old B Horror Movies

Retro horror movies posters are pretty sweet, and designing them requires much more than just checking references and all that. The best reference to make a killer horror movie poster is to actually watch some old B horror movies! I know that Halloween is gone, but we don't need an excuse to design and watch cool trailers, right? So here I made a selection of some really trashy, retro B horror movies trailers for your delight. I really hope you get the purpose of this: inspire the hell out of you. I hope you can still have a good night of sleep by the end of this post. Cheers! ;p Monster in the Closet (1987) Gorgo (1960) Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (1967) Magic (1978) The Gate (1987) Hell of the Living Dead (1980) The Legend of Hell House (1973) Deranged (1974) The Evil (1978) The House of the Witch (1975) This one is my FAVORITE.

Back to the Future Tribute

Next year, the greatest story ever told will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. For me, Back to the Future is the best trilogy that there is, flawless or not, and since I was presented with the dvd set, I watched the full trilogy at once, and that was one great experience. I was so excited about it that I started looking for all things Back to the Future over the internet, and found a bunch of things, from posters to screen caps, and memorabilia, and other cool stuff. Since it is a 80's movie, it totally has to do with Abduzeedo's source of inspiration: the 80's culture. Take as an example the hover board and its bright colors: pink, lime, yellow, with its diagonal lines and patterns. There could be a wallpaper out of it. Or remember the 2015 Nike worn by Marty McFly... who doesn't love its futuristic design? Who? :p That said, the most natural thing to do was to pay tribute to these fantastic films, and share if you guys some awesome findings. All I hope is that the future generations get to know this trilogy, and join the legion of fans worldwide. Also, we'd love to know how do you like the trilogy. What do you like about it the most? Tell us! Cheers. ;) Behold the Flux Capacitor "It's what makes time travel possible!" The sweet, sweet Nike McFly Robert Zemeckis and Michael J. Fox chilling out. The DeLorean. The DeLorean in Back to the Future. Miniature of the DeLorean in Back to the Future II. Miniature of the DeLorean in Back to the Future III. Miniature of the DeLorean on rails in Back to the Future III. This is a WEDDING CAKE. Seriously. Man Restores Griff Tannen's Hover BMW From Back To The Future 2 Check out all the Filming Locations! ;) And of course, I've saved the best for last. It totally surprised me, and I can't wait to test it. Now you ask: "What are you talking about, Paulo?". I'm talking about the best game mod ever conceived: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mod All I can talk about is: Check out the download page, check out the videos! You'll freak out as much as I did. ;p

10 Years of The Matrix

10 years ago a true revolution began. With the release of the first installment of The Matrix franchise, the movies industry was not the same anymore. To celebrate it, we've got some awesome pictures and clips to show you. Bring it on! Bullet time and slow motion kung fu fight scenes drew a new line on how movies were made back then. I remember with awe how stunned I was the first time I watch The Matrix in a movie theater... and even after having watched it so many time, it still facinates me. The Wachowski brothers are THE MEN. I really hope there's a 10th Anniversary commemorative DVD on its way... anyways, here my selection of pictures, to celebrate the 10 Years of The Matrix. And of course, here's some of the best scenes from the trilogy. Gotta love it! :)

Video of the Week #34

When it comes to cool animated movies, one of the most beautiful and interesting techniques is stop motion. Giving life to real dolls through out a whole movie is a though task, and Henry Selick's Coraline is all about it. This a trailer for the movie, which is totally awesome and beatifully done. It's already up and running in theaters everywhere. You guys will really enjoy it! Cheers! ;)

Old School B-Movies Posters

Movie posters are probably one of the best ways to check some cool designs. Hollywood posters tend to look alike... floating heads, photoshop effects and all that. But B-movies are in another level of coolness for sure. B-Movies posters usually are corny, but its old school feel makes just the trick. And of course, not only the design itself is cool, but also the movies names. Seriously... some of these are truly bad ass. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, which were found at cool B-movies blog called "Wrong site of the Art". I encourage you people to visit it, there are tons of posters there!! Cheers!

Helvetica Documentary Film Giveaway

Everybody knows and use or have used Helvetica, it's one of the most famous and used typeface in the world. It's so famous that there is a movie about it. Produced and directed by Gary Hustwit, Helvetica shows us the proliferation and how we are always surrounded by this great font created by Max Miedinger with Edüard Hoffmann in 1957 for the Haas Type Foundry in Münchenstein, Switzerland. Also we have one copy of the film to give away. Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. The film is an exploration of urban spaces in major cities and the type that inhabits them, and a fluid discussion with renowned designers about their work, the creative process, and the choices and aesthetics behind their use of type. Helvetica encompasses the worlds of design, advertising, psychology, and communication, and invites us to take a second look at the thousands of words we see every day. Interviewees in Helvetica include some of the most illustrious and innovative names in the design world, including Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter, Massimo Vignelli, Wim Crouwel, Hermann Zapf, Neville Brody, Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Bierut, David Carson, Paula Scher, Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones, Experimental Jetset, Michael C. Place, Norm, Alfred Hoffmann, Mike Parker, Bruno Steinert, Otmar Hoefer, Leslie Savan, Rick Poynor, Lars Muller, and many more. Trailer: Helvetica Trailer from New Video Digital on Vimeo. Poster Helveticais now available as a digital download for USA iTunes users. Giveaway To win a copy of the Helvetica Film just leave a comment with your email. The winner will be announced next week. For more information about the movie, visit