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Vintage Photography by Neil Krug

Retro photography seems to be a trend at the moment, apps like Instagram and Hisptamatic conquer new user day-a-day, also the Lomo cameras are back. But if I can choose a photographer that could be consider the master of vintage photography would be definately Neil Krug. Light leaks, lens flare and grain textures are common characteristics on his pieces, he work nowadays not only as a photographer, but also as a video director, working for many bands as My Chemical Romance and Tame Impala. Neil Krug's photography and directorial video work often touches on a rough, vintage, psychedelic feel. In other work, he captures the simple beauty of landscapes as well as the female form. His body of work is a range of music videos & photography for such bands as My Chemical Romance, Ratatat, Devendra Banhart, Ladytron, Tame Impala, Canyons, Sea Wolf, The Pierces, Dri, and White Flight (Neil's Website). BOARDS OF CANADA - IN A BEAUTIFUL PLACE OUT IN THE COUNTRY from Neil Krug on Vimeo. With you wanna know more about Neil Krug and his work, access his Website or his Flickr