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Surreal Quarantine Photo Manipulations

Let's be clear. I really don't miss the days of home quarantine from the past year. I did appreciate the time spent with the loved ones but glad we all get to live some kind of a 'normal' summertime. With that being said, it's always rewarding to see how others had to cope with this pandemic and what needed to be done to actually stay sane. I really love this series by Martín De Pasquale titled: 'Surreal portraits 2020-2021' where it's basically a series of experiments during his home quarantine.

Futuristic Photo Manipulations by Retoka

Spanish digital artist Retoka created this amazing project called "Client Error 4xx" which illustrator some error images in a way I've never seen before. There's also a video of the process, check it out! For more from Retoka visit

Deep Ice Fishing Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Deep Ice Fishing is a really cool photo manipulation project that Carlos Jiménez Varela created and shared on his Behance profile. The cool thing about this project is the use of Photoshop and the immense possibilities that it gives to designers and digital artists to simply let their imagination fly high and really translate crazy ideas into surrealist compositions like this one. Carlos merged a few photos to create an awesome ice cylinder with someone fishing and a monster deep inside.

Amazing Graphic Design and CGI Work from Filtre Studio

We are fans of graphic design, photo manipulation and retouching. We can see a lot of incredible work done for the advertising industry. The quality of the work is so good that most of the times you are convinced that what you see is real.  Of course when we saw the work done by the folks over at Filtre Studio we knew we had to post it here on ABDZ. 

Skull Candy - Photo manipulation

We used to feature more digital art and photo manipulation but we felt it was getting a bit too much of the same. Of course there's always space for beautiful artwork like the Skull Candy project shared by Lorett Foth. It was a project done in Photoshop, 3ds Max and Zbrush. The quality of the composition and details make us believe that the scene was real, especially the lighting.

Rembrandt Lost Masterpiece - Digital Illustration

I haven't posted about photo manipulation in a white, I have been quite focused on editorial and branding more because of the style, however I am a fan of digital illustration. I also used to love spending my weekends mixing photos to create what I wanted and that's what Ankur Patar did for Adobe Stock - Lost Masterpiece - Rembrandt. He simply recreated one of Rembrandt's masterpieces that was stolen titled "Storm on the Sea of Galilee". It's a classic Baroque piece, with that contrast of light and dark good and evil that the movement usually explored.

Animals Photo Manipulation

It's been a while since the last time I posted about some post-production and photo manipulation projects, that's the reason I wanted to share some cool projects by Post Production, an advertising agency from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I love their work with animals and the level of details of some of the compositions. It definitely makes me want to play more with Photoshop. For more informatcion about Post Production check out

Nature of Brazil Photo Illustration

This amazing photo illustration is a personal project by Brazilian designer Fabio Araujo. This project is about Brazil's nature, The largest country in South America, Brazil is blessed with exuberant natural beauty. Enjoy! For more from Fabio Araujo visit

Surreal Photo-Manipulations by Norvz Austria

Norvz Austria aka Xetobyte is a digital artist from Philippines with passion for surrealism. Take a step away from reality and take a look at these photo-manipulations characterized by fantastic and incongruous imagery. Check it out! For more from Norvz Austria visit

Spetacular Illustrations of Peru

Midas Digital Studio is a digital agency from Liam Peru that worked on this amazing campaign to promote the people and the country of Peru. The result is amazing, a blend of the countries best attraction displaying within their people. Enjoy! For more from Midas Digital Studio visit

Flowerful Portraits by Marcelo Monreal

Marcelo Monreal is an artist from Santa Catarina, Brazil who created a completely new style of portrait where he manipulates the faces and fill them out with flowers. The result is totally incredible, check them out! For more from Marcelo Monreal visit and

Ultima Part II - Digital Image Series

Ultima is a body of work that is deeply rooted in environmentalism, showing my concern for the future by depicting the ways in which mankind’s creations have an impact on the planet. Primarily it is about the modern conflict between the manmade world and the natural world, and between modern and primitive cultures. For more from Nick Pedersen visit

DUPONT: It's What's Inside

This week I posted a lot about photo-manipulation and Photoshop. I will probably spend some time this weekend playing with Photoshop to create something new, but to finish the week I want to share another great project by the Ars Thanea folks.

3D Work by Mecanique Generale

We have posted about Mecanique Generale in the past and after scoping their latest work I realized that it was due time for another blog post to celebrate their talent. Some projects, like Johnny Walker for example, really speak to me and inspire me to go to Photoshop and try to recreate like the good old days. Perhaps next weekend is a good time to dust off my Photoshop skills and take a crack. For more information about Mecanique Generale check out

Squarespace - Build it Beautiful

Mixing analog with digital always works. Despite the advances in technology and the tools that help us to recreate and emulate diverse effects, there's nothing like using the materials to get the assets and textures you need. The branding project created for Squarespace New York by Pawel Nolbert and Karol Kolodzinski is a great example with a beautiful outcome.


We have been posting a lot about UI, UX and mobile design if you noticed, one of the reasons is because we believe that is a very important area of design and in particular, one that has a lot of opportunities.

Batman - Why Do We Fall

My favorite super hero is Batman and it's because he doesn't have any super powers besides super amount of money but the idea is much more realistic than other super heros. The Dark Knight trilogy was a great example of beautiful movies without super fantastic powers. Anyway, the reason I said that is because I want to share this really cool project by Adam Spizak titled Batman - Why Do We Fall.

Longer Than Life

Today we bring to you another great post about photo manipulation, it's a beautiful advertising piece created by Mladen Penev and Clemens Franke. The composition is mixes a woman's arm with flower petals and the other version with smoke. It's good to see a bit of the behind the scenes as well, like the way they took the photos, the make up and etc... For more information check out and

Africa | Mitsubishi - Photo Manipulation

It has been quite a long time since I posted about some nice photo manipulation. I used to spend quite a long time looking for references and also practicing my skills in Photoshop and some 3D tools. Anyways, it's always good to bring back good memories and also to feature some inspiring work like the Africa | Mitsubishi by Pict Estúdio. It can happen by fate or by chance, that this magazine falls into the hands of a person who is looking for a different Image Production Studio and actually able to really make a difference.

Celestial Warriors Series by Carlos Quevedo

Celestial Warriors is a series of amazing photo manipulations by the Venezuelan digital artist Carlos Quevedo. This series is influenced by religion and his personal beliefs, he created the series with different characters to illustrate a world or a story. Enjoy! For more from Carlos Quevedo visit

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