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Black-and-White Celebrity Photography by Marc Hom

Someone that is hired by celebrities to take pictures of them gotta be a happy professional. We all know that the photographer career is really hard and there are tons of great professionals out there, but you know that you have succeeded when the stars call you. That's the case of Marc Hom, a great photographer that takes some super nice pictures of stars like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and others. Here I've selected some of his black and white pictures which are stunning. For more of this work you may visit his portfolio at Trish South. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Stunning Photography of Thomas Cristofoletti

Thomas Cristofoletti is an art director currently settled in Madrid, has been "stealing instants" all trough the travels he’s made ever since he left his hometown in northern Italy. His photos are stunning and very inspirational, with shots from all over the globe his collections are breath taking. That expression -stealing images- is applied to his work with full intention. For someone who wants to capture strangers’ expressions and attitudes without altering them in any way, not asking for permission is not only justified, but indispensable. In response to the possible objection that this “predating action” may arise, he replies with the arguments of the master Cartier Bresson, the goal of catching “the decisive moment”. For more from Thomas Cristofoletti visit his website at

Fashion & Beauty Photography by Lars Botten

Norwegian photographer Lars Botten's portfolio is captivating. The fashion editorials are right up my alley. Botten has worked with Cosmopolitan France, Marie Claire Italy, S Magazine, Yves Rocher, and Porsche among others. Head on over to Lars' portfolio for more and let me know what you think via twitter!

Tribute to our Beautiful Rio de Janeiro

During this past week we've see hope and happiness getting stronger than ever before in Rio de Janeiro. What the world might have seen as war, we've seen as the promise of a better life for the citizens of Rio taken seriously. Believe us when we say that never before we've seen hope shine in people's face like right now. They feel free without the fear they used to have, thanks to the awesome job of the police, along with the Brazilian Army. The sun is shinning again over Rio as a sign of happiness... the exact happiness that made it famous to the World. Peace, we welcome you once more. And to pay a tribute to our beloved Rio de Janeiro, I've chosen some pictures and videos to you guys. This is the Rio we love. Drug free, peaceful. These are the pictures of some amazing photographers, so we encourage you to check out their portfolios by clicking each photograph. I hope you enjoy these, because it's time to celebrate Rio's freedom from fear. Cheers! ;) Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon by Ruy Barbosa Pinto Sunrise at Copacabana Beach by Sergio Luiz Flamengo Beach by Ruy Barbosa Pinto Sunset over Botafogo by AJ Brustein MAC (Contemporary Art Institute) by Hughes Léglise-Bataille Penha Church by Ruy Barbosa Pinto Sugar Loaf by João Santos Ipanema Beach by Maíra Erlich Christ among clouds by Olivier Fireworks at the Lake Tree by Claudio Lara Christ the Redeemer by Ricardo Watching over Rio by Ricardo Lage Park I by Bert Lage Park II by Ruy Barbosa Pinto Sunset from the Sugar Loaf by Bert Niterói's Point of View by Ernani Bezerra Drummond and the Cow by Eliezer Sanchez Ipanema Sunset by Irene Schmidt Maracanã Stadium by Dirce O Valle Botanic Garden by Claudio Lara Girl from Ipanema Frank Sinatra and Tom Jobim. Watercolor of Brazil

New Inspiring HDR by Trey Ratcliff

As you may already know, Trey Ratcliff is a good friend of ours and is also the guy behind the amazing "HDR wonderland" Stuck in Customs. Trey is always publishing new and inspiring HDR at his website, and this is why we love to check out his news to keep you guys super up to date about what he is up to. So here is a selection with the latest photos from @TreyRatcliff... Enjoy. ;) Check out the downloadable version of Trey Ratcliff's HDR Video Tutorial to learn more about this amazing technique. Want to read more about Trey Ratcliff? Try this: A World in HDR - A Great book by Trey RatcliffTrey Ratcliff's Wonderful HDR Images #2Trey Ratcliff's Wonderful HDR Images

Abstract Colored Shapes Photography

One great way to get inspired is to not get inspired by the same type of work you doing, for example if you designing a website, don't look for web design inspiration but try to get inspired by something totally different. Here is a great selection that you can boost your imagination by looking at abstract shapes with beautiful colors. Arindam@Sen Stacy Wachter Gremxul barbera Chris28mm Jase Wells Flaming Physicist silverhalide04 _olasso chrisbastian44 Darren Lehane Ratnakar2 snapper30 scilit sneuweger monteregina patrice_elmi 1bluecanoe ?ataliee?ynn

Breathtaking in-Flight Birds Photography

Birds in the wild are probably one of the most beautiful things ever. Around the globe there are tons of amazing, exotic kinds of birds, and it's just breathtaking when we get to see these little (or not) animals during their flights. Thankfully, these awesome photographers capture these moments for our delight. Here's a great set of in-flight birds, and my definite favorite is the last one. Anyways, I recommend you people to visit each photographer's portfolio more great pictures like these. They'll appreciate it. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Gail Johnson Philip Pound Ben da Man Hmong Soul Luis Montemayor John&Fish Jim Ridley Hennie van Heerden Andri Elfarsson Al Mawash Hani John Booth tinyfishy tinyfishy Ken Douglas Michael Oberman Jim Ridley Jim Ridley Nick Russill This one is my favorite :p

Winterscapes Photography

Winter is coming and today we got the first snow here in Providence, RI so I decided to search for some good winterscapes photography and I found some great ones that will give you the chills just by looking at it. Enjoy the cold season and stay warm my friends. These photos are done by Akos Major, a 35 year old amateur photographer from Budapest, Hungary. To find out more about Akos visit his photo gallery at

Voyage: New Evoke's Exhibition

Evoke is an online art, music, design, and photography collective founded in June 2005 by Justin Bristow, Sean Graham, and Ted Yavuzkurt, Evoke began as a youthful online boutique art community. As numerous talented artists and designers joined the team, Evoke expanded beyond its original realm, recruiting killer musicians and photographers. Every few months, they release themed exhibitions to the public, showcasing their abilities, the latest one is called Voyage and there are some incredible work as usual. Our 23rd artpack, VOYAGE, is meant to capture the thrill of an adventurous spirit. The feeling of escape from the normal daily grind. Leaving behind the normal and finding the joy that comes from leaving all your troubles behind. This collection of images and music will capture your imagination. Tony Rivera, our featured artist for this release has taken us to envisioned scenes from other galaxies, with impressive detail and vibrancy. James Merrill and Parker Gibson have interpreted the theme with vivid abstract work, while newcomers such as Adrián Romero have produced high quality vector work. Some Work The Black Pearl by Erik Schumacher Out Far by James Merrill In the air by Leroy François Piercings by Matteo M. 9 Destinations by Fab Rosco, Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen, and Parker Gibson Static Adventure by Parker Gibson and Rogier De Boevé Midnight Run by Tony Rivera 30.000 Leagues Under the Sea by João Oliveira ?? - Voyage by Adrián Romero Clinging to a Voyage by Chris Koch Strange... by Tyler Lehman Sonic Abberations by James Merrill 30hsh by Aengus Tukel Nocturnal Itinerary by Hamdan Teleport 01 by Fab Rosco For more information, to check ou the full exhibition, including photos, art, music and to read the interview with Tony Rivera visit you won't regret the time you will spend over there, pure inspiration.

Wildlife Photography by Nick Brandt

To shoot photos like Nick Brand you must have a lot of patience. His ability to capture the wildlife is enormous, like I haven't seen before. “African wildlife has never looked so regal and mysterious as in Brandt’s grave photographs. His elephants appear as weighty as the pyramids. His rhinos look more ancient than carbon. His apes know something we don’t. Given the multitude of human disasters in Africa, is it an indulgence to lose yourself in pictures that carry no hint of the wars and famines outside the frame? Not when the pictures are such powerful reminders that Africa is also a magnificent—and endangered—treasure house of animal life." - Time Magazine Look out for his newest exhibitions on

Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

I really like that part of the day where I stop everything else just to browse around looking for inspiring images. Besides gathering images for the Daily Inspiration series I get to see tons of amazing stuff! Yesterday, while doing this regular research I bumped into Ellen van Deelen's photos and her images amazed me right away. I simply loved the delicate, beautiful and cute approach of her photos. The way she captures rats is so inspiring that I really needed to put this selection together so you could check it out. Ellen lives in the south part of Netherlands and started taken pictures when she was 10 years old. Besides being very creative and talented, Ellen is also very kind... she promptly replied my email asking to show her pics and gave me some insights about her and her photos. So enjoy the images and info. =) Since I bought my first digital camera (canon 350D) I took lots of photos. At that time I had 2 rats and since I love taking photo’s of animals, I started taking their photos. A few years ago I bought 2 dumbo-rats and they were very intelligent. With these 2 brothers I took most of the photo’s with the musical instruments. I than got a new camera, a Canon 50D. At the moment I also have a Canon 5D markII - a full-frame camera, and it takes beautiful pictures. Besides my 'rat photos', I love to do macros and to photograph people. And I also love to draw and paint. Want to purchase prints and cards with these lovely images? Visit Ellen's page at RedBubble. :)

Fresh Halloween Portraits

This past weekend was Halloween and everyone got dressed up to celebrate this crazy date. Here is a fresh selection of halloween portraits, very cool costumes and if you did enjoy your halloween on a costume please send you photo on the comment area. by isto-ica by ryunosuke8025 by Guttormur Ingi by Photos by Dash by tiffanycsteinke by tibchris by mchasesteely by Steve Glashier by JeremyHall by Corinne Alexandra by Corinne Alexandra by Lou Bert by Lou Bert by ToFuGuns by ToFuGuns by Jon W. Howson by oNe.SwEeT.wOrLd by smw photography by Rafee H. by simaruba by S T E 7 E N

Cute Flying Dogs Photography

This is totally not on purpose. We had already another post with dogs this week, but I didn't remember. I saw an awesome picture of a flying dog on Flickr, and got the idea for this post. I guess this week should have been called the canine week. Anyways, I went through Flickr looking for some cute pictures of dogs jumping / hovering / flying, and found a whole bunch of amazing shots. The idea of flying dogs is just too good, so some people make their pups wear capes. I know that you guys will love these... and also, for more of these great pictures you really should visit each of these photographer's page. There are some great pieces of work on their pages. So, enjoy! Cheers. ;) Mark Robinson Raphael Koerich unknown author Mathias Roller Franco Ferri Mala Jason Neely Traci Murdock Stuart Graham Spangles44 Jesper Voetmann Mikkelsen Michael Parrish Mike Calanan Morgan Maassen kstoon Tate King Kok Tong Tan Artodin

'Dog Gods' by Tim Flach

Tim Flach is a London based photographer who brings his visually striking style to the world of animals. With care and craft usually reserved for human portraits, Flach evokes powerful empathy through images of our animal counterparts. In his latest work, Dog Gods, he proves that - like humans - dogs have distinct and accessible personalities. If you'd like to see more of Flach's work, check out his website: What's "personality trait" do you enjoy most in your dog? Or dogs in general? Let me know in the comments or on twitter where I go by @nathanbweller. Enjoy!

Beautiful Photos by Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner is an Austrian photographer known for his amazing black and white landscapes and also for his great and unique way of capturing the simplicity of beauty. With pictures that really get our attention for its angles, contrast and personality, Josef Hoflehner is certainly an inspiration for those who like photography. His website is filled with inspiring B&W pictures, you should really check it out. "Josef Hoflehner takes a landscape and turns it into art" - Elizabeth Roberts, Black & White Photography Magazine, UK Yesterday I was organizing our Daily Inspiration post and the suggestion from Arthur - he suggested these images from Josef Hoflehner - really got my attention. At the moment I saw those images I decided to check out further info/images from Josef Hoflehner to show here. I was simply amazed by his portfolio. Josef traveled the world capturing astonishing landscapes in black and white. From Rio de Janeiro to Yemen, Venice to Cairo and much more, the images are really beautiful and inspiring. Enjoy. Yemen Japan California, USA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil New York City, NY, 2009 Venice, Italy, 2009 Dubai, UAE, 2009 St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010 Paris, France - 2009 Canada, 2008 Cairo, Egypt, 2009 Hawaii, 2008 Jet Airliner - Real Live-Action Wide-Angle Photographs Read more about Josef Hoflehner here and here.

Amazing Stereographics Will Make You Time Travel

We're seeing lately a big buzz around stereo pictures. Some of the latest cameras come with dual lenses to capture 3D, but this is nothing new, actually. This is old technology getting new clothing, and we love it! Last year we had our first great post on stereographics. These, if you don't know, are the paralel kind. There's also the cross-eye kind, but I find it more difficult to focus. With paralel stereographics I have no trouble at all, because all I move are my eyes to make the effect, from any distance. I'm also posting a video that teaches you how to merge these images with your bare eyes. This video is so amazing that I'll find more stereographics videos and post them tomorrow (so if you see any other blog posting stereo videos on wednesday, at least you know where they got their idea from). All of these pictures are brought to you by Okinawa Soba. You may visit his flickrstream for much more of these! He'll appreciate it. I hope you enjoy these, and don't forget to come back tomorrow to check some stereographics videos. Cheers! ;) Ps.: The funny part is that after a time seeing these in 3D, your brain will get so much used to it that even when you stop doing it, you'll see depth in normal text and other things in your monitor. How to see 3D in paralel stereographics There's a reason for everything Burton Holmes Abraham Lincoln Mark Twain Traveling the globe Stereo Photographer Henry A. Strohmeyer Miss Ku-ra-tu Miss Won-si-vu and Miss Ku-ra-tu Miss Kai-Ar Stereo Photographer Henry A. Strohmeyer Guglielmo Marconi Clara Barton Thomas Edison Thomas Edison 1932 Olympics A young prince has a look at an early motion picture cam Royal photographer riding to the trenches of WW1 Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis Couple at the well Mark Twain shooting some pool

Exceptional NASA Pictures

NASA is definitely the owner of some of the greatest pictures ever taken. Whether from our planet or from outer space, these images are just breathtaking and make you wish you could travel through the stars. Maybe sometime soon we're gonna be able to take a daily ride to the moon, but until that day comes, all we can do is check these exceptional pictures that NASA got in their flickrstream. For more of these great images, visit their page. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Hurricane Danielle Crescent Moon, Earth's Atmosphere Isla de Providencia, Colombia, Nicaragua Crescent Moon International Space Station Over Earth Sunset Over Earth Crab Nebula: Energy for 100,000 Suns Al Wadj Bank, Saudi Arabia Sun Over Earth City Lights, France-Italy Border Space Shuttle Endeavour Over Earth Hispaniola Panorama Cumulonimbus Cloud Over Africa Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Trigger-Happy Star Formation Hurricane Ike Aurora Australis