The Worst Photoshop Disasters of the Decade

I can tell that Photoshop was the almighty software of the decade... but along with all the guys that have mastered the tool, there are also the ones that didn't... and just got to amuse us. Thank God for them! So, the greatest Photoshop Disaster blog of all time is an endless source of these, and we through looking for the worst of the worst.... and found some pretty heavy stuff. People, if you got yourself a weak stomach, you should not continue. If you got a weak heart, know that you are in danger... because there might be something BEHIND YOU. Well... keep going and you'll understand later. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my selection, and we want to ask you: which Photoshop Disasters you think are the worst of the decade? Cheers! Janet Reger: Regrettable Hand Job Vizio: Your Experience May Vary Swedish Taxi: Hard To Handle PES Soccer: World Keepy Uppy Champion JCPenney: You Broke The Baroqueometer Victoria's Secret: Mostly Invisible Handbag Ralph Lauren: The Hits Keep On Coming Mega Magazine: Worst Hand Job Ever Formoza: We Are Competent Formoza The Time MacMall: Perspec-you-what? Microsoft Poland: At Least They Left The Asian Guy In Toast Chee: Ants Probably The Least Of Your Problems Dust Jeans: Let's Hold Hands Spider-Man Meets Squid Boy Syms: Face Off Crescer: BEHIND YOU! Veja: Lettuce Never Forget! Braking The Cycle: We Broke The Cycle Closer: The Cutout Of Delight Salazar: Chick Unfingers Wacom: Wacom Mole Wat! Unwigged & Unplugged: Cannot Undo Gillette: Reveal The Deformed Freak In You Burda: Limbo Maxim: The Pond Of Implausibility Mystery Meat: Knee To No Basis Kaiser: Perspective? Pah! Anatomy? Pah! Maxim Ukraine: Footloose And Fancy Free Bild: A Quick One Off The Wrist BMW: Ghetto Spinners Come As Standard Austrian Newspaper: The Clone Arranger Think about grip Solidea: Detachable Pelvis Gap: Wristful Thinking JVC: Gonks Love Headphones The Star: Back Handed Pet Vet: Crap Trap My Life In Ruins: Down With Perspective Bell Internet: Porn For Vampires Transparentes Sichtfeld = This should be transparent, moron! Nestle: Unfinnished

Awful Photoshop Disasters

I laughed really hard yesterday when I payed a visit to Photoshopdisasters. There's a ton of awful, awful mistakes, errors and stuff that you cannot believe. When one checks these, it's unbelievable how all of these were printed or used somehow. I just know that these never passed through any kind of review or checking. And the best thing about these, is that also includes a title for each image, what enhances the comedy... enhances so much I cried yesterday. I hope you enjoy these, and seriously, you should go visit Photoshopdisasters. Cheers! ;) We Hate You Stupid Customers ELF Face Off Syms Ouch! Adam And Eve Are You Pulling My Leg? Espace Maillots De Bain Facepalm Weird Al Yankovic I Don't See Anything Wrong With It Freizeit Revue Token Brilliance City of Toronto It's A Crime To Print It La Senza All This And No Brains Too Hugo Boss Lettuce Never Forget! Veja Mind The Gap Mike Jones The Cutout Of Delight Closer BEHIND YOU! Crescer Linda Blair Special Hairdressers Journal Show A Little Leg New Look Behind you! Im Juli Tatooine's Best Restaurant The Sunset The Pond Of Implausibility Maxim A Bit Cuoreless Cuore