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A Geometry a Day

We see a lot of designers doing daily personal projects, like a letter a day, or a photo a day, however I love the idea of Isabella Conticello to work on a geometry a day. She simply explored basic shapes, simple colors to create a series of very cool designs. One thing that is really cool to see is her evolution in terms of trying to come up with something. I used to do a tutorial a week and did that for over 5 years, so I appreciate the commitment of these great designers.

Buff - Exhibition Catalogue

Editorial design has become almost an addiction to me. I used to spend most of my time checking illustrations and photo-manipulation but in the past few years I noticed that compositions, grid and typography were gaining traction. Every time I see someone posting about this subject on Behance or Dribbble I dig deep trying to learn a bit more about the project and how the designer came up with that solution. For this post today I will share the work of Max Winter.

Georain – Visual Identity

Personal projects are very important for the improvement of the design skills, there are less constraints in terms of back and forth with other decision makers but still it's a great way to try different workflows and techniques. The project that Morten Håvik shared on his Behance page is a great example. A lot of attention to detail and beautiful outcome. Make sure to check it out after the break. Georain is a fictional weather modification company that observe, measure and monitor the atmospheric precipitation processes.

Rooms Project by Scott Teplin

Surfing the web I came to find a super awesome artist that comes up with rooms. Yes, rooms, of all sorts, that seem to be born out of Waldo's world. Scott Teplin, an American illustrator, is the talented person behind this awesome project. Check out some of his rooms below. He's got a pretty dope style, and he's got another series going on also, like one dedicated to donuts. These are only a handful of his pieces... for more of his work, please visit his personal portfolio.

Personal Illustrations by Alexis Alba

We love personal projects and we try to feature and promote this type of work more than anything else. Today, we feature some really cool illustrations by Alexis Alba, an illustrator from Caracas, Venezuela. What makes these illustrations so cool, in my opinion, is the mix of flat and geometric styles with comic subjects. For more information about Alexis Alba, check out his Behance profile at

Sand City Illustrations

Sand City is a set of illustrations by Jorge Tabanera created as a personal project but now available for purchase. The cool thing about this project is that Jorge was gracious enough to share a little bit of the process behind his work. Those starting out in their career or even enthusiasts can hopefully learn a bit more behind these intricate and stylish illustrations. Jorge is a art director, character designer and illustrator from Madrid Spain. For more information about him check out his website at

Photoshop Redesign

I have been using Photoshop for the past 11 years and it's one of the most, if not the most, versatile and powerful tool for any designer. The boundaries are endless from photo editing to UI and special effects. Over the years the Photoshop interface has evolved but they were able to keep the familiarity which makes the tool easy to adapt with every new version. Aurélien Salomon took a pass on his idea of the perfect Photoshop UI design that is worthy of a scope. I will be honest with you, personally speaking I don't like the result, it lost the look & feel of Photoshop.

Everydays by Beeple

We love personal projects, you probably know that because we always say that, but it's true. It's really amazing to see what people do in their spare time or just for the purpose of learning and improving their skills. Today we feature some beautiful images created by Mike Winkelmann in July 2014.

WhatsApp Redesign for iOS 8

Following our series of mobile UI design today we feature the redesign of the WhatsApp Redesign for iOS 8, a work of Dmitriy Haraberush a UI/UX designer from Kiev Ukraine. This project is a great example of exercising your design skills trying to solve problems that are clear for you while using the app. We know that there are so many constraints behind designing products, however this exercises are super important, especially for those trying to improve their skills. I’ve decided to make a redesign of Whatsapp messenger after I started noticing, that I stopped using it.

Everydays Project by Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelmann also runs by the name of Beeple, is a graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin in USA. Little bit about over a year ago, Mike started a personal project simply called: “everydays”. A new picture made from start to finish by Mike every single day. It’s a beautiful challenge that everybody should try. All Rights to Mike Winkelmann

Badass 'Fall of Gods' Project by Rasmus Berggreen

It's great to see artists taking chances and making their own big projects, like 'Fall of Gods', a illustrated book by Danish artist Rasmus Berggreen. He came up with this project inspired in Norse mythology, which is pretty badass by itself, and made astonishing, action packed pieces. Here you can see some images from the book. For more information about it and more illustrations, please visit his portfolio at Behance! He'll definitely enjoy you showing him some love.

Facet - Daily Image project by Justin Maller

Our friend Justin Maller started a really cool project this year, it's called Facet and it's quite a challenge because it's a daily image project. Justin will create a piece a day for 365 days. He has put together 25 already and as you can see in this post, they are simply awesome. FACET was born out of a desire to just play and experiment as I did when I first started making art.

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