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The Totally Amazing New Campaign Monitor Office

I'm already a big fan and user of Campaign Monitor, the guys managed to build a beautiful and easy to use tool that focuses on using things properly. But beyond that, last week when I saw their new office I was amazed, really, is one of the best places for work that I've ever seen! After software, the most important tool to a hacker is probably his office. Big companies think the function of office space is to express rank. But hackers use their offices for more than that: they use their office as a place to think in. And if you're a technology company, their thoughts are your product. So making hackers work in a noisy, distracting environment is like having a paint factory where the air is full of soot. - Paul Graham, Great Hackers Saying that I would love to work on it would be repetitive, but I need to repeat that to be clear: how I wanted to work in that place! The architects met the needs of the team and managed to make a very cozy space focused on work. Each person has its private office, but a large dining area bring all of them together at least a few times per day, and of course there are some stuff to enjoy even more this place, such as the beautiful ping pong tables and Guitar Hero! All corners of this incredible office make me think again, will I ever have an office like this? The architect also came up with some beautiful joinery that runs the length of the new dining area to house our growing book collection. To satisfy our ping pong obsession he managed to fit in two new championship tables, some custom joinery for bat/ball storage and a touch screen scoring system. You can check the whole description of the news office at

Galilée, an Amazing Office Building in France

The office building located near Toulouse in France, is a project by Studio Bellencour Architects. A work with an amazing composition, use of shapes and materials! Bellencour Architects managed to join the straight and hard lines of two office buildings with a layer of concrete so light that looks more like paper. This twisted form, which unites the building marks the entrance of the complex, controls entry of light in offices and even prevents overheating in summer. The proximity of the airport and the urban context without many building are referenced in the horizontal lines, made with aluminum. Incredible and modern, these are my conclusions on this building! The difference of shape and the resemblance of materials make fraternal twins out of these two buildings, which works to maintain options for future users of the space. - Studio Bellecour © Nicolas Borel © Nicolas Borel © Christophe Picci © Nicolas Borel © Nicolas Borel © Nicolas Borel The aesthetic of Galilée results from a combination of an interpretation of these urban rules, the immediate aeronautical context, and from the environmental requirements given in the specifications of the UDZ. - Studio Bellecour © Nicolas Borel © Nicolas Borel © Quentin Jeandel © Quentin Jeandel © Quentin Jeandel © Quentin Jeandel Thanks Archdaily for the tip!

Wonderful Office from Sidney Quintela Architects

Some people like to say that can't work at the beach, that they loose focus around great beaches. Here in Brazil there is an office located in Salvador, Bahia that is a great example about how the beach can actually be a great inspiration for your everyday work routine. Besides the really nice architecture, the views are simply astonishing. Sidney Quintela is an architecture office that works with several kinds of projects, from houses to stores, to restaurants and big buildings. The workday for an architect can be pretty heavy, but I'm sure that a place like this inspire great ideias and quality of initiatives - which probably leads the architects to complete their drawings faster. They have big spaces, the white color takes most of the spaces and everything is bright and clear, besides the huge windows with really nice beach views. The architecture of Sidney Quintela starts by the observation of new metropolitan society habits, where the need of a reinvention of spaces appears - at the same time that they don't want to loose the influence of the local culture, nature and its surroundings. Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Photo by Xico Diniz Thanks for the tip Office Snapshots!

Old and New at the Novan & Vesson’s Architecture Office

Ok, today I think I'll let our young architect readers more than happy, and the office lovers also, of course! This is the Novan & Vesson’s office, a team of architects from Spain. A beautiful example of interior architecture mixing modern elements inside an old building. Simply wonderful! I believe that this office must be the dream of every architect. An old building, with walls carefully worked to integrate with the new materials, exposing the age of the original architecture and daring aesthetically with the new elements. The facade of the building is already a call for imagination, and when you enter the place, creativity pops even more in front of our eyes. Honestly, I would live in a place like this, really! Our work is characterized by the projection of sincerity, is a continuous process looking for the beauty in nakedness and in the power of truth. Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Santos-Díez © Photos via

Inside the Studio of Design By Front

Design By Front is an amazing web design studio from Northern Ireland. Front is an eclectic team of creative thinkers, designers, technologists, project managers and writers which makes them one of the top web design studios of the world. Here you will take a look inside the studio and find out more about their work. I encourage everyone to visit their website The Studio People often tell us our studio is ‘really cool’, and more often than not, clients ask to have meetings here. We usually blush, say shucks and move on – but we’re genuinely proud of where we come to work. We’re asked to be creative on behalf of our clients, so we need a space that encourages the building blocks of creativity; collaboration, exploration, and good old fashioned hard work, but also a space that feels like home. It has to help us do our job, and be ourselves. We have areas for both client and internal team meetings and when required groups of us migrate to the conference room or get comfy on the sofas. A collaborative space doesn’t need to be all bean bags and lava lamps… it can be the kitchen, a park bench or the parking lot. To find out more about their studio visit The Front Studio: Creating a Great Environment Their Work Abbey Theatre The National Theatre of Ireland gets a fresh rebrand. Book online with a view from your seat and catch up with behind the scenes blogs. NoPostie A new online service for sending unique animated messages featuring Tatty Teddy & Violent Veg to friends, family and loved ones from Carte Blanche Greetings. BBC Irish Portal Promoting Irish Language Culture through a huge audio, visual and editorial archive. Starring Me to You A lovely new mini-site for the Christmas ad featuring Tatty Teddy. We love stop-motion animation! TLC LSDA asked Front to create a place for educators to share, collaborate and learn. We created TLC, with just enough tenderness, love and care.