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Inspiring Packages: Electronics and Books

Last week we published a post showing Beautiful Packages: Bottles and the post was a hit! As some readers suggested us to keep a package related post in our weekly schedule, here I'm, posting about package again. This post won't be a series or something like that... this one will 'go with the flow' and 'per demand', so stay tuned and let us know if you want to keep reading them. ;) Today we will show you a few inspiring electronics and book related packages.

30 Beautiful & Inspiring Packages

I simply love beautiful packages! It's great that some companies give the proper care and attention on providing great packages for their products and consequently, their clients. I'm the kind of person that would try a new product because of its package. The style, color, shape, material... everything counts. And I'm very thankful that we have some very talented designers to deliver beautiful and inspiring packages to us. There is one particular website about packaging that I love, which is Lovely Package.

Ultimate Dark Package Design Inspiration

The first real customer experience we have when we get a new product is the package. Of course you might say that with the internet we can buy online and see the product before buying it, I know I get it, but the package design is a very inportant part of the customer experience. The unboxing process is exciting, Apple has shown us that it really matters, and whe have been seeing more and more companies following that wagon. In this post I decided to look for really cool package designs, but not randomly or super famous pacakges such as the awesome Apple boxes.

Project Study: Doritos Package

What started as a school project turned out to be a very serious concept of a new package for Doritos. In the created hands of the student and designers Petar Pavlov everything is designed for a reason and here you will learn everything about this package design project. Make sure you leave your comment with your opinions about it.

10 Awesome Package Designs

Have you ever bought something just because its package? Well, these package designs are definitely one of a kind and they do make you want to get them regardless of what is inside. This list contains different kind of packages but they all have some in common; they are awesome, check it out! Absolut Vodka Rock Edition Introduced this past August 10th, the Absolut Vodka Rock Edition comes with an insane package design that will rock your world.

The Amazing Dell Adamo Laptop

Mac has been been a clear sign of flawless design... simple, but functional, and for a long time, PC market had been ignoring that fact, but we are seeing some changes before our eyes. The Dell Adamo shows us that they got lots of hidden cards to compete in terms of design. Adamo comes to compete with Macbook Air, and for that, it's also known as the "Macbook Air Killer". It's always nice to see a big league competition, mainly because consumers get awesome deals out of it.

Starbucks Style, Design and Products

Today I was really thinking on a Starbucks coffee. As I don't have this option here at my hometown Porto Alegre and I really admire the whole style of this brand I decided to get material from them to show here. I did some research and read more about their concept of designing and their team work.

Amazing Package Designs

Every now and then I post a bunch of really cool package designs to keep everyone updated to what's new on this side of town, this time is no different I made an amazing selection of package designs that would make you buy the product and not throw away the package.

Lovely Package Design Projects

Once again I made a selection of package designs but this time I went a little deeper and got a lovely selection of great package design projects, so you can get a lot of views of each project and also find out more each design.

The Joy of Opening an Apple Package

If the small pleasures are really the ones that count, there's a special one that I had the opportunity to try in its full power last month. After being a PC user for over 15 years, I've bought my first Mac. I gotta confess that I got pretty anxious waiting for the delivery. But after 3 days, it finally arrived at my home, my dream came true. I had heard the things people say about unpacking a Mac, of how much of a powerful experience it might be, and I can say, they were right. First, the distributor box was nothing special, just a cardboard regular one, not fancy or anything.

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