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Alternate Movie Poster Concepts by Karl Fitzgerald

Who doesn't love movie posters! It's generally rare to stumble across a movie poster that you would appreciate the overall design enough. They are usually too corny with flame radiant effects coming from everywhere and big bold fonts. You know what I mean, see this link. On the other hand, we are taking a look at the alternate movie poster concepts by Karl Fitzgerald. He is a freelance illustrator based in London, UK.

Movie Poster Series by Laura Racero

We’ve been encountering a several designers having their take in movie posters. I mean who doesn’t love movies? We are still waiting in line for movies and eating popcorn! We are still embracing the movie experience at its best. With the amount of content we can find online about our favourite movies, with that much content it’s always great what you can stir up with a redesign and a concept. Especially when you just watched the movie and you’re feeling inspired to create.

A Movie Poster A Day

It’s been quite some time we last heard or seen any interesting 365 days project on Abduzeedo. We might think that designers and artists might go for a simpler route to do lettering, typography, motion or else. Some designers decided to go on another route, right to the core at making posters.

15 Awesome Movie Posters from 2015

2015 has been a great year so far for cinephiles everywhere, but there are still some great movies to come that will be the icing of this delicious cake. One of the greatest assets of a movie is its promotional poster. A great movie might have a horrible poster, and the opposite may be true: a horrible movie might have a great poster. So I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at some of the coolest movie posters from 2015. I know some of these are not official posters, but fan-made, but some are so good that I've made some exceptions.

Conceptual Movie Poster Series by Andy Fairhurst

Andy Fairhurst is an digital artist based in North Wales, United Kingdom. With his tools of trade, Andy will digitally paint any sci-fi and fantasy artworks beautifully. We are showcasing here his movie poster series, it's just amazing. All Rights to Andy Fairhurst

Disaster Movies Posters

It seems we're still here. All that hype and we didn't get to see any disaster. Oh boy. But no worries! There are plenty disaster movies for our end of the world needs. Here are some examples of some famous (and some not so much) disaster movies posters. Some of these are really awesome, like '28 days later'. These are only a few, but you may find more at Enjoy the rest of you life, guys. Cheers. ;)

Amazing Illustrations Inspired by Movies by Massimo Carnevale

Massimo Carnevale is an artist and comics creator from Italy. We have seen his work published on several blogs and we always gotten incredibly impressed by the quality of his illustrations. In this post we feature a few movie posters he created. For more information visit

Remarkable Minimalistic Movie Posters

Gotta love movie posters! I mean, the fan-made ones, because Hollywood has been doing the same posters for the past decades and it's being really annoying to see such similar posters. That's why I love fan-made, minimalistic posters.

Fantastic Movie Posters by David Amblard

Who doesn't like movie posters? Probably very few people, because as far as I know, people love an awesome poster hanging on their walls. David Amblard definitely love to put his own vision on some classic movies.

Super Nice Vintage Movie Posters

I really love movie posters, and I get all pumped when get to see some awesome vintage posters like these! These are indeed some super nice examples of how awesome movie posters were back then, and how much movie poster designers should learn from these.

Avatar Movie: Posters, Wallpapers and More

Ok, we are all waiting to see the Avatar Movie... and until December 18th there is not much for us to do besides wait and browse around for some new images, posters or any other detail about the movie. You may like this whole avatar deal or not, but you need to agree that this movie is a HUGE technological production!

30 Fan-made Movie Posters

People's mind is the greatest place to find some cool designs. Designers that love movies often make some cool poster designs that are really fun to see! And there are plenty out there for us to see! Here are some.

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