Imaginative & Dreamy Paintings by Asur Misoa

Yesterday as I was scrolling on FB, I noticed a 3D image by Asur Misoa as a tribute for Spirited Away. I wasn't following her work (I am now!) and it was so impressive. I shared her image on ABDZ Facebook and decided to make her own feature on the blog. So here it is, I decided to share also some of her 3D images from Facebook. Hope you will enjoy!

The Georgia Paintings by Rinat Khabirov

We are looking at this series of illustrations mixed with paintings by Rinat Khabirov. An artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, he shared many impressions and memories from a trip to Georgia. His style is a blend of a photography and painting! I would totally advise to check out his video below, you will to see some of the process and awesome tips as well. Give it a look!

Exquisite Paintings by Soey Milk

Paintings have a very special place in my heart. Maybe it is because I remember my mom painting her canvases when I was a kid. She loved when she had time to paint. Maybe it is because with so many different mediums out there, I'm a sucker for the good ole oils and canvas combo. I still get amazed with the talent and creativity artists have to create such exquisite artwork using traditional methods. Yes, I do love technology and all the possibilities it brings. But traditional mediums still make my heart race.

Mini Paintings by Lorraine Loots

Lorraine Loots is an artist from Cape Town, South Africa and since 2013 she has been doing a miniature painting every single day. These mini paintings are so amazing and so tiny at the same time, it's incredible how much detail she gets in there. Check them out! For more from Lorraine Loots follow her on instagram @lorraineloots/.

Hyper Realistic Paintings by Rod Penner

Don't be mistaken: not every "photograph" was taken by a camera. Some were conceived in the minds of ultra talented people, like American artist Rod Penner. This guy comes up with astonishingly real images. He depicts some very mundane scenes... small cities, suburbs, things that you would not take a second glance at, but with these paintings you just feel the urge to keep looking and analyzing in awe for not being actual photographs.

Watercolor Paintings by Maja Wronska

Maja Wronska is an artist from Poland and she has a very impressive style of painting. Using only watercolors and specializing in architectural structures, her paintings come to life with a mix of colors and shapes. Enjoy! For more from Maja Wronska visit

Awesome Digital Paintings by Rhads

Artyom Chebokha aka Rhads is an artist from Omsk, Russian Federation who creates some awesome digital paintings. His love for the sea reflects on his paintings that are colorful and have a dreamy feel to them. Enjoy! For more from Rhads visit, and

Amazing Portrait Paintings by Denis Gonchar

Denis Gonchar is a very skilled Illustrator and Painter from Ukraine. I selected some of his amazing portrait paintings to share here and you will be impressed by his works. For more from Denis visit

Surreal Paintings by Jon Fox

I could describe the art of Jon Fox as a perfect mix between abstractionism and figurativism, although I think there's more behind its aesthetic. It's about a a personal journey inside the self, it's almost like we could almost make holograms of our feelings, emotions and thoughts. You can more of this outstanding madness at his Website.

The Polygonal Nature of Laura Bifano

Everybody is quite used with classic nature paintings, but what happens when we try to remix this? Well, I guess Laura Bifano recent paintings are the answer, mixing some classic elements with some modern polygonal artwork that really reminds us video games. If you want to know more about Laura, please access her Website.

Amazing Organic & Geometry Paintings

These amazing Organic and Geometry Paintings were done by Tran Nguyen, a Georgia-based artist. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States. She is fascinated with creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle, treading the mind’s surreal dreamscape. Her paintings are created with a delicate quality using color pencil and thin glazes of acrylic on paper.

Beautiful Paintings by Audrey Kawasaki

Most artist are like wine: the more they keep doing their art, the better they get. Audrey Kawasaki it's not an exception, working almost 10 years on fine arts, her artworks are extremely feminine, sexy, mysterious and sometimes even a bit naughty. I huge fan of her and so I decided to make this big collection of her pieces, from the oldest to the newest, so you can see her progress during these years. You can see some more artworks from Audrey at herWebsite.

The Surreal and Beautiful World of Felipe Bedoya

Some may like and some may dislike the universe created by Felipe Bedoya, as it's apparently looks all cute and beautiful, but beneath each illustration there's a lot of dark secrets hidden. This Colombian mate is one of the top notch artist from the lowbrow movement in latin america, check some of his extraordinary works: If you want to know more about Felipe, you should access his Website.

Beautiful Illustrations by Mike Dutton

Mike Dutton has been a writer/illustrator most of his life. He completed his first book when he was seven, a stapled mass of dot-matrix printer paper filled with leaping dinosaurs. He once drew the entire Sunday Funnies during class, but none of the jokes were funny. In fact, his teacher found them to be quite rude and his parents were asked to pay a visit. Since then, Mike has gone on to make children's storybook illustrations, comics, coloring books, magazine articles, landscape paintings, video game art, and quite possibly a portrait of your dog. He is still learning to be funny, but thinks you might enjoy his increasingly popular online comic, One Swoop Fell (

Expressive Paintings of Raffaele Catania

Raffaele Catania is a craftsman and designer living in Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily. He likes to create, drawings, sketches and paintings, literally getting his hands dirty. He as done work for a variety of products, from small illustration of a book to an extensive mural painting, a detailed wine label to the preparation of a large stand. We were really impressed with Raffaele work, especially the paintings, very expressive, so nothing better than share that with you too.

Beautiful & Inspiring Artworks by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer. His galleries are filled with great stuff and he can walk beautifully between several art directions, creating amazing pieces in any way he goes. Ben studied graphic arts - and worked as a graphic creator for 8 years - and sculpture and also has a degree in journalism. Besides all that he also speaks French, English and Dutch fluently, and some bits of Polish, Spanish and Russian. So don't worry about language issues when you decide to get in touch with him. ;) I really liked his work!

Surrealist Drawings by Reality-must-die

I have been working on a few designs heavily inspired by the Surrealism, because of that I was looking for some references and visual artists that are influenced by this style as well. Then I stumbled upon Reality-must-die at DeviantArt. I couldn't get much information about him, I know he is from Germany, but I was totally mesmerized by his surrealistic drawings that I had to feature him here on Abduzeedo.

Amazing Paintings from Leonid Afremov

I found the work from Leonid Afremov while I was navigating on deviantART and I have to say that his paintings really got my attention. Leonid Afremov is a Belarusian painter who was born in Vitebsk, in 1955. Coincidentally or not, he was born in the same town as Marc Chagall, the famous artist who also founded the Vitebsk Art School along with Malevich & Kandinsky. Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School in 1978 and is one of the elite members.

Awesome Character Design and Graffitis by Volos

Stamatis Lasko is a visual artist from Volos Greece. We can seen in his portfolio some incredible paintings and street art graffitis. The portraits are very detailed and with a interesting movement and expressions. I really like his skills on character design, and I highly recommend that you check out his portfolio at Stamatis Laskos was born in Volos in 1985.He studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts 2002-2007 (3rd painting studio, , Papaspirou-Spilopoulos).

The Abstract and Expressive Work of David Platt

We are always receiving suggestions pointing some great artists and their portfolios, and that is really nice because it gives us the chance to check out some really nice stuff to show here to you. Today we will show the abstract and expressive work of David Platt. David is an artist/designer based in New York who has been creating visual art since 1990. After receiving a BFA in Film & Television from NYU, David concentrated on the creation of digital art, design and animation, eventually forming his own design firm in 2001.

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