Ink & Watercolor Painting of Paris

Stefan Bleekrode is an artist and illustrator based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He painted a beautiful and detailed painting of the city of Paris - La belle Ville de lumière. The technique of ink on watercolour paper is just stunning and you can't help to contemplate the level of details and contrast. Sometimes I do miss the purity of art, the hard work, and the patience of seeing the outcome in your head. This is inspiring, hope it will inspire your day.

Paintings of Street Scenes from Japan

A new year has started, alongside my partner and some friends; we all deeply miss Japan. Let's just put it this way and we miss everything about Japan, it's not like we will have the opportunity soon to come back (Hopefully!). But it's a reality we are all facing, other than seeing all the foreigners (and friends too) enjoy themselves and make sure to share them on social media! Nevertheless, we would like to feature the work of Mateusz Urbanowicz, an illustration, background artist, animator based in Tokyo, Japan.

It was the Future... series by Benjamin Bardou

Day 14 of Confinement. Was it the future we all wished a couple of decades ago? One thing for sure, the entire planet is currently experiencing an 'invisible thread' that has touched many for the past weeks. Our advice to you? Listen to your leaders and make sure to take proper hygiene measures to stay safe. Whenever I am watching the news and see the emptiness of some of the cities in the world. You cannot help to think about scenarios of fictional movies about the off-world. It's really weird facing this type of realism.

The Georgia Paintings by Rinat Khabirov

We are looking at this series of illustrations mixed with paintings by Rinat Khabirov. An artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, he shared many impressions and memories from a trip to Georgia. His style is a blend of a photography and painting! I would totally advise to check out his video below, you will to see some of the process and awesome tips as well. Give it a look!

Animal Painting Studies by Guilherme Asthma

Guilherme Asthma is a freelance visual artist from São Paulo, Brazil, he shared a stunning and impressive animal painting studies using Photoshop (for one) and a photograph as a reference. These are righteously fascinating! I took the liberty to share its entire project, my favorite one is actually the 'fox'. I mean just take a look at the different spots of lighting and colors. It's a true master and his craft and it's going to keep on making greater art. Make sure to follow Guilherme' work.

Imaginative & Dreamy Paintings by Asur Misoa

Yesterday as I was scrolling on FB, I noticed a 3D image by Asur Misoa as a tribute for Spirited Away. I wasn't following her work (I am now!) and it was so impressive. I shared her image on ABDZ Facebook and decided to make her own feature on the blog. So here it is, I decided to share also some of her 3D images from Facebook. Hope you will enjoy!

Illustration & Painting: Futurism vs. Passeism

Let's take a pause and look at this illustration series by Oleg Belinsky named Futurism vs. Passeism. You'll notice the mixture of that black solid color, geometrics, lighting and gradients are just a combination of a stunning stylish art. I really love the tone and the details given to the white colour, just add an incredible final touch. I wish there was more of this series but time will let us know and I can't wait to see more of Oleg's work in the near future. Hope you dig it as well!

Une Historie: Delightful Illustrations by Marc Majewski

We're delighted by the whimsical work of French-born, Berlin-based illustrator Marc Majewski and in particular his recent children's picture book titled Une Histoire. The story is an ode to the imagination and daydreaming and takes the reader on a joyous journey by way of endearing illustrations spotlighting Majewski's passion for color and light.

Illustration Portraits for Stylist Magazine by Mercedes deBellard

We are taking a closer look at the work of Spain-based illustrator named Mercedes deBellard and her latest illustration series for Stylist Magazine. Among the people shown in her series, you might have recognized "Mike", the kid from Netflix's Stranger Things. It's a lovely collection of both drawings and paintings; I am quite fascinated by the treatment on the hair. Each portrait is greatly defined by a unique set of lines that characterized their own personalities, it's just beautiful.

Conceptual Art & Illustration by Sylvain Sarrailh

We are looking at the conceptual art & illustration work of Sylvain Sarrailh who is currently based in France. His stylish art always has been a mixture of illustration and also painting. What I like about his art is the non-presence of the main character which is presented as a shadowed silhouette, kind of giving this "Seul Au Monde" atmosphere across. We would definitely suggest you guys check out his ArtStation where you'll see more of his latest work, hope you will enjoy!

Illustration & Painting: My Giant Watercolor Eden

I've always been fascinated about the amount of time spent on an illustration or a painting, maybe it's because I am not patient enough. On the other hand, let's take a look at the stunning work of Maria Tiurina and her art. She focus her work into digital art and character design as well, we are looking at her most detailed watercolour painting to date, it took months to create from the light pencil to the final result. You should definitely check out the timelapse video below.

The Art of Kevin Peterson

Kids, wolves, bears and birds are all part of the sublime art of Kevin Peterson, through the power message/icon of using kids as it's masterpiece is absolutely powerful in my opinion. The image we usually get from children are always related to joy and innocence but surrounded by animals is a totally imaginative approach. With an urban environment, we explore Kevin's pure creativity and craft. Hope you will enjoy!

Swatch POP

Our good friend Rik Oostenbroek has been doing incredible for many many years and he never ceased to upscale his work, change the pace and explore new mediums. These are the right recipes from your personal work to attract possible clients sometimes big brands to work with, well it is the case with Rik. Swatch approached Rik for his experimental & personal FRGMNTS series.

Abstract ABC

Being abstract is somehow part of each one of us, whatever you're an artist, designer, developer or even a QA tester. We work in the universe of art and we gotta find the time and ways to express ourselves. We all need or get the urge of creating/making in our free space. Some of us will design something, take photos, practice lettering or like Jim LePage will paint. We are featuring Jim's and Max's work with their Abstract ABC series.

Moody Illustrations by Elicia Edijanto

Since starting Abduzeedo I've come across an infinite number of inspiring illustrations varying in style. Colorful, 80s, 90s, 3D, you name it and we've probably published it and continue to find inspiration from incredible artists around the globe. To date, I have to say that the work that Elicia Edijanto shared on his Behance profile really deserves to be at the top of my list. It reminds me of the game Limbo because of the mood and aesthetics, however Elicia's work has far more texture and personality.

The Realistic Art of Mike Dargas

Mike Dargas is an artist currently living in Cologne, Germany. As a child, Mike already surpassed an interest for painting and uses oil colour in his early works. Coming from an inspiration of Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giga, Mike's art is a representation of surrealism and realism in a precise form of a photograph. The result is quite astonishing and so real.

Watercolor Illustrations

It's been such a long time since the last post about watercolor illustrations. I am a huge fan of this style and technique going so far as trying to recreate this type of illustration in Photoshop, but nothing beats the real deal, at least till now. It looks like the iPad Pro might have the tech to accomplish that digitally, so let's wait and see, but meanwhile check out the amazing work of Amandine Comte. For more information about Amandine check out

Amazing Hand Painted Portraits by Russell Powell

Russell Powell is an amazing artist who created a unique way to paint portraits by painting them in the palm of his hand and transfering the painting into paper. The result is absolutely amazing, check it out! For more from Russell Powell visit his instagram

Global City Mural

Global City is a project by French artist Deck Two in which he freehand painted a wall using only an acrylic marker. The mural consists of landmarks from all over the globe, and that's where the name came from. Check it out! For more from Deck Two visit

The Art Message of Peter Tunney

Peter Tunney is an artist from New York who developed an amazing style of painting which is a mix of collages with acrylic painting over it and each piece carries a strong and positive message making it an outstanding composition. Check out some of his work on this post and enjoy!

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