Branding: Cozy Cotton by Tom Jueris

Cozy Cotton is a branding and package design project shared by Tom Jueris on his Behance profile. The elegance of the design that Tom created is evident by the classic all caps serif with some details in italic. I also really like the script font/handwriting applications. It does give a touch of character and make the whole design feel upscale. Below you can see a bit more about the project.

Packaging Projects with Sweety & Co.

I would like to share the work from Sweety anc Co who is studio based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. They strongly focus their work in branding, packaging and it’s amazing! At first glance, you’ll notice the colour palette is quite vibrant with fluo colours of green, purple, pink and more. The second thing you will notice is the variety of branding work, they aren’t only focus in one specific style but many including funky illustration, CGI, pattern work and more.

Le Jardin Tattoo Wine - Packaging

In a middle of revamping a client’s branding design, as most of us will do, we’ll find paid time to surf around and see what’s going out there as inspiration and for this case in branding. I wouldn’t necessary look for any trends to apply but simply surfing around and let my mind go free. I stumbled across this beautiful packaging design by and her concept for a fictional wine brand.

Boontheshop Branding

Simple and elegant branding work is always inspiring, at least for me. The Boontheshop project by NR2154NYC is an amazing example. Boontheshop is Seoul’s leading luxury concept store and of course the branding work reflects that. It's pretty much black and white and minimalistic. I know this type of project doesn't work for a broader audience but boy it looks cool, at least just to see the attention to details, from the packaging to the semi-serif typeface, everything seems very well-crafted.

Bó Burger and Fries Branding

Working on a brand identity is always a good challenge, it's not for nothing that most of us has multiple different practices to understand more the client and ultimately be on the same page. Let's take a look at the visual identity of Bó - Burger and Fries, a culinary place located in Kielce, Poland. Behind this mixed branding, the folks from Hopa Studio took on this project in branding, interior design and packaging as well.

Day & Night Branding

There's a thing I will always do appreciate about  branding is that creating/making a identity takes a lot more process than we always think. When you think of this, you gotta work on the layout, fonts, colours and above all the concept. Once you have that knotted into place, you gotta think about so many packaging items to deal with for which it even becomes more interesting and conceptual work.

SAMURAI Packaging

I mostly do think a lot about our waste and how we should recycle things that we use every day. Not to a level of being an extreme cheap stake but to be aware of common good practices for a better future. This is why I am totally digging this package design by Fanny Löfvall, Nanna Basekay and Oliver Sjöqvist. They made the package design with the design thinking of being more eco-responsible, playful and practical at the same time.

Roasting Masters Branding + Packaging

Having traveled across the World (specifically in Asia) in the last few months, I can admit that the design culture is bizarrely modified in some ways. What's happening from the Eastern part of the World is getting inspired by their Western party as well. And vice-versa. We are featuring the branding + packaging of the Roasting Masters company, a 10-year-old company that has been running into the coffee industry. They had their whole brand revamped by Content For Context, let's take a closer look.

Legurmê Branding & Packaging Design

Legurmê is a gourmet antipasti brand that targets young consumers with busy routines that seek high quality and convenient products. The colors differ the flavors of each antipasti, forming a collection of harmonious labels. Let's take a look at their beautiful branding & packaging design. Designed by Brazilian creative studio IndustriaHED.


I haven't worked on a branding project in quite a long time as I've been keeping my focus on UI/UX and prototyping for the past few years. That doesn't mean that my thirst for branding has ceased. I love seeing projects posted on Behance and the whole development, especially those with beautiful presentation, like the project I am featuring today. NO WIFI - SURVIVAL KIT is a branding and packaging work that is certainly an inspiration to me.

Identity & Packaging of Salva Craft Beer

The visual identity developed for Salva Craft Beer, a growing artisanal brewery from Brazil, is based on a handcrafted logo that has been gone through manual and digital processes that added dust, scratches and noises to the original art and labels, so each one has an unique visual. The beer types harmonizes with the Weekdays, with some mystery reserved for Thursday.

Crew Package Design by Alireza Jajarmi

It's always awesome to see a solid package design! We've seen some great examples before of cool packaging that is visual appealing and most definitely delivers a nice experience to the user. Today we're featuring the package design of Crew, a biodegradable powder mix paint, by designer Alireza Jajarmi. This is a very dope design, with some layers of package that bring together a nice result. For more of Jajarmi's work, please visit his portfolio at Behance! I hope you enjoy these!

Wells Coffee Packaging Design

Graphic Designer Steve Wolf designed this beautiful packaging and branding system for Wells Coffee Co out of Boca Raton Florida. The design is simple and yet amazing, together with a great color combination it will make you want to get this coffee. Check it out! For more from Steve Wolf visit

Nike Football Untouchable Packaging

Some of us might think that Branding is going to the same direction as Print where the Digital World is taking over things. I'd liked to think to the contrary where I feel creative projects can be achieved just like this beautiful project from Hovercraft. Nike Football asked us to create a limited package for their most technically advanced cleat, the Vapor Untouchable.

Rawganique Package Design

Handmade design is a super sweet style. It gives products that rustic feel and adds a notion of humanity to it... add a slogan like "made by humans to humans" and you're set to go. Peltan-Brosz, a design agency from Budapest came up with package design for Rawganique, a handcrafted products manufacturer based on Canada. Check it out!

Unique Package Design

It's always awesome to see a very well designed package! There are a lot of talented designers out there doing some super sweet pieces, so today we've selected mainly liquid containers, like bottles, flasks, pots and more. Here you can see some fantastic examples of unique package design! For more information on these works, please click each image! If you got your own package design, don't forget to share it with us, because we'd love to see it! I hope you enjoy this selection. Cheers! ;)

Patron Gift Packaging Design

Check out this amazing gift packaging design from Patron filled with handcrafted ingredients and some extremely beautiful design. Every little detail was well put together and the results is great, enjoy!

Vector Scouts by Ryan Putnam

Vector Scouts is a really cool project by Ryan Putnam ranging from illustration and logo design, to icons, packaging and collateral design. The style of the illustrations and the vector work is top-notch making him one of my favorite illustrators out there right now. Ryan is a super talented designer behind Rypearts. With a rich background in fine art, graphic design, and illustration Ryan is Rype Arts’ rampant right brain – the branding medicine man with the right recipes for distinguishing imagery. He is fluent in multiple design disciplines and technologies.

Package Design: Leica Limited Edition Fedrigoni

A piece of tailor made paper merges an extraordinary packaging concept and an exceptional product into one. Sold in Fedrigoni showrooms only, the limited Edition of Leica Cameras is wrapped so intimately by fine paper, the “unboxing” reminds of a paper sample book and turns into a Fedrigoni brand experience.

Beautiful Branding and Packaging Design

Today I want to share this beautiful branding and packaging of a Whiskey brand from Germany. Designer Chad Michael from New York took this project to a whole other level, take a look at this beauty. For more from Chad Michael visit and

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