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Super Awesome Papertoys

Super Awesome Paper Toys

Some people might not give enough attention to paper toys because they might consider these a child's thing, but they're wrong. Paper toy is also art and here are some examples of that. The level of complexity in some of these is great. These artists took their time to come up with these super awesome and well done designs, and for that we salute them! You should really check each artist's page by clicking the images. Also, if you got your own paper toy design, share it with us! We'd love to see it. Cheers! ;)

Fantastic Papercraft Design

Last week we had some awesome suggestions for posts. From icon design to specific artists... but one of the best ideas was Papercraft! I searched for some pieces and ended up finding amazing designs. I didn't know that papercraft could get SO realistic... it's really astonishing how people can do with paper. Here's a little selection I've made, I hope you all enjoy it. Also, you may build these yourself, by following the link in each image. Good luck! Cheers. ;) TIE Fighter TIE Interceptor AT-AT Snow Walker Star Destroyer Millenium Falcon R2D2 U.S.S. Enterprise Bowser Yamaha VMAX Iguana Drums Violin Orca Airplane Frog Steamer