Exquisite Photographs by Jacob W. Frank

When you're into the wild you'll witness many great views and scenarios. Jacob W. Frank, is an American photographer that captures amazing moments during his adventure trips, and they're breathtaking. These are only a handful of his work. For more of it, please visit his photostream at Flickr! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Cheers! ;)

Insanely Beautiful Butterflies

Most people might not like insects, but there's no reason to not appreciate the beauty of butterflies. They get to be insanely beautiful, in a variety of colors and patterns, which is super amazing. Also, I love the fact that their markings are symmetric and look so much like the Rorschach test. It's pretty fantastic, really. I hope you appreciate these, and don't forget to click each photo to visit each photographer's page! Cheers. ;)

Beautiful 3D Nature Scenes

Whenever I see an awesome 3D render of a nature scene I get really excited about it and I start craving to play games like Far Cry or Battlefield, just to explore a beautiful 3D world. Here are some fantastic pieces made by Massimo Verona... check it out! Massimo comes up with fantastic 3D nature scenes. These are so beautiful that it would be awesome to experience these in real life. He really managed to translate the beauty of nature into these 3D renders. Kudos to him.

Sound Design: Elements of Nature

Today I would like to introduce you to a very creative technique to create sounds from elements of nature and day to day objects. I will share with you a few really cool videos. The first one is from a japanese TV ad and what is interesting about this one is the way that the creators of this piece went all the way back to the very beginning of sound design to recreate a classic from J.S Bach.

Impossible Vector Art by Human Nature 84

People always ask me If ever get bored of doing vectors and the answer is always "I can't". Why? Because, as most of you, I also got heroes on what I do and these guys are one of the main reasons I can't quit. Human Nature 84 is probably my favorite vector artist, not just because of his personal style, but because of the revolution his making on vector graphics. As me, you won't believe that every of this artworks bellow are all vector made, no mesh or blends used, just pure vector.

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