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Cali Lifestyle Paper Craft

Paper craft artwork is probably my favorite style. I believe the reason is simply because I would never be able to create something nice with this technique, at least not as nice, or I'd say amazing as the work that my fellow Brazilian Arthur Régis put together titled Cali Lifestyle. What really fascinates me is the depth that the composition gets by the order of the layers which seem to come alive at first glance. For this creative project the idea is a paper-craft piece using colored paper, foam paper and glue.

Paper Craft Rebranding for FANTA Flavorland Campaign

You can't help but enjoy when artists/designers go out of their ways to create and work with their hands. There is this satisfaction and appreciation for their work when patience goes into play in paper craft. The results are just phenomenal. This is a design by the mighty folks from Adrian & Gidi for the FANTA Flavorland rebranding campaign where you can witness all shades of the orange colours into a beautiful display.

Graphic Design: Paper Craft Project Inspired by The Little Prince

Le Petit Prince is a graphic design project created and shared by Rafa Miqueleto. It was a commissioned work done inspired by The Little Prince movie. One of the coolest things about this project is the tools and materials used. It's a paper craft full of style. The details and the dimensionality added by layers of papers and folds is just beautiful. In addition to that, and the most amazing in my opinion, is the irregularities of the cuts.

Ch'arts - Paper Craft

Growing up without computers is something that might sound crazy in this day in age when we can have smartphones more powerful than the best PC of the late 90s early 2000s. The best thing about not having access to this technology is that it gave me the opportunity to learn about paper and to appreciate the craft behind using it. This love still lingers until this day and every time I spot a project that showcases something on this matter I have to post about it here on Abduzeedo. Introducing project CH'ARTS by Adrià Molins.

Create your Future - Paper Craft

We have posted about paper illustrations so many times, however it seems that there's always a new project that blows our minds and makes us feel obligated to share here on ABDZ. That's the case of the project by John Ed De Vera titled Create your Future. It's that good. What makes this project special is the depth that John was able to create by using layers of paper and folding techniques. The result is a real 3D effect with beautiful shadows and a lot of dimensionality.

Unbelievable Paper Sculpture Birds by Diana Herrera

Most definitely paper has got to be one of the trickiest materials to work with, even more when you're going full sculptor and you start coming up with some mind-blowing bird sculptures, like Colombian artist Diana Herrera. She sure is crazy talented! You can tell that simply by taking a nice look on these unbelievable paper sculptures. The details on these are fantastic and she definitely has mastered her art.

SEGRA Cut-out paper Design

With the flat style taking over there's a tendency for designs and illustrations to take on the same look and feel. I am not saying it's bad, it's the path of evolution for our industry. Corpo Design, a studio from Guadalajara, Mexico used this concept and explored craft paper overlay to create subtle textures and depth that makes the work stand out. SEGRA is one of the biggest plotter and big format equipment suppliers in Latin America.

Paper Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

Illustrations created with paper and collage has become really trendy and the reason is because it's really awesome. Playing with layers of paper and the depth created by the shadows make this artworks much more alive thank if it was just flat colors. Eiko Ojala has great examples in his portfolio that deserved to be featured here on Abduzeedo. Eiko Ojala is a illustrator and graphic designer. He lives in Tallinn, Estonia. He works mostly digitally and draws everything by hand.

My dear deer - Paper craft

We are constantly featuring paper craft work from people from all over the world and today we want to share with you a incredible project created by Natalya Bublik, Svetlý storý, Alena Nikiforova and Pavel Pogudin. The project is titled "My dear deer" and as you can see by the title, it's a deer made of paper. The result is quite amazing.

Paper Craft Animations by Cris Wiegandt

We have been posting about paper craft artworks quite ofter here on Abduzeedo. Perhaps, these kind of work might bring us back childhood memories, who never created paper objects? The work that Cris Wiegandt does goes beyond that. The animations, the details and the cuteness on some of her work is simply awesome.

Paper Craft Design by Noelia Lozano

It's always inspiring and motivating to see people following their dreams and doing what they love. Noelia Lozano is an example. She studied journalism where she learned the basics of communication, then she worked with telecommunication and got a degree in telecommunications and computer systems. However her true passion was graphic design, especially tactile and tangible design, as she says: "the most plastique way of graphic design." ...the truth.... it was a job that I liked but I did not enjoyed at all...

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